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As warns:Hardmac.com : Le "Macbidouille" in English - Do Not Play with iPhone OS 3.0!
Have you tried:defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true on the laptop? Check disable iPhone backups for more details.
Right. From Appledouble @ Wikipedia:Mac OS X revived the use of AppleDouble; on file systems such as NFS and WebDAV that don't natively support resource forks, Finder information, or extended attributes, that information is stored in AppleDouble format, with the second file having a name generated by prepending "._" to the name of the first file (thus, this information acts a hidden file when viewed from a non-apple Unix-based operating system).
But where's the $15 upgrade?
I guess you didn't read the first paragraph of my earlier post.
I'm not sure they're as "free" as you think. You're aware of what happened with Zap2It? Elgato pays Decisionmark for access to the TitanTV program guide with EyeTV in the US, a "subscription" fee passed on to customers that's reflected in the software price whether or not they (can) actually use that service. And good luck getting support for inaccurate/incomplete guide issues; mine still haven't been fully resolved (e.g. missing channels). The program guide is a...
When the number of tabs exceeds the horizontal display limit the remainder are represented with a chevron menu at the right end of the tab bar that replaces the double-click target for opening a new tab. With the two main OS X Safari plugins I rely on most, PithHelmet will be automatically disabled in 3.1 but might work after modifying the Info.plist, similar to the 1Password change linked to earlier. Not sure about SafariStand. I'm holding off updating until there's...
Disappointed that DL2 (and similar software) doesn't have features to support DVD rentals, like priority queues.
Where've you been all year? ...and then there was one
Where've you been? There's hardly any discussion of Leopard that doesn't eventually mention that! (yawn)
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