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Storing multiple disk images in one folder makes sense, but in one fileĀ… huh? Maybe a single Case file contains "aliases" to multiple disk image files (stored wherever)?
Re: ZFS supporting resource forksAside from boot-ability (for now), do you know of any advantages that HFS+ still has over ZFS? Maybe HFS+ still has better performance for certain situations?
Re: current specs.No problem, just an acknowledged constraint. Yeah, I see what you mean about how vague and general the specs are. They're intended as "good enough" for the mainstream market. Other folks will need, or have interest in, the kind of information from field testing or covered in more detailed product or repair manuals.That's a possibility I*was seeking to understand, thanks. Now I get how there could be quality/expensive factors that would make it...
That's the kind of speculation I'm trying to minimize.I understand that and your possible scenarios.Yes. No. Because. I've always realized the possibility of ATV hardware/software having more features than Apple's publicly announced us so far. I'm just interested in culling information from the published specs, pretending it's true while being aware it might be incomplete or inaccurate, and applying it to relevant issues such as SDTV (in)compatibility.
And that's still an unknown, regardless of what you or I or anyone else thinks.Surely less expensive than any new ATV-compatible widescreen EDTV/HDTV? I'm completely unfamiliar with those type of adaptors so any reference(s) would be appreciated.
I thought we were talking about TV input compatibility with Apple TV output.What would it take to satisfy your definition of complete? Right now that's all Apple's given us to work with (plus the keynote demo) so that's my baseline for this discussion. I'm aware they omit certain details from specs, for whatever reason.In what way are they incomplete and is that genuinely or speculatively relevant to the SDTV/480i compatibility issue? My questions are sincere, btw.I've...
That's correct.Is it possible 480i might be supported in the hardware, disabled by default but technically feasible to enable? Similar to how the 802.11n enabler will activate 802.11n in supporting hardware, for lack of a better analogy. Obviously all the ATV hardware components aren't exactly known yet; I'm just wondering if disabled 480i support and reactivation makes sense technically.Uh, huh. And I've already speculated a similar thing could happen with...
Yep, that's part of it. I was specifically addressing Mel's seemingly contradictory comment:If, as he's claiming, "most people still do not have a widescreen, hi def. set" why is it even relevant "that iTunes offers video quality that is more than good enough for the vast majority" if Apple TV is incompatible with their existing SDTV (480i) sets according to the current specifications on Apple's site? In that context I don't see the correlation between iTunes video...
Hmm, that might be a discussion I'd enjoy having with people reasonable well-informed on that subject.
As in zilch?
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