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It is troubled because they lose directors, studios, and can't get anyone to commit to acting in it.  The article says nothing about Jeff Daniels committing to the project.  It actually confirms he is not even attached to the project.  It only says he is at the top of a list, which means nothing.
Next time, read the first sentence in the article.
Give me a break...enough of this bullshit "wouldn't happen under Steve".  Steve Jobs thought the hockey-puck mouse from the original iMac was the best mouse in the world....said no one else ever!  Jobs himself has come up with some great Apple blunders, so people should stop assuming he was perfect.
It is obvious you are not an attorney.  Lawsuits are filed against DOES 1-100, or more.  They can also be amended.  This allows parties to be added once identified, or dismissed.  Motions can be filed by either side at any time, even during trial, and they are heard before the jury enters a courtroom, if they occur during a trial.  The motions can add or dismiss a plaintiff, or raise issue towards an expert witness or evidence.  Since the one plaintiff could not prove she...
This is not about DRM-free music.  That has nothing to do with it.  It is about DRM music purchased from another store that was prohibited from being played on an iPod.  At the time of the lawsuit, RealNetworks had DRM music for sale that could not be played on an iPod, until they hacked FairPlay.  Interesting that Microsoft is not being sued because their Protected WMA files cannot be played in iTunes, only on their crappy Windows Media Player. "As long as you use Apple...
Are you too lazy to look it up yourself?  Posted 5 hours before AppleInsider copied and pasted the article.  You would have read this on Engadget last night. http://www.engadget.com/2014/12/02/firefox-ios-plans/
They do not operate independently of an iPhone.  An iPhone is REQUIRED to make the watch function.  You can't do much with it without the iPhone.  The Watch SDK has confirmed this.  The iPhone's SoC executes the majority of the code and the watch is just a UI. http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/11/apple-releases-watchkit-developer-tools-alongside-first-ios-8-2-beta/
The Jurassic World trailer looked like a bunch of crap.  It looked like a cartoon with the entire environment in CGI.  At least the first three were shot in a real environment, Kauai, and used a mix of animatronic models combined with CGI to give it a far more realistic appearance.  This new movie looked like the entire thing was rendered "Avatar-style" on a computer with actors in front of a green-screen (and Avatar was a lousy movie).
You are so arrogant.  The world must look interesting to you sitting on top of your high-horse.  You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.  Did you know Apple shoveled out complete garbage in the 1990s and was on the verge of bankruptcy?  Are you even old enough to know that?  Did you know Apple used leftover 68040 boards and parts and crammed PowerPC chips on them and tried to claim they were good computers?  The serial ports were so jacked up, they could...
Most people like that will track their data using another, far less expensive, fitness device.  They won't spend $350+ to track their steps, etc.  Most people exercising use an iPod Shuffle to listen to music, not an iPhone. Watch the keynote again.  Cook specifically says, "Apple Watch requires an iPhone".  They never explained what the Apple Watch could do, or could not do, without a link to the iPhone.  
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