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Seems like it would be natural for video content management apps like iView Media (Pro), iVideo, QPict, CocoaMovieBrowser, etc. to add DVD playback if they don't already offer it. And CocoaMovieBrowser Server adds a server-side component that looks comparable to EyeHome but I can't read the Japanese details about it.
iPhoto album groups would also be appreciated. I don't need to see all my playlists and albums all the time.
RBR -- sent you PM since it drifted too off-topic for this thread.
The DEVONtechnologies User Forum is a great resource for discussing issues you have with DEVON's products. Make sure you're running the current version of DEVONthink PE, and the next update (probably out within a month) will be worthwhile. If it becomes a serious tool for you then you'd want to consider upgrading to the upcoming Pro version for its additional capabilities Even though DEVONthink databases use a hierarchical document/group structure they've been more...
Different ways: * Drag/drop links to DEVONthink groups. * Cmd-L [Open Location] in Safari to highlight the current page link in the address bar, followed by Cmd-( [Take Plain Note] to run the DEVONthink service. * Copy link to clipboard, then use "New With Clipboard" from DT's Dock menu to select the destination group. The last two methods use part of the URL as the item name in the database. How I change the name and its group depends on the item and context. More often...
DEVONthink has search-as-you-type capability. Nowadays I'm saving more bookmarks (links) in DT than browsers.
I wondered about that, too. It doesn't show up in Microsoft Windows Media - Sleek New Design screenshots. Was it Photoshop'd in (the .uk site's not responding so I can't look at the shots more closely)? Or hmurchison may want to retract his "Microsoft is going to kill napster" comment.
Sounds like that inheritance can work like a per-directory umask, probably obviating the need for the seriously limited global umask. Cool. What I'd really like is an automatic way to ensure consistent file permissions when installing software. Too many third party apps are installed with world writable directories, as running "find /Applications -type d -mode 777 -ls" will reveal.
Or, as the ReadMe file that Software Update installed says: The new build number will be reflected in the 'About This Mac' window once you log out and log back in.
In 10.3 it's annoying having to mouse-click buttons to confirm/cancel replacing a preexisting file when copying in Finder. I want (Replace) and command-. or (Stop) keyboard shortcuts back.
New Posts  All Forums: