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Does automatic Space-switching happen when an app in one Space opens a window for another app in a different Space? With VirtueDesktops I'm able to open multiple Safari windows from NNW on the Browser desktop without being automatically switched there, keeping the News desktop uncluttered. I've always preferred to explicitly switch between virtual desktops instead of it happening automatically (sometimes unexpectedly).Moving windows to different virtual desktops is a...
I agree. I tried Opera a bit but couldn't understand what the positive excitement was about; Blazer works much better for me. Of course Safari would put either to shame (IMO).Are you using VoIP with your TX? I didn't know that was possible, which isn't surprising since*I've been mostly uninvolved with the Palm (OS) community for several years. So far I've found Articulation and some guy's external mic/adapter solution.
Yeah, the relentless attacking tone in many Roughly Drafted articles is distracting and tiresome. And Daniel often seems eager to dismiss well-reasoned viewpoints other than his own.
Yep, though at least since the Sonic acquisition they certainly don't have a positive track record of doing things that make sense and are fairer to both new and existing customers.
Maybe because someone other than you might be interested in knowing about it? Was someone forcing you to read it?And who are you to say what AI is "for" or not?
How "really low" do you mean? Any channel up to 192kbps I've tested definitely works that way; there's no "seems to" doubt about it. If you have counter-examples please post them.
Easily proven wrong: Stream any iTunes Radio audio channel and monitor its Rx throughput.I wasn't talking about video streaming with caching and I'll agree that its characteristics can be as you've described. But in my experience Internet Radio streaming typically works as I've described, not utilizing more bandwidth/throughput/whatever-you-wanna-call-it than necessary.Sorry I didn't make the type of streaming more explicit in the beginning, though I did admit to not...
Not with its current 3-pane design, IMO. I personally don't mind it remaining a separate app.It's usually too general (for me), which is why I said that I'd like more detail.Depends on what you mean by "feedback"; other words might more accurately describe what you'd want. . . . Frankly, most people don't seem concerned about security-related issues after they've been advised how to be more careful and warned of the consequences. And sometimes being a victim of some...
Yep, that's the difference between streaming and downloading (and their bandwidth consumption) that I've been struggling to explain to Mel. Thank you!
(emphasis added) Have you enabled the "Show Status in Menu Bar" preference in Keychain Access? That'll display a locked icon when all keychains are locked and an opened lock icon when any keychains are unlocked. Clicking the icon displays a menu showing which keychains are (un)locked, plus Lock Screen, Open Security PreferencesÂ…, and Open Keychain AccessÂ… items. One wish for I have for keychains is that the unlock dialog that applications can trigger would specify more...
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