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Inaccurate headline.  Moving iPods under the Music topic is appropriate because an iPod plays music.  An Apple Watch could never replace an iPod.  Sorry, but 8GB fails to compare to a 64GB iPod Touch or 160GB iPod Classic.  People still love to carry their entire library with them for use in the car or on vacation.  People will retain their iPhone 6 128GB models and use them as iPods now that the classic is gone.  I would love a 256GB iPod Touch for my entire library,...
He's not insane. Actually, Apple did not create the Touch ID icon. It is a public domain stock image. Apple did not create the look of a simulated fingerprint. You can obtain the free use image from shutterstock.com.
Ive wanted to return to his family in England in 2011, but Apple paid him to stay.  This new role could allow him to return to England and work for Apple from home.
As far as auto manufacturers is concerned, CarPlay is vaporware.  Just because they claim to have an announcement to support it, doesn't mean anything.  Honda claimed their 2014 vehicles would have it, and Apple even used the 2014 Civic interior as a promotional photo.  Mid-2015, crickets chirping, none of the Honda models have CarPlay and Honda has no release date in the future.  Many vehicles already have USB with iPod/iPhone support with full text and album art display...
 You are missing the point.  If the kid who shot him had a regular handgun (or a buckshot round, not a birdshot round), the bullet/buckshot would have gone right through the plastic iPhone 5C.
Funny, a few years ago many people here were eating up the Apple-branded TV rumor like candy.  They all believed it and thought it would be the best thing since sliced bread.  Now that Apple dropped that bad egg, they all suddenly think what a great idea that Apple is not going to make a TV of their own.  Apple making a TV would be a worthless product because no one uses the TV features.  They use it primarily as a big monitor with their Home Theater system feeding it...
ALL manufacturers have a default of high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation.  That is commonly warned about in every TV review in AV magazines.  Sony flatscreen TVs are not well rated.  They lost that when CRTs disappeared and they had the flagship Trinitron.  Samsung and LG have far better picture quality than Sony.  You are correct in that most people do not adjust the settings out of the box, and leave it with terrible high settings that do not look good...
Actually, you are completely wrong.  The iPhone 6 Plus has cannibalized iPad sales because people want something smaller, not larger.  This was confirmed in the last earnings call.  No one wants a 12" iPad.  They do not want to carry around a larger tablet that would be heavier.  
Go to the gym if you think 4.4 lbs. is too heavy.
WRONG!  There is a reason why the MacBook is called PRO.  In case you didn't notice, the new crippled laptop with USB-C is only called MacBook.  They resurrected the MacBook-only name to separate it from the Pro line.  There was no such thing as the SCSI to USB 2.0 transition.  Apple dropped SCSI with USB 1.1 ports with the first iMac in 1998.  Thunderbolt replaced FireWire.
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