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So it adds Wireless CarPlay for all those cars that never got CarPlay, as allegedly promised.  (Honda specifically.  They claimed their 2014 cars would have it, but no CarPlay even in their 2015 models).
Only a fool would pay $20 per movie for a digital copy.  You can buy the re-issued Blu-Ray/DVD combo sets I-III and IV-VI for $40 each.  Of course the ideal DVD release was in 2006 with the original theatrical versions on the second DVD.  Although they were not anamorphic widescreen, ripping them with Handbrake gives you an anamorphic version through AppleTV.  Would have been nice if they were fully restored, but so far that is the best original version available of IV...
DTS-HD Master Audio is lossless when played back through equipment that supports DTS-HD Master Audio.  The Digital Copies offered by iTunes and other vendors have heavy video compression and heavy Dolby Digital compression, both lossy formats.  Dolby TrueHD is the other lossless format on Blu-Ray Discs.  Video and sound is still far superior on Blu-Ray Disc than any digital copy.
iOS 8.2 now consumes more space than prior versions with the forced installation of the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, and the inability to delete the app.  There are other Apple apps that are optional installations and can be deleted.  The Apple Watch app should not be a forced installation on an iPhone if the consumer has no interest in an Apple Watch.  The app should have been optional, or at least have the ability to delete it and recover the disk space.   Thankfully,...
Sounds like your gym is full of gay men.
Even people that have $10K to $17K (plus tax) to spend on a watch will NOT buy a watch with a battery that cannot last one day.  Face reality, it is not that hard to figure out.  Apple only allowing 30 minute viewing time for a $10K product is ridiculous.  Apple should allow as much time as they want if they are a serious buyer.  But then Apple is not going to sell many gold versions anyway, so they will have plenty of open appointments.  It is strange that Apple is...
Didn't Apple learn with the failed Power Mac G4 Cube?  I guess not.   New MacBook for $1,299.  Offers slow performance (not even twice as fast as an iPhone 6 per Geekbench scores).  One USB-C port, lacking MagSafe, and requires expensive optional dongles to connect anything and still have power.  So the price will increase with additional dongles.   MacBook Pro w/Retina for $1,299.  Considerably faster performance, multiple ports, MagSafe, no dongles needed.  No extra...
Mac OS X Panther & Tiger were much faster operating systems than any other version released after that.  Leopard began the bloating, and it was slower than Tiger, and not better.
Here is how AppleTV with Siri will work:   "Play Music".  Siri: "Did you say, Watch Netflix"?  No!  Worthless feature.
They will still look like an idiot spending $500 to $1,000 for the mid-level watch.  But they will think they are cool with the charging cord dangling from their wrist.  
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