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Install the free Mode32 software and the ROM was patched, and the SE/30 supported a whopping 128 MB of RAM for its era.
The Mac Plus supported 4 MB of RAM, and it shipped with 1 MB standard.
Apple does not make LCD panels.  An Apple-branded LCD would likely have a panel made by Sharp.
You really have no idea what you are talking about.  The current Mac Pro already exists as an 8 or 12 core CPU.  Build to order and choose either 8 or 12 cores.
4GB RAM and 128GB disk storage is pretty weak if you were planning to use a MacBook Air as a primary machine.  Apple doesn't even offer flash drives larger than 512GB in the Air.  The base model units do not allow any drive upgrade options either, so your price quickly jumps if you want to add a larger drive.
The lowest price was in the 90s when Apple sent all the leftover PowerBook 100 stock to Price Club/Costco to blow them out for $799, which included the floppy drive.  They did not last long at that price.  But most people here are not old enough to know that.  The 140 and 170 models were more popular since the floppy drive was built-in on those models.  So Apple had to unload the 100 stock and chose Price Club/Costco to do it.
Are you that good with a soldering iron?  The memory is soldered to the board and you can only get 8GB max with a build-to-order model.
So the people here hate Samsung because they believe they copied the iPhone.  Icon-based software existed on phones before the iPhone.  Samsung released phones with larger screens years before Apple did.  Now the people here want Apple to follow in Samsung's footsteps and release two large phablet iPhones, and they suddenly claim that is what everyone wants.  So they can walk around looking like dorks holding oversized phones against their heads, which don't fit in a...
Maybe you should educate yourself.  The majority of accidents are not caused by unqualified drivers.  You live in CA, you know the driver test behind the wheel does not include parallel parking!  They have not done that in decades.  You only demonstrated your own ignorance.  If you did research, you would know 23% of accidents were caused by cell phone use (1.6M accidents).  Do some research before you claim you know what you are talking about.  I have done insurance...
Read the article next time.
New Posts  All Forums: