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The Mac (Cr)App store finally released iTunes 12.2, but not yet available on the web.  Thank you Apple...went to Preferences in iTunes, under the General tab, and immediately unchecked Show Apple Music.  Not into renting music.
That would be the best new feature of Apple Music...sliding the switch to OFF.  Thanks Apple for not forcing that down our throats when we don't want it.  I have no interest in renting my music.  Now if only we could delete other unless apps like Stocks, Apple Watch, etc.  
Correct.  Run that command in Terminal.  Enter your password and then confirm yes to enable.  Let the Mac restart on its own.
Interesting.  Thank you.  I read the link and booting into the recovery partition and then running Disk Utility's Repair option appears to do the same function as fsck.  Would you agree?
Pretty sad when iTunes 12.2 is available for Windows before being released for Mac.  When iTunes directs me to the web, it has the 12.1.2 download and now with an iTunes 12.2 coming soon.
Thank you.  I will try that. Edit: It worked like a charm!  Tested it on my MacBook Pro 2011 before applying it to my main Mac.  "sudo trimforce enable" worked perfectly.  I stopped using Trim Enabler because any time I disabled it to install an update, it would not disable properly and got the big NO symbol and had to reinstall OS X.
  It is a joke because that awful DiscoveryD would constantly rename AppleTVs adding numbers after it.
How do you enable that?  TRIM is still off for my third-party SSD in my 2011 iMac with 10.10.4.   Edit: I ran trimforce enable in Terminal and said it must be run with sudo.  So I don't know the proper command string to enter.  I found an older article on 9to5mac that showed a screenshot of Terminal using the su command, but after I entered my password, it said, sorry and kicked back to the main prompt.  Some comments indicate TRIM is automatically enabled in the latest El...
No new iTunes yet.  When you try to listen to Apple Music through the web, it says iTunes 12.2 is required, but directs you to download iTunes 12.1.2.
Well then don't be a criminal and don't get arrested.  That would be easier.
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