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Didn't Apple learn with the failed Power Mac G4 Cube?  I guess not.   New MacBook for $1,299.  Offers slow performance (not even twice as fast as an iPhone 6 per Geekbench scores).  One USB-C port, lacking MagSafe, and requires expensive optional dongles to connect anything and still have power.  So the price will increase with additional dongles.   MacBook Pro w/Retina for $1,299.  Considerably faster performance, multiple ports, MagSafe, no dongles needed.  No extra...
Mac OS X Panther & Tiger were much faster operating systems than any other version released after that.  Leopard began the bloating, and it was slower than Tiger, and not better.
Here is how AppleTV with Siri will work:   "Play Music".  Siri: "Did you say, Watch Netflix"?  No!  Worthless feature.
They will still look like an idiot spending $500 to $1,000 for the mid-level watch.  But they will think they are cool with the charging cord dangling from their wrist.  
If you only need the time, no one would buy an Apple Watch.  So your attempt at justifying the lousy battery life is just sad because no one would use it just for the time.  That is why they wear a regular watch that has a battery life for years, or carry their phone.  But now you can look like a total douche with your iPhone, an Apple Watch, and an external battery pack to keep the dumb watch powered up for a day.  I bet you will invest in more cargo shorts to handle all...
You keep believing in that fantasy.  Just because they signed on, doesn't mean they will ever offer it.  I don't know of any of the auto makers that claimed they would do it have it available.  Honda claimed the 2014 Civic would be the first to have CarPlay with their new DisplayAudio stereo.  Apple even used the Civic dash as a promotional photo.  2014 came and went, no CarPlay.  Even the 2015 models have no CarPlay and Honda has no idea when CarPlay would be available....
So now you have to buy an adapter to plug in your printer, or monitor, or backup drive and still have your new laptop powered or charging?  That would be a NECESSARY adapter and Apple now charges extra for it.  Pretty shitty on their part.  People hardly use ports?  Are you high?  USB flash drives, printers, power, USB devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods.  In your dream world, none are required?  So you want people to pull power every time they want to plug something in?...
An iPhone and iPad do not require daily recharging. With daily use, my iPad lasts a week. My iPhone, half of a week. The Apple watch...can't last a full day. But Apple will gladly take a fool's money. Just wait until the Apple watch is a year old with half the charging capacity from that tiny battery. Then you'll hear people bitch and complain.
Incorrect. Cook clearly said an iPhone is REQUIRED. Watch it again. Hop over to ArsTech and read the article explaining that the iPhone handles all the processing for the watch. This was based on the review of the SDK. The watch would even run faster with an iPhone 6 compared to a slower iPhone 5 because the 6 could run the apps faster. The watch is just a sub display for the phone. It is a $350 brick without an iPhone.
Amazing how you people have no idea how the watch works. The watch does nothing without an iPhone. Even Apple Pay doesn't work because the phone processes all functions, including payments. Read something other than AppleInsider and you might actually learn something.
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