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US store got screwed.  Lame gift cards, no discounts.  Even Target beat Apple by offering $100 Gift Cards instead of $75 Gift Cards.  Unfortunately, Target is out of stock of the 128GB iPad Air.  They had plenty of 32GB and 64GB models in the Los Angeles area.
Funny that most of you who think it sucked never even saw it.  Kutcher played the part well, and looked very much like Jobs.  It is a movie with dramatic enhancements, and it provided dramatic entertainment.  It is Hollywood, what do you expect?  I am sure the next "big-budget" one will just as "dramatic" and all of you will also claim it sucks too without seeing it.  So sit and home, drink your kool-aid, and watch Glitter, Gigli, or Ishtar.   Bobbyfozz does make a valid...
There is nothing wrong with an LG TV, just buy the non-smart version. Or if you get a deal on the smart version, keep it off your network and keep it "dumb".
The current AppleTV UI that was released last year (March 2012) is really outdated?  What do you want, complete overhauls every six months to make you happy?  Scrolling down and picking a channel is hard for you?  How does it not work anymore?  Read the other posts…you can use parental controls to hide the channels you don't have any interest in, or don't subscribe to.  You can also click and hold the select button and rearrange the channels in the order you desire.  It...
Apparently, you have no idea what the word "manufacture" means.  Apple designed the chip and they retained Samsung to make it for them.  Apple does not manufacture any of the chips in their devices, they use and need other companies' products.  So Samsung does get credit for being the company to manufacture the A7 for Apple.  You many not like their phones, but Samsung makes the best TVs.  Although the latest Panasonic plasma series might give them a run for their money.
That is the most condescending comment ever made.  
Which model did you have, what was the actual condition, and did you have all the accessories, including the box?  If you had a 16GB model, you did well considering the current 16GB model is now $299.
Samsung manufactures the A7 processor…the brains of the device.
The iPod is not retired.  Apple updates the iPods every two years, instead of one.  The 160GB iPod Classic is still sold by Apple and people that want their entire music collection with them are the customers that buy that model.  It has not been updated lately because it does not need any further updating.  It does exactly what it was designed to do, store a large library of media.  I use the 160GB model in my car and take it with me on vacations so I can have my entire...
iTunes Radio is not very good.  It repeats the same songs, in the same order, as it played the previous hour.  It also stops and asks if you are still listening and want to continue (through AppleTV).  If it continues to repeat the same songs in such a short period of time, you might as well go back to FM radio.  I will use Pandora from now on because of the excessive repeating of songs.
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