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Many businesses use the iPod touch. Apple sold 14M iPods last year. People can replace the discontinued iPod classic with the new 128GB model. If you listen to MP3s, you don't know shit about audio quality. You could always bring an AppleTV with you to a hotel, or use the Lightning to HDMI adapter. They are small and all flatscreens at hotels have HDMI. Sounds like your phone and tablet are Android trash.
I am surprised MTV is still on the air and surprised musicians make music videos. Those died in the 90s when The Real World hit the airwaves. Beats 1 is awful and no one cares about VMAs. People who don't rent their music won't care about the VMAs announced on Beats 1, and they won't sign up for Apple Music.
Once you cancel the service, your AppleID won't be able to play the music, just like all subscription services.  Stop paying, music stops playing, immediately.  iTunes Match is not copy protected music.
I received my 128GB iPod touch this afternoon and ran Geekbench.  The app needs an update to properly recognize the new A8.  It reports the CPU as an ARM at 1.11 GHz and 991MB of Memory.  The scores are impressive compared to the old 5th Gen with A5.   iPhone 4S A5 @ 800 MHz - single core 217; multi-core 409 iPad mini A5 @ 1 GHz - single core 258; multi-core 494 iPod touch A8 @ 1.11 GHz - single core 1,367, multi-core 2,445 iPad Air A7 @ 1.4GHz - single core 1,477;...
Rebooting the iPod always fixes everything.  Ran the test again after a fresh reboot and the new score is close to the results found in the article.  
But the iPod family is certainly not dead selling 14M units last year.  Who cares if they sell 10x as many iPhones.  The iPod touch is not an iPhone.
Interesting result with my iPod touch 128GB.  Geekbench is outdated since it does not recognize the new A8 CPU, which may explain why the multi-core was lower.  Not sure how they report 2,440 in the article, and a slightly higher score for single core too.  
The Zune is dead and so is Zune Pass.  The record labels, who have distribution rights, are the ones who decide if they want it to be done.  In this case, they may have said no deal, keeping a tighter restriction on the DRM for streaming content.
And your good sized music library does not require an internet connection or a cloud to listen to it, nor does it require you to pay $10 per month forever to keep listening to it.  Not for me either. My 128GB iPod Touch arrives today...yep, ordered it yesterday and it is arriving today...free one day shipping for me!  It will replace my aging iPod classic, which has been buggy in my new car.  iOS devices are better supported, and faster with flash memory.  The new 128GB...
Apple Music tracks are rented music, so the device or computer must 'phone home' in order to play the tracks.  The Nano and Shuffle do not require an Apple ID and they cannot 'phone home'.  The new DRM in Apple Music is much more restrictive than the previous DRM with purchased tracks.  You have to pay to play and not many people like that model of music consumption.   It is highly unlikely that Apple would try to automatically delete downloaded Apple Music tracks from a...
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