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Mavericks not so great here.  2011 iMac 27" and 2011 MacBook Pro.  Upgraded from Mountain Lion and the Finder does not work as expected.  Finder tabs don't work and I cannot open separate windows, regardless of the Finder Preference for "Open Folders in Tabs instead of new windows".  It is working as if the setting was to show one window only, in previous versions of OS X.  As I open folders, tabs are not created and new windows are not created.  Even if I show the tab...
You really have no idea what you are talking about.  Did you know there was a small amount of iPhone 4s that had bad proximity sensors?  Did you know there was a small amount of iPhone 5s that had cameras that could not focus correctly?  Now there are iPhone 5Ss that have bad gyroscopes.  AppleInsider did not bother to report on the bad gyroscopes, but many others did, with proof. http://gizmodo.com/the-iphone-5s-motion-sensors-are-totally-screwed-up-1440286727
I see that you have no proof or explanation to your alleged reasons for the Wi-Fi greying out, but if you research other sites, they have confirmed it is a hardware failure with the Wi-Fi chip, not batteries, SIM cards, firmware or software causing the Wi-Fi chip to become disabled. Many have fixed the problem by re-working the solder on the Wi-Fi chip, or heating up the iPhone with a hair dryer.http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/135053/WiFi+Greyed+out+iOS+6.1.3 Apple's...
Since most of you commenting don't have this problem, and have never seen it, you don't understand the issue.  It is not a software problem, it is a hardware-fault.  I have my sister's 4S, which is out of warranty, with the greyed out Wi-Fi.  Apple would not replace the phone since the one year warranty expired.  She bought a new iPhone using her son's upgrade eligibility when Apple said her only option was to pay $199 for another 4S.   The problem started after...
 It is obvious you don't appreciate the value or the quality of this book.
 That is not a bug, that was a patent lawsuit that Apple lost.  Funny that you speak for all iPhone 4 owners. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/30/apples-facetime-workarounds-for-virnetx-patent-suit-causing-complaints-costs-24m-per-month
There is an issue with iMessage and I have seen it on an iPhone 5. None of the iMessages go through, and none of them auto send as text messages even with the send as SMS is enabled. http://metro.co.uk/2013/10/01/imessage-not-working-how-to-fix-imessage-in-ios-7-4130546/
He should not be surprised that iOS 3 boots faster than later OSs since iOS 3 has far less features to load into RAM. Other tasks are faster with the faster CPUs, of course. MS Word 5.1a loads faster on a 68040 than Word 2011 on a quad-core Intel, considering how much more feature-packed Word 2011 is compared to 5.1a. If Word 2011 could run on a 68040, it would probably take days to open.
Processors do not get slower as they age, but your software can get corrupt after years of use. A fresh restore would fix that. Apps get more bloated with new features, and that can affect the speed due to the limited RAM in the 3G.
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