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 Apple did 957K pre-orders for the Apple Watch during the launch.  Apple sold one million iPhones in 2 1/2 months, more if you add an extra two weeks for your 3 month example.  How is 957K three-times more than one million?
All other sources confirm only 957K pre-orders in the U.S., not a million.
This is not an Apple enthusiast site, it is an Apple RUMOR site.
Teenagers buying Apple products?  That is a joke.  They beg their parents to buy them Apple products.  Parents buy the iPhone and pay for the monthly plan.  Same is true for buying them a Mac.  Teenagers won't be wearing an Apple Watch because their parents are smart enough not to buy one for them, unless they are spoiled brats.
Photos for OS X is missing one key feature.  You can no longer drag and drop photos from an SD card accessed in Photos into an album.  Apparently, Apple believes everyone takes pictures with their iPhones and uploads to the cloud, so they decided to remove drag and drop from Photos for OS X.  And they call that photo management?  It is no surprise that Apple's latest re-write of a program comes with features stripped out of it.  Final Cut X, iWork apps, iMovie, etc. all...
Not many people want their personal documents or photos in the cloud on some server.  No one wants to rely on an internet connection to see their files.  No one wants to pay Apple's ridiculous prices for monthly cloud storage when it can be free on their local devices.  It is a stupid move.  Most people have a photo library that far exceeds Apple's free storage of 5GB.  No one has the time to upload hundreds of GBs of data, wasting bandwidth.  But I guess teenagers think...
iPhoto works just fine with 10.10.3.
Aperture works fine with 10.10.3.  You have something else wrong with your Mac, or Aperture is not up to date.  You can still download it from the App Store under your Purchases, along with iPhoto.
Since you haven't seen any of it, you have no idea what you are talking about.  HBO, Max, and Showtime on AppleTV all have "late night" content, and it is soft-core porn.  They are not rated.  It shows full nudity with sex, including oral sex on both men and women, without showing penetration or the man's genitalia.  But the act is shown and that is considered soft-core porn.  Hard core porn, which you are referring to of course shows everything.
 iOS 8 was riddled with bugs, that were experienced by many users.  Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi issues, 8.0.2 killing the 6 and 6 Plus, among many other bugs. So you talked to millions of other people and confirmed they did not have problems with iOS 8?  Apple has made plenty of mistakes and openly admitted to them.
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