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Have you ever heard of the iPhone 3G and 3GS?  Those sold like crazy and they were made with plastic, and came in two colors.
Well said.  The other guy has no idea what he was talking about.  The SE/30 and Iici are considered the best Macs ever made.  The Iici was on the price list for 4 years.  Steve Jobs' had a few major flops…the G4 Cube and the Flower Power and Dalmatian iMacs were complete failures.
The first feature I disabled in iOS 7.  All that did was drain the battery with constant updates.  If you have a lot of apps, which are receiving updates almost daily, it will drain your battery quickly.  I will get updates when I tell iTunes and iOS to get updates…I don't want constant downloads going on in the background if I am doing something else on my network.  Apple doesn't read AppleInsider.  Use the feedback feature at Apple.com.
Yep, one feature that is sorely missed!  iTunes 11 blows, but unfortunately I need it to sync with iOS 7.  Prior to that, I was sticking with 10.7 for as long as possible.  Also, bring back the dark background for video.  All this white is blinding to the eyes.
iTunes is already multi-core and multi-threaded and 64-bit.  Importing CDs already takes advantage of MMX/SSE2 for faster encoding performance.  I encoded a CD and watched activity monitor.  All 4 cores showed activity, but iTunes does not appear to max out the CPU cores because each core only maxed out at 32% and up to 30 threads.  When the encoding was completed, CPU usage returned to 0-1%.  So they coded iTunes not to take the entire Mac hostage by maxing out the CPU...
That is why I don't use Mavericks.  It has been a clusterf**k since its release with constant mail problems and other application problems.  Mail was fine with previous releases, but they mucked it up with Mavericks.  No wonder it is free…they did a half-ass job producing it.  A better solution is to stick with Mountain Lion since Mavericks did not add anything worth using.
That is an interesting comment considering the Intel MacBook Pros did not come out until 2006.
So you people think Apple buying Adobe would be a good idea?  Are you not paying attention to Apple's lousy software track record?  Look how they dumbed down iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and iWork by removing features that people used to get their work done.  So you want them to strip features from Photoshop and Illustrator and then have the nerve to call them professional-grade products?  That is what would happen if Apple bought Adobe.  Now after customer backlash, Apple is...
What exactly has Samsung "stolen" from Apple?  People here claim how great there is competition in the market, then they suddenly claim no one else is allowed to make a phone that is a rectangle with a glass front.  Can't have it both ways.  There is something called basic functionality of a product.  All cars have the basic elements that make them cars.  Phones are the same.  Prior to the iPhone, all cellphones had a screen and buttons to operate.  They had a speaker and...
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