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If there was substance to respond to.You think Russia is doing an investigation? You think Jordan is doing an investigation? You think Syria is doing an investigation? You think Germany is doing an investigation? You think France is doing an investigation? So when they all turn up nothing, because they didn't really look, this will prove you right Simpleton logic.Proof? Groverat said so?Difficult situation. What's France's excuse? What's Kofi's excuse? What's Kofi's son's...
Wasn't that the joke when the multi-colored iMac came out?
One major flaw with EndNote (besides the price) is that it can't merger different files together well. We were working on a large grant application and had to have the secretary manage the endnote database. There's no way to merge databases without having a bunch of duplicates and each user saving references a different way. It's caused by endnote not having a unique identifier for each reference. Most often we make up a new database for each paper we work on. A single...
I often find myself with a wide range of images and data and GC can open most of them. I was shocked to find out it couldn't open and image saved from AVS image viewer.
You're being silly. Like I said, everyone is for educating children. But what is Hillary going to do for it. Spend more money on it?
Kind of interesting.
From what I can tell Hillary has no message. What is she for? Educating children? Who isn't? Improving health care? STOP the presses! I never heard her say or do anything that scratched the surface of what she would be for. Besides she'd get killed in an election. You may as well move her to Boston and have her run as a New England liberal. That way when she gets clobbered it wont be anything the democrats haven't seen many times before.
Um. Yea! France conspired with Russia to stop any action to clean up Oil For Food. [groverat]Must ... remain ignorant ... blame US ... at all cost. Bush ... is real .. conspiracy.[/grovrat]
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