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Meaning that you have no reason to change. Anyway, Tiger does seems more targeted towards developers than end users.
Are 64-bit Binaries Really Slower than 32-bit Binaries? discusses that topic, altho' the author's testing was limited to a Sun Ultra-5.
Might flash memory be more of a possibility in a future "iPhone" from Apple/Motorola?
Apache was updated to version 1.33.3 but Postfix is still lagging at 2.0.10 and only its smtpd binary was updated.
Yep, that's the comment I'd remembered.
For the record, that's just your interpretation of what he actually said.
I'd buy an AirPort Express if it could replace the Linksys WET11 that's currently hooked to my PlayStation 2 but I'm skeptical that it would work.
Good suggestions. Speaking of Zoom, anyone else think it's unusual that there's no default shortcut for it? For 10.2, TinkerTool has an option to "enable dark labels for the display of Desktop icons". I'd like that capability available again for 10.4; darker icon text looks better than dirty white with my Desktop background.
I've been thinking about that, too. A delay might be worse than the occasional accidental hot corner Exposé activation, but still better than the awkwardness of the default keyboard shortcuts. Not sure what a decent "hotspot" activation solution would be...
I don't think it's hard to imagine player functionality eventually being integrated with Delicious Library; there's already a projector icon to the left of the search field.
New Posts  All Forums: