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No new iTunes yet.  When you try to listen to Apple Music through the web, it says iTunes 12.2 is required, but directs you to download iTunes 12.1.2.
Well then don't be a criminal and don't get arrested.  That would be easier.
 It is not that hard to figure out.  '1989' has sold over 4.5 million copies.  Fans already own the CD.  They don't need to pay a rental fee each month to Apple Music to hear the album because they already bought the CD.  He made a joke about listening to music by streaming on a data network compared to listening the music from a data stream coming directly off a CD in a CD player.  Why would anyone pay for Apple Music when they already own the CD?
You never post any facts to backup your alleged statements about Apple.  Stop bashing people about things you have no knowledge about.  Apple had sealed the deal with the rights holders to not pay royalties during the trial period.  That was the deal.  Now they have backpedaled and now agree to pay a lower royalty streaming fee to the rights holders during the trial period...hoping they could get people to rent their music for $10 per month, which will allow payment of a...
Amazon and others did the same thing, yet you can still buy WWII games with the swastika.  Political correctness out of control by ignorant marketing people.
Moral standards?  You mean that so-called religion you believe in that hides and protects child molesters from prosecution, and allows it to continue?  Last time I checked, fighting for equal rights and same-sex partners in a relationship was not a crime.  Every time I open the App Store or iTunes Store, I never see LGBT pride plastered everywhere.  So you have given a lousy example with your so-called "moral standards" religion crap.  Your religion and the Catholic...
I think you meant to say, 4MB of RAM.  My Mac Plus still sits on my bookshelf behind me in my office.  Solder joints are failing, so it only works for about a minute before the display starts to flicker endlessly, but it has 4MB of RAM.  I did the upgrade myself, in which you had to cut a resistor off the motherboard so it could recognize 1MB SIMMs.  System 7.5.5 was the last OS to run on the Mac Plus.  It was fully supported, and included OpenTransport networking, but ran...
There was an extremely rare video card for the SE/30 that allowed it to do 256 shades of grey on the internal display.  It is considered the holy grail of SE/30 upgrades.
Someone at AI has no idea what they are talking about.  As others pointed out, System 7.5.5 ran better on a Mac Iici, SE/30, IIfx, 68030-based PowerBooks, and any 68040-based Mac or PowerBook.  System 7.5.5 fixed a lot of PowerPC related issues, but the OS did not require a Power Mac 5500 to function effectively.  The Power Mac 5500 was the first Mac to ship with System 7.5.5 as its native OS.
Now you can add the $79,000 Corvette Z06 to that list...another car priced well beyond the means of most buyers.  In fact, most people don't buy a Corvette.  Apple used 2014 Civic photos for promotional photos, but 2015 is half gone and none of the Hondas have CarPlay.  Siri can already do most functions now without CarPlay.  No need for eye-candy on the screen.  People wanting to buy a car solely based on CarPlay are fools.  Apple is great at updating software and wiping...
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