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Okay, maybe it was more the potential for discussion of interesting topics, like what you wrote about metadata both here and in this thead. I was surprised how much your posts about it were like an eloquent summary of several I've written over the past few months. It's a topic I'd enjoy discussing more and it's still getting attention in that other thread, minus the llama fluff. Redundancy is inevitable and unavoidable with any larger online communication group.
Really. I tried using FFM with CodeTek Virtual Desktop and quickly abandoned it. Certain click-through inconsistencies can be annoying and that's the sort of UI refinement I'd prefer Apple focus (no pun) more attention on. Greetings from the other side of the O'ahu, mmmpie, if indeed you're in Honolulu.
Well, okay, that was a bit strong...Gee, really? Never mind. Actually, the topics here are generating some interesting discussion. Sorry for the distraction.Ahh, those Usenet times. Like we needed that reminder.
Concord, While I may agree there are ways UIs could be more "adaptive" to individual choice your condescendingly fanatical rants haven't been a particularly convincing or friendly way of discussing that topic. Why not try giving people more credit for realizing the issues involved rather than accusing them of not understanding? Thanks for mentioning that SA article, Kickaha. Maybe I can find the April issue in the library...
Firewalk X 2 might be worthwhile.
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