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Ads are random. Visit Macworld.com and all their online ads are for PCs. Even their iPad articles had online ads pushing the Samsung tablets. Refresh and you get another PC ad. Proves how worthless Macworld is. It is an unfortunate coincidence that an undersea ad was displayed next to the crashed airline story.
"The survey found that 45 percent of businesses currently give employees the option of using a Mac at work"   What is left out of the article is an explanation of the "option of using a Mac at work".  Since the survey was by Parallels, it is obvious the companies are using Windows, since 90% of businesses use Windows PCs.  So the option is for the employee to use their own Mac running Windows via Parallels or Boot Camp.  The vast majority of companies do not buy $1,000...
That was 10 years ago.  So where is the iPod now?  Apple no longer pushes the product anymore.  iTunes no longer pushes iPod sales or iOS sales.  They could have iTunes for Android if they ever improve their iTunes Radio service, then get Android users to pay for the service (iTunes Match or a rumored streaming service).  Perhaps Apple has received enough feedback from Android users requesting an iTunes client on their phone.  Did you ever think about that?  iTunes stopped...
 How about all Android users are connected to the internet, it is a cellphone with constant internet access.  Your comment demonstrates your ignorance.Your above comment was so stupid, this one is equally stupid.  The Windows version of iTunes is dogshit, always has been. Stupid article.  One small comment about iTunes on Android, and the rest about a rumored streaming service.  The comment about iTunes on Android could have been left out since AI obviously has no...
You forgot to add, in addition to those that hang out on mediocre Apple rumor sites, those that live in their mom's basement playing video games all day.
Did you figure that out all by yourself, or did you just look at Microsoft's website for Office 365 Subscription pricing? http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/compare-microsoft-office-products-FX104165233.aspx?WT%2Emc%5Fid=PS%5Fgoogle%5FO365Comm%5Foffice365%5FText&WT%2Eintid1=ODC%5FENUS%5FFX101785584%5FXT104187042 The software requires a subscription to the existing Office 365 product.  If you are a student, you can "rent" the software for $79.99 for four years.  If...
I guess you haven't seen the new MacPro or iMac?  Apple has no issues with cables and external storage devices.  Have you seen the AppleTV, it has cables.  Even cable boxes today don't require "a million" cables, they require three.  Power, cable in, and HDMI.
going into parental controls and clicking on the channels you wanted to hide was clumsy?  It was easy for everyone else.
The people claiming Mavericks is great when the article acknowledged that Mail is still broken after three updates must live in a fantasy world.
You have no clue what you are talking about.  The CarPlay compatible stereos are nothing but touchscreen display stereos.  So when you plug in your iPhone via HDMI and USB, the UI comes from the iPhone via iOS 7.  If the iPhone is not plugged in, the touchscreen displays the audio settings and/or Navi from the stereo itself to function as a regular stereo.  The concept is ease of use while driving.  Simple icons are what is needed in the car.
New Posts  All Forums: