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Compatibility with iPhone or iPod touch requires iOS 4.1 Bummer; that leaves my iPod touch "N45" behind.
Same here, e.g. this rubbish arrived yesterday:Code:Hey, friend: Looking forward to your contact and long cooperation with us! Our mainly products such the phones, PSP, display TV, notebook, video, computers, Mp4, GPS, xbox 360, digital cameras and so on.Welcome to visit our website! 514T www : kimbor . com E-mail: kimbor @ 188.comSame here. I've changed it this morning.Reminds me of the recent Ars Technica incident, which their staff posted about...
TiHKAL & PiHKAL are strong counter-arguments.Apparently accumulating plenty of hubris along the way.
Positive Drug Story #1,216,001: Golfing on E : Narco Polo
Where's MT's response to that specific question?Sounds like scare tactic anti-drug propaganda. And we know how successful that's been at convincing people not to (ab)use illegal substances. \ Physically and mentally, I experienced more harm and trauma being mugged while traveling than on/from a journey taken after ingesting a psychoactive substance in a comfortable, safe, supportive environment. Was it obvious if traveling or psycho-journeying would be the most...
If you mean AI in general, yes. With over 700 posts here you didn't know how to check that?
Thanks for that informative pros/cons summary.
As warns:Hardmac.com : Le "Macbidouille" in English - Do Not Play with iPhone OS 3.0!
Have you tried:defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true on the laptop? Check disable iPhone backups for more details.
Right. From Appledouble @ Wikipedia:Mac OS X revived the use of AppleDouble; on file systems such as NFS and WebDAV that don't natively support resource forks, Finder information, or extended attributes, that information is stored in AppleDouble format, with the second file having a name generated by prepending "._" to the name of the first file (thus, this information acts a hidden file when viewed from a non-apple Unix-based operating system).
New Posts  All Forums: