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What are you talking about?  Don't you have a DVD/Blu-Ray player in your house?  Home theater?  I thought all you teenagers loved your PS4s and Xboxes which can all play CDs.  You may not want to believe it, but a CD will always sound better than a lossy digital file.  Even Blu-Ray discs have superior picture and sound quality.  I even have some high-resolution audio Blu-Ray discs that sound fantastic.
There is an explanation for it...Apple wants to force people to pay for their lousy Apple Music streaming service to get people to rent their music, completely oblivious to the fact that many people have music in their iTunes library that will never be offered on Apple Music.  I have a lot of music from CDs in my library that are not even in the iTunes Store...so it would appear Apple is refusing me to listen to my own music through Home Sharing to an iOS device.  How nice...
Not everyone pays for iTunes Match, and AirPlay should stream all digital content over your own home network without Apple restricting it to what they want you to watch or listen to....but apparently they are.
I rarely Home Shared music from iTunes to an iOS device, but I often Home Shared music from an iOS device to an AppleTV for playback through the stereo.  I would assume that option still works as it always did.  I did Home Share videos from iTunes to my iPad on occasion, so that would still work.  But Apple totally jacked that up with iOS 7.  Worked great under iOS 6, and then became dog slow with 7, and they never fixed it.
Actually it does beat cloud storage because your own example was based on the availability of internet access to get work done.  When that does not exist, and your documents are in the fantasy cloud, you cannot get your work done.
WTF are you talking about?  The Dual-Core A5 chip can run all the apps in the App Store and Apple will even continue to support iOS 9 on the chip.  There are many iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 4Ss on the market that use the chip and no one has any complaints of games not running properly on them.  Stop spreading your FUD.
Turn off the Apple Music option in settings in iOS 8.4, under the Music setting.
The drives Apple are using are not SATA SSD drives.  Apple markets them as Flash Storage, not an SSD.  Also, an Apple OEM Samsung component drive is not the same as a retail Samsung drive.  Apple can have the flash storage made to a specific set of parameters with specific firmware, and ensure that it would be fully compatible with the implementation of TRIM in OS X.   That is why TRIM is enabled for any Apple-OEM Flash Storage, and disabled for third-party drives.
Read the comments over at Ars in this article.  One guy really knows what he is talking about and it has nothing to do with the operating system, it is how the operating system implements TRIM.  OS Xs TRIM is very similar to Linux TRIM and that is where the issue can be a big problem, especially with the Samsung 8 series drives.  Just because you cannot find anyone experiencing a problem, doesn't mean the bug does not exist...when it actually does exist.  Samsung initially...
That is why local storage will always beat cloud storage any day. Most do not want to rely on internet access or functioning cloud servers to access their data.
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