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Exactly. Even if it's not the optimal solution a second internal hard drive could increase awareness of the importance of backups, something that's remained sadly underemphasized for too long (IMO). [edit: darn you other guys for posting before me!]
The majority of which will require conversion to the limited video formats Apple TV supports, which is unnecessary with similar products like the Netgear EVA8000 Pogue mentions in his article:(emphasis added)Even if Apple TV could at least access the ~/Movies folder it probably wouldn't find much compatible content there. Interesting that Gizmodo's First Video: Setting Up Apple TV shows 480i in the TV Resolution setup, but the Tech Specs don't mention it. I'm sure we'll...
iTunes can import and play content that's incompatible with Apple TV (according to its specs). Btw, I thought Pogue's article was more interesting and informative than Mossberg's.
And it looks prettier, too (IMO). Thanks for the informative post!
Do you seriously think that'll ever happen?
I agree, though a second internal drive dedicated to Time Machine may be the only solution for people who won't use external drives or do sufficient backups for various reasons and excuses. Those of us using external drives could find other uses for it or choose not to get one if it were optional (preferably). Maybe Apple will have more to offer "home" users storage-wise than just the AE's new AirPort Disk that we won't know about until Leopard and Time Machine are...
They stopped thinking after buying a Windows PC, if not earlier.
First two revisions had that design, as I'd mentioned before seeing your post now.Not quite sure how the serviceability compares between that last G5 and Intel models. Is the G5 a bit easier?
You needn't feel compelled to join every thread … … especially just to dump a "me, too" remark like that.
Yeah, my attention on the screen has always made the chin's appearance inconsequential.That's the most practical redesign idea I've read in this thread so far, especially if it's easily accessible. Certainly a smart way to encourage customers to use Time Machine (or other backup software, for that matter) than if external drives are required.
New Posts  All Forums: