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You needn't feel compelled to join every thread … … especially just to dump a "me, too" remark like that.
Yeah, my attention on the screen has always made the chin's appearance inconsequential.That's the most practical redesign idea I've read in this thread so far, especially if it's easily accessible. Certainly a smart way to encourage customers to use Time Machine (or other backup software, for that matter) than if external drives are required.
I'm sure the last iMac G5 revision (built-in iSight model) is less easily serviceable than the earlier revisions because it's one reason I chose to keep my earlier 'rev B'. When that serviceability downgrade continued with the Intel models it helped make them less tempting. I might still be using my G5 until AppleCare coverage expires next May, maybe adding a MacBook (Pro) between now and then… especially if a MBP revision makes it easier to replace the hard drive like...
I'm including those types of devices with certain usage patterns having unexpected results. For example, running my office air conditioner more frequently and expecting an increased bill, yet it drops $20. Or I've made an extra effort to converse usage and the bill jumps $30. I'm not concerned enough (yet) to fastidiously monitor the most power-hungry devices, just aware of how the payment fluctuation is more counter-intuitively unpredictable here than in previous...
You don't own or buy domain names, you're only renting them.
Whenever possible (technology and budget permitting) I've always preferred "thin" media clients in my living room and other places appropriate for audio/video reception where their media servers and permanent storage really don't belong. I'm surprised how few people seem to acknowledge that strategy, still clinging to the idea that "fat" (and sometimes noisily distracting) computers, hard drives, and other components should be tightly coupled with corresponding media...
Arriving late to this thread and won't finish it before responding …EyeTV software will automatically wake up a sleeping Mac a couple minutes before a scheduled recording. Works fine here, except if the "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver" Security preference is enabled the system can go back to sleep when the login dialog times out before recording has started. I work around that by FUSing to my wife's account since it'll reactivate its...
That's quite an exaggeration considering aTV's rather limited video format support (per current published specs).
Well, Apple TV is missing some that target by not supporting 480i CRT SDTVs which do have component video input. Like I've said before, the product is both too good for my TV and not good enough to satisfy some HDTV owners.
And reliable program guides are another issue. For example, EyeTV's TitanTV EPG mysteriously decided to drop a popular channel from its downloaded listing that's still in the web interface listing. And the EPG skews the timezone for certain channels.
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