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Apple is the one that continually sues Samsung, not the other way around.  Apple needs to end their obsession and just let them make phones.  People are smart enough to decide which phone they want.  Apple gave up fighting Microsoft years ago, and now look at their relationship.  If Apple releases larger iPhones, then they would be jumping on the bandwagon that other phone manufacturers started years ago.  You cannot dispute that.  I am looking forward to a 4.7" model to...
 Apple Maps was a disaster and it used outdated map information at launch, even in major metropolitan areas.  It lacked public transit information, making it useless for many users.  In case you forgot, Apple admitted Maps was a failure at launch and recommended many other map products in the app store as a solution.  Forstall was fired because of it.  Wake up to reality because it was a fact. Now that Apple will switch to using their Maps for Find my iPhone, now no one...
The Samsung haters need to get a life. They provide resources for Apple. Samsung isn't the only company that makes a touchscreen phone, but no one complains about those other companies. It is a phone, get over it. It is no different than all the car manufacturers making cars with commonly known elements.
This is a rumor site, they have no skills in fact checking because it is not required for the content they publish.
AIM is required for screen sharing, so don't be bashing Apple for supporting it.
 Mail worked perfectly with Mountain Lion and earlier, and they broke it with Mavericks, publicly admitting Mail did not work correctly.  Have you been living in a hole in the ground, or have you failed to pay attention to THREE patches to try and fix Mail?  All issued by Apple.  Funny that you claim Mavericks is perfect, yet you have posted many rants that iBooks did not work correctly.  Yet you attack anyone that has problems with Mail.
Apple does not work that way anymore.  They never fixed any of the problems with Lion, and instead they dumped it and moved forward with Mountain Lion.  At least current updates are free and they don't charge you again to fix their earlier mistakes.  They are dumping Mavericks and all its problems and moving forward with Yosemite.
It is quite disturbing to see how many people are oblivious on this forum.  Some think there will be a replacement for Aperture, and no one knows what it will be.  Read the article.  Photos for OS X (Yosemite) replaces both iPhoto and Aperture.  Apple is merging the two apps into one.  It is crystal clear what Apple is doing with both iPhoto and Aperture.  They are killing off those apps for a new inferior app, dumbed down to look and function like iOS...
Apple will cut off people's thumbs and make them smaller to use with the smaller button.  It will be called the MagSafe Thumb Attachment and be priced at $19.99 for the right thumb, but $29.99 for lefties.
You asked, you shall receive: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/04/samsung-shows-off-galaxy-note-3-phablet-new-note-101-tablet-galaxy-gear-smart-watch Read the comments making fun of Samsung's Phablet. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/03/17/big-screen-iphone-6-predicted-to-drive-massive-upgrades-draw-switchers-from-android-to-apple Read the comments in which they praise Apple for bringing out a larger screen iPhone. Those are just two examples.  You can use Google...
New Posts  All Forums: