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Next time Apple decides to give you something for free, be sure to tell them to F*&K OFF because you don't like free stuff.  If you don't like it, don't download it and delete it from your purchases.  It is not that hard to do.  Then you can go back to enjoying your Justin Bieber collection.
Your exaggeration of data use is ridiculous.  The album was 97.1 MB.  Hardly would that exceed a data allowance when most people pay for GBs of data per month on their smartphone.  There are options to turn off automatic downloads, and an option to limit automatic downloads to Wi-Fi only.  I am amazed Apple had to make a tool to delete the album because people could not figure out how to delete songs from their phone, or to go into the iTunes Store to browse their...
Don't forget he was also known as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
Other reports also indicate the return of the Camera Roll in the Photos app with iOS 8.1. Using an iPhone 6 Plus with 8.0.2, the Camera Roll 'album' is not present in the Photos app, but if you connect the iPhone and open Image Capture to transfer photos to the Mac, the images displayed are all the images that were in the Camera Roll album from the backup, in addition to all new photos that were taken with the iPhone. So the Photos app knows which photos belong in the...
Except these so-called techies have no idea what they are talking about.  The Flashback.K variant, which was a java exploit, was able to install itself in OS X without an administrator password. http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/04/mac-trojan-exploits-unpatched-java-vulnerability-no-password-needed/
It is a third-party app called Mailbox.
Another one of your silly rants?  Anyone in a work environment uses the screensaver with password lock, so when they leave their desk they can invoke the screensaver to prevent unauthorized access by another employee.  The screensaver would also indicate to others that the employee is still at the office.  A message could be used on the screen to indicate when they return.  The name has never changed because the term "screensaver" has been known for decades.
There was no "plasticgate" when Apple switched to a plastic back with the 3G and 3GS. Those cracked easily if you dropped them, or the thin plastic cracked around the 30-pin connector. Look at all the cracked screens on all phones when people drop them. Glass breaks, aluminum bends with excessive force, and plastic can crack. People need to take better care of their electronic devices. People can break anything with enough force. And apparently, 9 gay boys in skinny...
No, they can't. They need to make money too.
I agree with you.  That is why I downgraded my 4S.  Apple should have made iOS 8 for the iPhone 5 and above, since those have an A6 chip or better, and a larger screen.  Then you could at least continue to restore an iPhone 4S with 7.1.2 if something goes wrong down the road.  But now you can no longer do that troubleshooting task.  iTunes will force the 4S to upgrade to 8 if a restore is needed, since Apple stopped signing 7.1.2.  my iPhone 6 Plus is on the way, so not...
New Posts  All Forums: