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But the Palm Pilot was wildly successful, the Newton, not so much.  Remember, the Newton 1.x software was awful and the device was considered extremely overpriced at the time.  The Palm Pilot was popular, but the Newton got axed.  So the more commonly known stylus device was the Palm.
They can call it the iPad Palm Pilot.
Good tip to know...takes you right to the file in the Finder.  It would be nice to make the search window larger, especially on a 27" screen.
Yeah, like that is considered secure?  Good luck with that.
Spotlight in Yosemite features a window that cannot be resized, and when you click on a document, it does not show you where the document is located.  How is that supposed to be considered searching for a document when it fails to tell you where it is located?  You have to scroll down to the bottom and then double-click Show in Finder, and then find the document again in the window that appears.  Then it will show you the location at the bottom of the window after you...
It was filed in Texas court. Glad it was dismissed considering how jacked up Texas courts are.
Every page of the Apple Watch description has the following footnote: Requires iPhone 5 or later.  Even in the keynote, they said the watch requires the iPhone.  I would like to know where you found documents that claim the watch functions without the iPhone.  When the Watch SDK was released, it was confirmed the iPhone handles all the processing of the apps and the watch is just a display for the relayed information from the iPhone.  It might have sensors on the watch,...
Apple's watch looks like every other smart watch already on the market...a rectangle with a glass touchscreen face.  Did Apple copy them?  No.  Rectangles and circles are common designs.  Replicas are nothing new in this world.  All watches are identical because they all have common functional parts, just like a car.  The Apple Watch isn't that attractive looking.  The shiny aluminum sides is very 70s and 80s.  Doesn't really match current design trends.  The gold one is...
I have lightning cables that came with the iPhone 5 and they continue to work perfectly.  Handle the cables properly, and they don't break or fail.  Every electrical cable has the same disclaimer: pull from the plug, not from the cord/wire.  Most people blame cable failure from their own negligence of yanking on the cable.
Oh, you know exactly how it works when it has not even been released yet?  Maybe you should read the article next time.  It is surprising you make an insulting comment about a developer when you have such a poor grasp of comprehending the article.  Nothing has been finalized with the Apple Watch software or the development kit. Directly from the article:Both Apple's WatchKit SDK and the TapSense SDK are in Beta and APIs are subject to change.As and when Apple makes the...
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