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True, but that typically applies to some SSD drives that were released in 2014 and later, not earlier model SSD drives.  So one would have to do research on the drive they purchased to see if it has the components capable of handling their own garbage collection techniques.
TRIM should be enabled when using SSD drives.  The quick reason "Trimming enables the SSD to handle garbage collection overhead, which would otherwise significantly slow down future write operations to the involved blocks, in advance."
That is one way of saying it, by naming Apple and not OS X.  OS X fully supports TRIM and SSD drives, but Apple intentionally disables TRIM support for third-party SSD drives.  Which is why Trim Enabler is needed when you have a third-party SSD installed.  Would be nice if Apple just relented and allowed TRIM support for any SSD drive, since Macs prior to 2012 could easy be upgraded with a third-party drive, much larger than Apple's tiny offerings in those models.  Back in...
Correct, and this only became an issue with Yosemite because of kext signing.  Prior versions of OS X did not require the Trim Enabler program to be disabled before an update was run, and then re-enabled after the update was installed.
Transfer all those baby videos off the iPhone, run the update, and then sync them back to the iPhone as movies, if she really wants them on the phone.
Turning off Predictive typing helps improve typing on the 4S with iOS 8.  But yes, iOS 7.1.2 should have been the last version on the 4S.
Remember to disable and turn off Trim Enabler if your Mac has a third-party SSD drive before installing the Yosemite update. Safe to re-enable Trim Enabler after the update.
You are so misinformed.  You were only able to convert 25 people to Macs in the last five years?  Wow, 5 people per year.  If they believe your crap about the Mac IIvx and IIvi being great successes, they are complete idiots.  The Mac IIvx/vi was NOT successful, in fact, they were quickly replaced four months after their initial release.  The IIvx was crippled when Spindler promised a CD-ROM equipped Mac.  Its 32-MHz 68030 was slower than the 25-MHz IIci because the data...
But the Palm Pilot was wildly successful, the Newton, not so much.  Remember, the Newton 1.x software was awful and the device was considered extremely overpriced at the time.  The Palm Pilot was popular, but the Newton got axed.  So the more commonly known stylus device was the Palm.
They can call it the iPad Palm Pilot.
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