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les deux.
Final Cut Pro
Never seen this one before. How do you create an empty bookmark with Safari, Marvin?
When I use 1.5 or double line spacing with text I notice that when I publish my website the pictures I have overlap on top of the text. Based on a comparison of my iWeb project file and the published .html files it is evident that the html file lines are not spaced as far apart. Is there some kind of workaround? I'm using iWeb 3.0.1 and publishing to a folder.
He doesn't reply himself, a representative does.
I have one of the original iPhones, not an iPhone 3G. My current two year plan ends in February of 2010. I'd like to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS now. I see there is an $18 upgrade fee and a two year contract is required. Is $18 truly all I will have to pay extra? Does the new two year contract begin starting in February (when my previous AT&T contact ends)? I am most confused by how the AT&T plan works regarding the upgrade. It shows me the...
HAHA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoiGJMZjs0o
It didn't automatically do that, but when I manually opened iPhoto it worked. Thanks a lot!
How can I send pictures taken with my iPhone to my computer without emailing them? I've got too many to email. If the iPhone was visible as a hard drive in the finder I would try locating the pictures.. unfortunately it's not. Thanks.
Thanks. I figured it would be something that would make me look stupid.
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