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I agree that Parallels is AMAZING. It works and it works well. And while free is a great price -- I hope it doesn't steal away a large part of the market Parallels owns. I appreciate good programming. Before long we won't have any real developers left in the Apple arena.
Okay, I bought VisualHub! Thanks for the info!
Yes. I thought it was a "one stop shop" -- and it is... it's just not a very efficient shop. Toast lets you make menues and stuff... are you saying that this is part of the encoding process (which is a now a no-no for me) with Toast?Oh, and when you are converting TV shows and the like, are you converting them to DVD images or something else? And when you copy them to a DVD, are you making it so the files are an actual DVD (you can put it into a DVD player and it looks...
Which produces better results? Thanks for your help. I can't believe Toast takes 3+ hours to do what these other tools can do in minutes.
Okay. You might be right. I thought that it has been burning for the past few hours... it has only been encoding! ACK! It is now burning at 3x (which is still super slow!)... so I am guessing that Toast itself is the bottleneck.
If it were burning at 6X I'd be happy! It seems like it is 1X or 2X. I can't even see in Toast WHAT it is burning at.
Frankly, as in the "Bloated" ad by Apple, I wish Dell would sell blank machines and let us install XP from scratch without all the BS. Frankly, I am a new Mac owner BECAUSE Dell and Microsoft forced me to by Vista! My boss wanted a new computer. I tried to buy it with XP knowing that new MS systems are shakey at best. I couldn't get it. So when the Vista rig arrived, it looked like a whored out Mac. Then the Vista firewall started the "confirm or deny" thing like the Apple...
I'm looking for an external DVD D/L writer that... 1. Works with Macs 2. Works with iTunes (not just Toast) 3. Works with iDVD (not just Toast) 4. (Preferrably) Has Firewire Support (not just USB) I was just about to get the Sony DRX830UL/T because it claims to be compatible with Macintosh but it ain't: http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/...EW~redir~1.asp I have a Sony DRX800U and it kicks ass in a PC but when I hooked it up to my MBP tonight,...
What the...? I have a new MBP 17" and I have an AVI file that I imported into Toast and burned (actually, I'm still burning) it to a DVD (4.7 single layer) using the internal "Super" (cough, cough) drive. It's been more than three hours and it's still burning. What gives?! Is this because the drive is slow or because the Mac is slow? On my XP system, this would have been done over an hour ago. At least an hour ago.
I agree. This was the first Mac forum site I visited but have since found three others simply because they DO NOT HAVE POPUPS! I understand the need to make money but I'd rather us all pay $7 per year which is MORE than AI will get from me with ads. I'll NEVER click on those. Same with the banner ads. Right now there is an ad for Vista on the screen and I saw an ad for Dell earlier in the day. It's driving me away.
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