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Actually, the lawsuit did have merit because they proved the Nike FuelBand did not do what they claimed it would do.  That is why Nike is paying out on it.  The jury did not find negligence against Apple, but they found negligence against Nike.
Perhaps next time you learn how to READ the article, not just the headline.  Then you would not have to ask such a stupid question.
Boo-hoo!  You hate every movie about Apple, just like the rest of the people here.  There is always dramatic effect added to any type of biography movie.  It is well documented that he was a colossal jerk at times.  It is part of his biography, whether you like it or not.  So deal with it.  Consider it entertainment and take what you want from it.  I am sure you will hate the 'Steve Jobs' movie from Universal too.
Next time, read the article.  Apple will continue to sell the Google/Nest products.  Oh, you think Apple doesn't have privacy issues?  Guess again.  Anything in the cloud has privacy issues, along with their wordy terms of service agreements...but every one accepts them.
You are mistaken. Synaptics invented the click-wheel for the iPod, the mini, to be exact.  Apple did not conceive the idea.
WTF are you talking about?  Thousands of dollars for a map update?  You are so full of crap, especially if you claim to own Hondas and Toyotas.  The maps are updated yearly, and the price for the map update is $149 regular, or $99 on sale, which occurs often throughout the year.  They never lagged behind in map updates.  For example, a 2003-2005 Accord with Nav just received its end-of-life map in 2014.  Pretty good for a car that is 10-12 years old.  2006 models and newer...
More specifically, a 2014 model Civic, which quickly became vaporware as CarPlay never made it to any Honda.  Now Honda claims the 2016 Accord (higher trim levels) will be their first vehicle to feature CarPlay, on their updated DisplayAudio+ head unit.  Over on the Civic forums, a tweet from Honda alleges they have no plans to offer CarPlay in a software update for the 2014 and 2015 DisplayAudio head units, even though it was advertised with those units.  The Honda...
No, that is your arrogant and spoiled brat attitude.  
Actually, they are pieces of garbage.  Cheap components, glued together, and here is the kicker...pieces of metal added to make them heavier so the consumer is fooled to think they are higher quality because they are weigh more.  Apparently, they have you fooled because you think they are pretty good.  They are worth less than $20. http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/beats-by-dre-headphones-teardown-finds-metal-parts-included-just-to-add-weight/ 
How big do you want this thing with built in DAC, amp, joystick, HDMI? You are brilliant for figuring it all out by yourself. The iPod touch is an iOS device without the cellular chip. That is one of its stand out features. Full iOS device without monthly fees. Did it take you seven years to figure that out, since the first gen iPod touch? How much available space do you have on your phone for music, along with apps, photos and other media? You know nothing about...
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