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Hard to say.  Telling people they have to recharge a watch every single day is not a good selling point.  You cannot even go away for a weekend without taking the charger.  I already have a watch, and I am not into fitness bands, so I don't see how the Apple Watch would provide any benefits.  I think it is a small market and the current smart watches pretty much confirm that.  It might be popular with a target market, but it won't outsell iPhones or iPads.  It requires an...
Since many will be upgrading from a 4S or 5, it would have been nice to see the performance increase from those models as well, not just from the 5S.  But I guess the purpose of the article was to compare with other vendors.
Most people, like everyone except you, hold their phone to type on it.  They don't put it on their desk to use it as a typewriter or keyboard.  Buy the Apple leather or silicone case, or any other iPhone 6 case, and problem solved.
It matches the upcoming OS X Yosemite…all white and very little color.  Yes, the boxes are quite boring
Most people have no interest in storing their documents or photos in the "cloud", under any choice of operating system.  My iPhoto library far exceeds any type of "cloud" storage capacity, nor do I want my photos on Apple's servers, or anyone else's servers.
"Continuity requires an iPhone 5 or later, fourth-generation iPad or newer, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod touch."   Continuity must mean a lot of things to Apple because they group various activities under the heading.  The passing of a phone call from the iPhone to an iPad or to a Mac works with the iPhone 4S running iOS 8.  Apple's website says that feature works over the Wi-Fi network when the devices are on the same network.  I just tested the feature and my...
Got all the way to Place Order and it stalled in the iOS App stating there was an interruption.  If you get an email, the order went through, if not call 800-MY-APPL…in other words, it never went through.  No confirmation email.  Now the iOS App stalls after selecting a phone and tapping continue.  Oh well.  Will order one in a few days when the store is actually working.  Web version of the store in CA never came online and still offline at 1:10 AM.
You STFU…are you enjoying it with an ASIAN TRANSLATOR talking over everyone?  Total failure with the audio feed.
Worst Apple Keynote ever!  All you hear is the Asian translator talking over Tim Cook.  Maybe the downloaded podcast later today will be English only.
A product that does not even exist…people will whine and cry when there is no "iWatch" announcement.  It was not long ago that people were commenting about another Apple product that does not exist, an Apple-branded Television.   All similar comments about that hypothetical product, and fake release dates…and it never happened.  I like the first comment…a bunch of hypochondriacs waiting in line for a product that does not exist.  Nice one.
New Posts  All Forums: