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I really don't care about the look of the icons...I just hope that when I click those icons I don't have to wait 14 minutes for their respective apps to open.
Who wants that shit for shit keyboard? It's so disproportionate!!!!
Brother, you are such the genius. All lame un-funny puns intended. Thanks for your help : )
I'm curious as to what these Genius mixes are...but when I opened iTunes, that option/playlist wasn't there. Do I have to go turn on this option somewhere? I cannot figure out how to get to these Genius Mixes and I want to mess around with them and see what they have to offer. Any help would be appreciated.
One word for this: Nifty.
You're paying 80 bucks for what now? Hahaha. I still want one.
Why don't they just fix Vista? That'd make the most sense, but then it wouldn't get them $$$$$$$.
What about those sold in 2007? I want to know if I am at risk...
I'd like to see some leaked photos!
Can't they just release a better version? I know it's a tad ridiculous to go that far with the number (GOD FORBID) but I really don't ever plan on installing this and dealing with the headache.
New Posts  All Forums: