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Your information is incorrect.  As long as you keep your Match account, you can continue to use iTunes Match the way it always worked.  If you subscribe to Apple Music, any music you download from the streaming service will have DRM, even if you still have Match.  If you delete your Matched files, cancel your Match account, then re-download them from Apple Music, those files will now have DRM because they came from the Apple Music service.  You do not have to subscribe to...
It is not that hard to figure out.  It is not confusing at all.   As long as you keep giving money to Apple every month for both Match and Apple Music, you will not have any issues.  If you avoid Apple Music, you won't have any issues.  If you cancel Match and keep Music, you could have issues.  If you lose or delete your previously matched files downloaded from Match, those files will be replaced with DRM versions courtesy of Apple Music when you re-download them.  If you...
Correct, they are the same people that invented Ping, and the same people that turned iTunes into a fricken' mess with version 11 and 12.  The user interface of iTunes 11 and 12 is a joke.
Slurpy makes it all up.  None of his posts have any validity to them.
I am sure you raved about Ping and claimed that would be a huge success...when it was one of Apple's failures.
How could iTunes Match screw up your library when the feature scans your library and determines what songs could be matched and not uploaded, and which ones to upload to Apple?  That is all it does.
Did AppleInsider jack up the link when I pasted it?  Thanks a lot, AI.
What if you restore your iTunes folder from your backup to bring back the original iTunes Library file (after turning off the iCloud Music Library)?
LMAO!  So why do people still think cloud computing is such a great thing?  That is why I will never upload any of my files to the cloud and then rely on the cloud for my computing needs!     iTunes Match is fine, as long as you don't cancel it and switch over to Apple Music.  The main key point here is that you should NEVER delete your local files in favor of the cloud.  If you cancel iTunes Match in favor of Apple Music and then do something completely stupid by...
What are you talking about?  Don't you have a DVD/Blu-Ray player in your house?  Home theater?  I thought all you teenagers loved your PS4s and Xboxes which can all play CDs.  You may not want to believe it, but a CD will always sound better than a lossy digital file.  Even Blu-Ray discs have superior picture and sound quality.  I even have some high-resolution audio Blu-Ray discs that sound fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: