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Why would anyone pirate music they already own?  Fans of the Beatles, Garth Brooks, Prince, and any other artist not on the service already own either the CDs or digital downloads.  They do not have to pay a monthly fee to rent music they already own.  Fans of music prefer to buy music rather than rent it.  I prefer to buy CDs of my favorite artists because I can choose to add the music to iTunes in a higher quality AAC or a Lossless format for my iPod.  At home I can...
More money is made through paid advertising on the radio, than streaming services.
I agree, the Shuffle is also great for bike riding too.  Clip it on your clothes and it is completely weightless.
The Apple Watch is in the same "other" category on Apple's balance sheet, along with the iPod and AppleTV.  Proves you don't know what you are talking about.  If Apple did not want anyone buying a Nano, they would never sell it, but they do, because some people buy them.
The iMac saved them from bankruptcy in 1998, not the iPod.
You also do not need to waste $500+ if your desire is to listen to music only.  And the Shuffle will last much longer than an Apple Watch.
An iPhone has never been hard to get.  Apple does sell millions of iPhones, don't you know that?  Many people buy and love their iPod Touch because there is no monthly fee, and perhaps many of them are not iPhone users.  You can say Apple doesn't care about the Apple Watch...because it is lumped in with the iPod on their financial sheet, under "Other".  Since Apple killed the iPod Classic, many people are desiring an update to the iPod Touch with larger storage capacity,...
it is not a big fail with an iPod Touch.  No reason to have it, just like there is no reason to have it on an iPad.  It is more convenient on the iPhone, especially with Apple Pay.  The Nano does not run iOS.
 All Samsung 800 series are blacklisted.  Read the article about TRIM and comments over on Ars because there is a lot of information over there.  OS X TRIM and Linux TRIM are similar, so it is not worth risking data loss.  It does exist because it is a bug in the Samsung drives that they refuse to fix.  Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't happen as you fill the drive.  Since I have two Samsung 840 EVO drives in my Mac, it is safer to keep TRIM off...
The same preference is in iTunes 12.2.  Go to iTunes preferences, under the General tab and uncheck Show Apple Music to hide it.  Also, go to Parental Controls in iTunes preferences and check the box to hide Apple Music Connect if you don't want to see Apple Music in iTunes.
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