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That is why I don't use Mavericks.  It has been a clusterf**k since its release with constant mail problems and other application problems.  Mail was fine with previous releases, but they mucked it up with Mavericks.  No wonder it is free…they did a half-ass job producing it.  A better solution is to stick with Mountain Lion since Mavericks did not add anything worth using.
That is an interesting comment considering the Intel MacBook Pros did not come out until 2006.
So you people think Apple buying Adobe would be a good idea?  Are you not paying attention to Apple's lousy software track record?  Look how they dumbed down iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and iWork by removing features that people used to get their work done.  So you want them to strip features from Photoshop and Illustrator and then have the nerve to call them professional-grade products?  That is what would happen if Apple bought Adobe.  Now after customer backlash, Apple is...
What exactly has Samsung "stolen" from Apple?  People here claim how great there is competition in the market, then they suddenly claim no one else is allowed to make a phone that is a rectangle with a glass front.  Can't have it both ways.  There is something called basic functionality of a product.  All cars have the basic elements that make them cars.  Phones are the same.  Prior to the iPhone, all cellphones had a screen and buttons to operate.  They had a speaker and...
Why didn't you quote the rest of my post where I said using a retired iPhone is an iPod Touch.  Don't misquote me!
You still don't get it.  Safari 6.1 for Lion and Mountain Lion have the same features (and bugs) as Safari 7 for Mavericks.  Updating to Safari 6.1.1 for Lion and Mountain Lion fixed the same bugs as Safari 7.0.1 for Mavericks.  Not everyone desires to run Mavericks.  Many have uninstalled it.  Read the Apple Support Forum.
You are wrong.  Safari 6.1.1 runs on Mountain Lion and Lion.  It is not Mavericks only.  6.1.1 fixed the text entry bugs with many websites, including AI.  It was not limited to Safari 7 on Mavericks.
That would be called a dumbass to have a phone without a voice plan.  If you transfer your plan to a new phone, then your old iPhone becomes an iPod touch, which I already pointed out is limited to Wi-Fi.  Some places have lousy Wi-Fi so a cellular call would be better than an FT audio call.  FaceTime is pretty poor since Apple lost the licensing patent suit which caused them to change the server operation.  It worked great when it first rolled out.
Safari was the problem, not the OS.  Apple recently kicked out Safari 6.1.1 which fixed the text entry bug.  Had nothing to do with the OS.  Software Update through the App Store is weak and just notified me of the update today.  Mavericks is riddled with many more bugs, as you pointed out with iBooks, so it is not worth using.
iChat AV always supported audio chats.  FaceTime audio would only benefit iPod Touch or iPad users on Wi-Fi.  FaceTime audio chats does not serve any purpose with an iPhone because if you wanted an audio chat, you can dial their phone number instead.    FireFox is now the required browser for this website.  Safari crashes constantly whenever you try to comment in the forums.  An Apple-related site that does not support the preferred browser on the Mac.
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