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Cut the cord?  How are you going to charge the device?  Obviously you don't listen to music in your car using an iDevice where people prefer to plug in to the vehicle so the device is charged and listening to music without the battery dying.  If they rid the headphone jack, now you have to remember to bring a dongle/splitter so you can keep your device charged while listening to music, as many do during work.  Apple didn't exactly cut the cord with keyboards.  Anyone who...
The restriction is the AppleIDs must all use the same credit card.  So if the apps and music are shared amongst the AppleIDs, I don't see how much different it is when having family members use the same ID when they live in the same household.  If they grow up and move out of the house and switch their AppleID to their own credit card (or other payment method), do all those previous app purchases stop working for that particular AppleID?
Just download the HD video podcast from iTunes.  If you don't want the HD version, download the SD podcast.  They have been on iTunes since 2007.
Reviews can be subjective and so can sound to any person.  Although you made recommendations, maybe your friend did not like the sound of Shure or Sennheiser.  Maybe he preferred the sound quality of Beats, even though you don't like them.  Maybe he hurt your ego for not going with headphones you wanted him to buy, but it sounds like he found headphones that he likes.  The Beats headphones do not sound bad, if that is the sound you prefer.  Many people either love or hate...
Everyone can also get to a local electronics store for a low cost item and save on the shipping.
Not true.  Many items less than $35 qualify for free shipping on Amazon.  I guess it depends where you live, but their super saver shipping is quite fast, less than a week for delivery by USPS.  Apple's cheapest cable is $19.
Especially when Aperture is a free program thanks to Mavericks and the App Store activating the trial version making it a purchased app for Snow Leopard and up.  iWork no longer exists now that each program is free on its own.  Apple no longer calls it iWork.
Easy….when the heat turns on, Google will send ads for sweaters and jackets.  When the AC goes on, you will get ads for shorts and swimwear.  It has an LCD display, it can display any advertisement it wants.  Nest is a joke anyway.  You can temperature control your house with a programmable thermostat for far less.  When you are not home, it won't go on, when you come home, you can set it to turn on 15 minutes earlier.  Better savings without Nest trying to figure out when...
That terminal hack doesn't work. Restart your Mac and the User folder will disappear once again. Chris Breen at Macworld confirmed it.
Latest reports confirm the User folder on the root level disappears for many users after installing 10.9.3. Read about it on Macworld. Not to be confused with Apple's dumb idea to hide the user's Library folder since Lion, now the entire User folder goes missing.
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