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 That is not a bug, that was a patent lawsuit that Apple lost.  Funny that you speak for all iPhone 4 owners. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/30/apples-facetime-workarounds-for-virnetx-patent-suit-causing-complaints-costs-24m-per-month
There is an issue with iMessage and I have seen it on an iPhone 5. None of the iMessages go through, and none of them auto send as text messages even with the send as SMS is enabled. http://metro.co.uk/2013/10/01/imessage-not-working-how-to-fix-imessage-in-ios-7-4130546/
He should not be surprised that iOS 3 boots faster than later OSs since iOS 3 has far less features to load into RAM. Other tasks are faster with the faster CPUs, of course. MS Word 5.1a loads faster on a 68040 than Word 2011 on a quad-core Intel, considering how much more feature-packed Word 2011 is compared to 5.1a. If Word 2011 could run on a 68040, it would probably take days to open.
Processors do not get slower as they age, but your software can get corrupt after years of use. A fresh restore would fix that. Apps get more bloated with new features, and that can affect the speed due to the limited RAM in the 3G.
The 2G refers to the cellular network it operates on, not the generation of the phone. 2G was also referred to as EDGE.
 On my locked iPhone 4S, I asked Siri to "show my photos" and he said, "You need to unlock your iPhone first" and displayed the keypad.
 iOS 6 drained the battery faster than iOS 5.  Sounds like you have too many notifications and you haven't turned off the background app refresh and the auto app update feature.  Apps get updated constantly, so if you have auto app update on, the phone will be constantly updating apps, and draining the battery faster.  Apple should add an extra preference setting to only auto update apps when plugged in, and on wi-fi (to save on limited data plans). 
You need a Micro-USB cable, not a Mini-USB cable to do a restore using the full restore ipsw file. They are two completely different cables. AppleTV 2 only requires the USB cable connected for iTunes. AppleTV 3 requires the power cord, in addition to the USB cable. Connect the USB cable before you plug in the power to the AppleTV3 for iTunes to recognize it.
So don't give your phone the finger.
New Posts  All Forums: