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Go buy Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite and let us know what format it uses inside the box (DVD).  Internal slot load drives are $59 from OWC.  Get your facts right.  I am not talking about regular backups.  I don't need to backup my downloaded installers over and over again with Time Machine.  I can back those up once to DVD and keep them off the hard drive, and off my Time Machine backups.
Who are you to say that the average user doesn't use CDs or service their own computer?  Do you think iMac users are retards?  Your comment only proves that you are a retard for making such an assumption.  Safe to assume that the next Mac Pro won't have an optical drive because according to Apple, Pro users don't use optical discs either.  Then you little fanbois will bitch and complain because Apple removed the optical drive from a "Pro" machine.  Idiots.
Ars posted the same picture and it is the 21.5 model.   http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/10/hands-on-with-the-thumb-able-ipad-mini-and-the-ultrathin-imac/   The 27s are not even in production yet, since they won't be available until December.
That is the 21.5 model which uses a laptop drive.  The 27 is just as fat as the previous model.  Both the 2011 and 2012 iMac have the same depth on the base stand, so who cares how thin the panel is.  You still need the same amount of desk space.
Removing the optical drive did not allow Apple to make a thinner iMac, because it is not thinner, except for the very edge.  It is still just as fat in the back.  The 3.5 hard drive in the 27" model is thicker than a slot load optical drive.  My 2011 iMac just became more valuable compared to the new iMac.  The 2011 iMac has the SD card slot on the side, where it should be.  It has an optical drive, which is still used on a regular basis.  It has Audio Input.  It has a...
Since you have never used a Kindle Fire, what the hell do you know?  The Kindle Fire is actually a very nice tablet device that does exactly what it is advertised to do.  It is far better than the other tablet devices out there, and Amazon continues to sell many of them.  Despite what you believe, it is very easy to use and has a nice user-experience.  Why do you think Amazon continues to develop them and release new versions?  They sell well for Amazon, so good for them.
And the same ditch digger can hit you over the head and bury your sorry ass in a hole in the ground for making such an insulting and retarded comment.
What a load of crap. iPhones are not "free". They cost about $2,000 with their two year contract. The iPod Touch is the most popular selling iPod. Many people prefer the iPod Touch because there is no monthly fee. iPod Touches are not solely used by children, as you Apple Fanbois would like to believe. Many adults use them as well because they don't want to pay an expensive monthly fee for a phone, when they can find a cell phone for much less. So the iPod Touch...
The reason the MacBook Pro 13" is the most popular selling model is because it has a starting price of $1,199, not $1,699!  For $500 less than the retina model, you get the same speed processor, 4x more disk space, same graphics, an optical drive, Ethernet, FireWire, and support for 16 GB RAM ($114 at OWC).  Only a fool would buy the retina model with crippled features.  Better yet, pick up the late 2011 15" top of the line model on clearance for $1,599, $100 less than...
At an arms length, you also can't tell the difference between the retina and standard display.  It is not like holding an iPhone much closer to your face to operate the device, where you were able to see the pixels and text jaggies at a closer distance with the pre-retina models.  Apple Stores have both standard and retina models side by side and the difference between the two is not worth the excessive price premium for a MacBook Pro with far too limiting disk space.
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