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Oh, is there any good reason why some people seem obsessed with adding a larger HD to Apple TV? It's not intended for permanent storage but I get the feeling people expect to use it that way. It's certainly more cost-effective to buy a larger drive for the media hosting Macs/PCs, which also doesn't void the Apple TV warranty. Am I overlooking something?
Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on the topic so some of my terminology might be a bit off …Is that "real-time" hardware H.264 encoding, which I've read still can't touch the quality of multi-pass software encoders? How might GPU H.264 encoding benefit Apple TV? Could that essentially obsolete software currently being used to convert others formats to H.264 by doing the encoding it directly on Apple TV after its received? What's a good example of when it make sense for a...
Maybe sucralose already knew that and was simply stating s/he didn't want to take part in that form of surgery.
And experience barriers.
I never saw your convincing reasons why it would work.
Interesting, though I won't believe it either without convincing evidence (like I've now seen enough of to confirm 480i compatibility).
Although the legalities of CD and DVD ripping differ. [edit: like hmurchison explained]I fail to see how you would fail to see studios not twisting something that many of us can easily view in a customer's interest into a "bad thing". The effect Flip4Mac Drive-In might have to some extent?
Though there's currently no support for Apple TV*to access it directly, correct?
Some people want Apple TV to be more like a media server that it's not intended to be?I prefer that media server/client model, too.
EyeTV recordings, for Mac users. Probably analogous Windows PC DVR content though I don't know specific products.PS: It's iTunes, not i-tunes, rufusr… but your Bush joke is okay.
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