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They forgot Streetviewer, which brings back Street View to iOS 6, by accessing the Google data.
The maps in iOS 6 is so bad, they could not even get Los Angeles right.  Hello...major metropolitan city and they got that wrong.  Compare the LA Zoo in both Google and Apple Maps.  The Apple Maps doesn't even have a parking lot completed, and the streets are incomplete.  I am going to the LA Zoo this weekend to catch the shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl.  If I use Apple Maps, it won't get me there because Apple Maps think some streets are not yet completed.  Google Maps...
They didn't use lube.
That is what Apple did.  They took years to develop the app now featured in iOS 6.  So after years of development, you got an app that has less features than the one it replaced.  Apple used their cash to acquire a variety of map service companies.  Their app didn't take a day to develop, although it functions like an app that only took a day.
Turn by turn navigation is, and was already available on the iPhone by many different app vendors, so this argument doesn't make sense.  The other app vendors have better solutions than Apple's sad attempt with Maps in iOS 6.
  The sad reality is that Google Maps in the iPhone 1.0, 5 years ago, was far better and had more features than the pathetic Apple Map in iOS 6.  So you think the Apple Map will be better in 2 years compared to what Google Map was 8 years ago?  That is not an improvement.  Apple admitted that their Map app was an inferior product in their latest press statement.  Too late for Apple on that one.  They should have kept the Google Map app and released their app as a beta...
"It (Apple) wanted to show off an amazing Maps experience that raised the bar and would leave Google scrambling to port a good enough version of its own maps to compete with it."   Now that is the funniest BS line I have ever read.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  They ended up with a Map app that is lacking in features.  The majority of satellite data in Apple's map is low resolution, compared to Google which has had high resolution satellite images for years....
Wrong.  The AppleTV is not a computer, nor is it a web browser.  It is for media content.  Buy a 2011 Mac and use AirPlay, or just buy a Mac Mini and connect it to your TV if you really want to browse the internet on your TV instead of your Mac.  Buy an iPad and do the same thing.
I have no problems at all with Mountain Lion and Home Sharing with the ATV.  The last AppleTV update fixed the Home Sharing bug.
You don't need iTunes Match to access your music on ATV.  Turn on your Mac and launch iTunes.  Use the Computer menu item to access all the media on your Mac.
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