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What do you base your first opinion on?  Have you ever owned a car with Navi and updated it?  Sounds like you never have.  Map updates were easy, and when on sale, inexpensive.  I bought Honda DVDs when they were on sale for $99 (instead of $149).  I sold my old Map DVD on eBay and recouped half the cost or more of the new DVD.  Install the new DVD and your update is done automatically.  How hard is that?  Current Hondas no longer use DVD drives.  They are flash-memory....
Are you sure about that?  You are paying about $100 a month to use your iPhone with unlimited data for your Navi in your pocket.  That is about $1,200 per year for your Navi system in your pocket, that you continue to pay every year, every month.  I paid $1,500 once for the OEM Navi option, which also included other features in the car.  Decent aftermarket stereos with Navi will cost $1,000 to $1,500, and sometimes more.  Add an amp, speakers and a sub and you are close to...
Nice, comparing it to another lousy release.  Mavericks is far worse than Mountain Lion as it introduced more problems.  Even after three updates, Mail still has problems.  So keep dreaming.
   Maybe you should read about all the problems with Mail, which was referenced in the article, and is a KNOWN problem identified by Apple.  It continues to be a sore spot for Apple as this update continues to try to fix Mail.  So stop dishing out your crap when Mavericks Mail has been an embarrassment for Apple.
Suddenly the moderator forgets that Mail in Mavericks is still a fucked up mess after three patches. Most uninstalled the free Mavericks OS and went back to ML. Even the moderator complained that iBooks did not work, but now he claims Mavericks is perfect. He might want to look up the word hypocrite.
Three words for you: full of crap.
No cell service at the bottom of the ocean.
Yet you are here reading AppleInsider, which is biased, parochial, poorly researched, poorly written, ad-bait/click-bait trash.
Ads are random. Visit Macworld.com and all their online ads are for PCs. Even their iPad articles had online ads pushing the Samsung tablets. Refresh and you get another PC ad. Proves how worthless Macworld is. It is an unfortunate coincidence that an undersea ad was displayed next to the crashed airline story.
New Posts  All Forums: