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GET over yourself. Get is simple and does not imply free.  Download is too long of a word for the mobile iTunes Store.  Do you GET that?
There is no such option called Continuity.  It is called Handoff & Suggested Apps under the General section, and your 3rd Gen iPad is not supported.  You need an iPad 4th Gen or better.  You can do most continuity features (phone calls, etc.), but not the handoff feature of picking up where you left off in an app.  If your iPhone and iPad are both running iOS 8 and using the same AppleID and Wi-Fi network, calls will automatically ring on your iPad 3rd Gen.  Don't worry,...
Your battery drain is not software related, unless you have all the battery-draining features enabled (motion, background updates, etc).  Your iPhone 5 is two years old, the battery no longer has the capacity when it was new.  My iPhone 4S exhibited the same battery drain when it was two years old.  Only a few hours of use, then would shut down at 30-40%.  I ran a battery utility (Batteryscore on the app store) and my score result was about 50% capacity compared to new...
They do that now with their products.  Return customers is how they make a lot of their money, as well as other companies doing the same thing. Customer retention is important to companies.  Browse eBay and look how many relatively new Apple products are for sale by people who bought the latest release each year.  Apple makes tons of cash from people buying new iPhones every two years.  You can expect the same with the Apple Watch.
Yes it was.  Every year from 2001 to 2010, there was a new model iPod.  Then in 2012 was the final generation of the iPod.  The original, the dock connector model, the click-wheel models, the photo models, the video models, various sizes, and then multiple spin-off models: mini, shuffle, nano, touch.  I don't think they are considering the Apple Watch as a hobby like AppleTV, so you can expect new models every year, just like the iPhone and iPad.
Are you sure about that?  Look how many people bought the iPad 1 and Apple quickly killed that off making it obsolete, both in hardware and software.  Even the iPhone 3GS could run iOS 6 and the iPhone 4 could run iOS 7, but not the original iPad.  Apple crippled it at iOS 5.1.1, when it was capable of running iOS 7 with the A4 CPU.   I would expect many to wait for a version 2 of the Apple Watch, especially since the first generation has lower than expected battery life...
My point was made, the iMac Retina cannot drive an external 4K (or 5K) display.  It can only drive a standard resolution display.  The Mac Pro can drive a 4K display using its Thunderbolt 2 ports, but the iMac retina cannot.  A limitation of the iMac retina, in case someone would think it can do 4K external displays.  It cannot even do Target Display Mode.
You need to shop around.  Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SATA-III SSD for only $428 at Amazon.  Far better than a Fusion Drive and far less than you are trying to claim with "prohibitively expensive" SSDs.  They are not as expensive as you think they are.  Granted, Apple screwed the pooch with the 2012 iMacs by sealing them with glue, preventing an easy drive swap (or making it quite difficult).  Apple now has lowered the cost of the flash memory with the retina iMac, but oddly...
You mean to say DisplayPort 1.2, which is supported by Thunderbolt, does not have enough bandwidth.  The iMac will need to support DisplayPort 1.3 for ultra high res displays.  That is why Apple had to build their own controller for the internal display in the retina iMac.  The Mac Pro has Thunderbolt 2 ports, and can drive 4K displays, but they also have the FirePro cards which are capable of doing it.
No, it cannot.  The new retina iMac no longer supports Target Display Mode.  
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