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Really?  Are you sure about that?  You might want to read the 2012 and 2013 reviews and compare.  The 2012 was a disappointment in the industry with poor plastics on the interior and uneven lines.    The flaws with the 2012 model were all fixed with the 2013 model.  I almost bought a 2012 and glad I waited for the 2013.  The 2012 dash looks awful with a large slab of plastic laying in front of it.  The 2013 removed that design with cleaner lines and all flush with the rest...
So you think you know how it works after an hour?  The software is surprisingly slow since it is flash-memory based instead of DVD.  However, it is NOT complicated to use, and it is not error prone.  I have had the 2013 Civic with Nav for 6 months and it is no different than my 2003 Accord Navi system.  Same exact interface for inputting destinations.
WhatsApp is now the largest target for email phishing scams on iOS, Android, PCs and Macs.  I get fake emails all the time alleging I have a "new voice mail" and I have never heard of the app, nor have I ever used it.  So be careful if you use the app, because the notification you receive might be fake.   http://www.hoax-slayer.com/whatsapp-new-voicemail-malware-emails.shtml
I don't need to spend $250 for a thermostat when I already have a far less expensive programmable thermostat that works flawlessly, and saves me money.  When I am out of the house during the summer months, it is set at 80 degrees.  When I come home, it lowers to 76 during the summer.  I don't need to control it with an iPhone, nor do I need it to learn different patterns.  During the Fall, Winter, and Spring when the temps are average and mild, it is set to OFF and the...
US store got screwed.  No discounts.  Lame gift cards, and cheap ones too.  Even Target offered a better deal with a $100 gift card instead of a $75 gift card.  Would have been nice if Apple matched the price of the Target card.  Target had lots of Apple product to sell, and a long line dedicated to only Apple purchases.
US store got screwed.  Lame gift cards, no discounts.  Even Target beat Apple by offering $100 Gift Cards instead of $75 Gift Cards.  Unfortunately, Target is out of stock of the 128GB iPad Air.  They had plenty of 32GB and 64GB models in the Los Angeles area.
Funny that most of you who think it sucked never even saw it.  Kutcher played the part well, and looked very much like Jobs.  It is a movie with dramatic enhancements, and it provided dramatic entertainment.  It is Hollywood, what do you expect?  I am sure the next "big-budget" one will just as "dramatic" and all of you will also claim it sucks too without seeing it.  So sit and home, drink your kool-aid, and watch Glitter, Gigli, or Ishtar.   Bobbyfozz does make a valid...
There is nothing wrong with an LG TV, just buy the non-smart version. Or if you get a deal on the smart version, keep it off your network and keep it "dumb".
The current AppleTV UI that was released last year (March 2012) is really outdated?  What do you want, complete overhauls every six months to make you happy?  Scrolling down and picking a channel is hard for you?  How does it not work anymore?  Read the other posts…you can use parental controls to hide the channels you don't have any interest in, or don't subscribe to.  You can also click and hold the select button and rearrange the channels in the order you desire.  It...
Apparently, you have no idea what the word "manufacture" means.  Apple designed the chip and they retained Samsung to make it for them.  Apple does not manufacture any of the chips in their devices, they use and need other companies' products.  So Samsung does get credit for being the company to manufacture the A7 for Apple.  You many not like their phones, but Samsung makes the best TVs.  Although the latest Panasonic plasma series might give them a run for their money.
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