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Amazing how you people have no idea how the watch works. The watch does nothing without an iPhone. Even Apple Pay doesn't work because the phone processes all functions, including payments. Read something other than AppleInsider and you might actually learn something.
Using two hands to pay with the watch is faster than one hand with an iPhone? Yeah, keep believing that. Apple will gladly take your money with that false statement.
Wasting $349+ for a duplicate device is what many people see. The smart watch market is a dead one. I can pay with the iPhone using one hand. The watch requires two hands to pay. One to hold the watch over the reader and the other to double-press the side button. That's supposed to be faster? People buying beer at a stadium will have to put their beer down to pay. They won't like that. Of course the watch battery will be dead by the evening sports game.
Hello? Are you not paying attention? The watch does nothing without being tethered to an iPhone. The NFC chip in the watch only allows older iPhones to make payments. The iPhone is required to make the transaction with the cellular signal. The watch will never do it alone, ever. People can pay just as quickly with their iPhone. The watch will not make a transaction faster.
Here is a good article on what iPhoto can do, but Photos for OS X cannot do.  Typical Apple behavior...removing existing features and then trying to claim it is better, when it really isn't.  At least you can continue to use iPhoto and Aperture with 10.10.3, and ignore Photos for OS X.   http://www.macworld.com/article/2893000/4-things-iphoto-can-do-that-photos-cant-yet.html
The BMW i3 is the ugliest car on the road.  What the hell were they thinking at BMW?
AppleInsider is a RUMOR site.  They are not known for articles of substance or research.
Is there really a smart watch market to dominate? Has anyone ever seen anybody wear a smart watch that is currently on the market? I see a very small number of fit bits, but no watches. Millions of smart phone owners, but none of them wear a smart watch. If there was a market, you would see people wearing them now, from the vendors that sell them. "The first-generation Apple Watch relies on iPhone for features like GPS navigation and cellular data transmission"....and...
Well said, and you are asking a lot from these people here at AI.  They read one sentence and then go ballistic without reading the rest of the article.  They apparently didn't read this part of the article, "You've already licensed these patents up the wazoo!" Judge Moore said, adding later, ""You've licensed them to everyone. So why is it irreparable harm if Samsung uses the patents?"" Apple has not suffered any irreparable harm because the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus broke all...
Installed 10.10.3 beta with Photos on my MacBook Pro i7 and got the same error trying to create a Photos Diagnostic log...cannot communicate with helper application.  Not sure how to fix that one.  Oh well, no bug or suggestion reports since a Photos Diagnostics log is required for any type of report involving the Photos app.  Great bug that you cannot report.
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