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Why didn't you quote the rest of my post where I said using a retired iPhone is an iPod Touch.  Don't misquote me!
You still don't get it.  Safari 6.1 for Lion and Mountain Lion have the same features (and bugs) as Safari 7 for Mavericks.  Updating to Safari 6.1.1 for Lion and Mountain Lion fixed the same bugs as Safari 7.0.1 for Mavericks.  Not everyone desires to run Mavericks.  Many have uninstalled it.  Read the Apple Support Forum.
You are wrong.  Safari 6.1.1 runs on Mountain Lion and Lion.  It is not Mavericks only.  6.1.1 fixed the text entry bugs with many websites, including AI.  It was not limited to Safari 7 on Mavericks.
That would be called a dumbass to have a phone without a voice plan.  If you transfer your plan to a new phone, then your old iPhone becomes an iPod touch, which I already pointed out is limited to Wi-Fi.  Some places have lousy Wi-Fi so a cellular call would be better than an FT audio call.  FaceTime is pretty poor since Apple lost the licensing patent suit which caused them to change the server operation.  It worked great when it first rolled out.
Safari was the problem, not the OS.  Apple recently kicked out Safari 6.1.1 which fixed the text entry bug.  Had nothing to do with the OS.  Software Update through the App Store is weak and just notified me of the update today.  Mavericks is riddled with many more bugs, as you pointed out with iBooks, so it is not worth using.
iChat AV always supported audio chats.  FaceTime audio would only benefit iPod Touch or iPad users on Wi-Fi.  FaceTime audio chats does not serve any purpose with an iPhone because if you wanted an audio chat, you can dial their phone number instead.    FireFox is now the required browser for this website.  Safari crashes constantly whenever you try to comment in the forums.  An Apple-related site that does not support the preferred browser on the Mac.
It does repeat the same songs every hour and suddenly stops, not always after an ad. If I wanted the same songs over and over, I would go back to FM. Pandora is still better in variety and no repeats. But I usually listen to my own library or XM, even in the house.
Why don't you google some reviews and learn that the 2012 was panned by reviewers and the 2013 fixed all the flaws.  Since you think the 2013 is uglier with more chrome, you must have a sedan.  The coupe doesn't have any of the exterior chrome.  The coupe looks far better than the sedan, so I can understand that.  That is probably why you don't like it.  The stupid antenna that you have no clue about, is for XM radio.  I am sure you know that all cars with satellite radio...
There is nothing to demonstrate.  Press and hold the phone button on the car's steering wheel and it activates Siri without having to reach for the phone to press and hold the home button.  If you have a vehicle compatible with the stereo software update ('13 Accord models), then you can trigger Siri using the car's phone button. Dumb article considering it is about Hondas and AI posts a picture of a BMW.  Do they even know the difference?
Siri Eyes Free allows you to hold the phone button down on the steering wheel to activate Siri without having to press the home button on the iPhone.  Has nothing to do with the touchscreen. Now if AppleInsider would code their website correctly so Safari 6 would stop crashing, that would be nice.  Crashes constantly under Mountain Lion (and under Mavericks, when I ran that POS for a few weeks).
New Posts  All Forums: