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You have no idea how companies work.  Forstall was in charge of iOS and he screwed it up with Maps in iOS 6.  He is ultimately responsible because he is in charge of iOS.  Forstall was ultimately responsible to make sure the lousy map data works, and it doesn't.  Apple bought outdated Map data from various companies and couldn't make it work.  Steve Jobs apologized for the mess that MobileMe was.  Steve Jobs always admitted when Apple made mistakes, and he did it...
MacMall sucks. Lame date reference.
Not a problem at all because the notebooks have always outsold the desktops. That is why they have always had the discounts, even if lousy discounts by Apple. The new 21.5" iMac is a crippled Mac with non-upgradable memory and a slow laptop drive. Now who would be a fool to buy that model?
No problems at all with two 2nd Gen AppleTVs, and the software was updated months ago, when released in September. All 3rd Gen units are still under warranty, but the morons complaining don't know how to take them in for warranty service. But you can't fix stupid.
Apple charges sales tax, most on eBay do not. That's why it has an advantage. Instead of refurbs, I look for older models on clearance from authorized resellers. That is always a better deal.
B and H still has the Late 2011 MBP 15" top of the line model on clearance for $1,599. Original price was $2,199 before the June 2012 models arrived. Killer deal for a high end 15" model. Also, the AppleCare on that model is reduced to $122. That is huge. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/827024-REG/Apple_MD322LL_A_15_4_MacBook_Pro_Notebook.html
No one is asking you to buy it again.  No one asked you to buy it again on cassette and CD.  Apparently, you didn't know how to record it from vinyl to cassette in the 80s, like everyone else did.  This isn't for people that already own their catalog.  This is for people that never bought it, but might want to now.  Of course their older stuff is cheaper on CD than in iTunes ($7.64 on Amazon for Back in Black).  But kids today prefer to steal music off the internet rather...
The iPad mini is great to hold with one hand. When you hold the big iPad, it feels like a brick. The screen is slightly sharper than iPad 2, but not as crisp as retina. But text in reader mode in safari was great to read. Finally an iPad that won't feel heavy trying to hold with one hand.
My local Apple Store has plenty of 2011 iMacs in stock and on display.   Doubtful that the 21.5 inch model will be popular, considering the memory is not upgradable and the hard drive is crippled at 5,400 RPM.
B and H Photo still has the base model 21.5" model in stock, for a savings of $200.  They are clearing them out for $1,099, with a discount on AppleCare too.   http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/767558-REG/Apple_MC309LL_A_21_5_iMac_Desktop_Computer.html
New Posts  All Forums: