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Apple's Game Center is a failure.  Who cares what games other people are playing, or what scores they get?  I have never even opened the app on the Mac, and I disable it on the iPhone.
 They reproduced the problems in the lab confirming there is a problem with AirPlay and OS 10.9.2.
The gotofail.com site even confirms OS X 10.8.5 and Safari 6.1.1 is safe as well as FireFox 27.0.1 with the following result when you force the test:   We have examined your OS and browser version information and determined that an active vulnerability test was appropriate. Fortunately, your browser correctly aborted loading our test image upon seeing an invalid ServerKeyExchange message.   So this SSL bug must have been another Mavericks clusterf**k like the Mail app....
LOL…you are so full of crap.  The A5 Geekbench scores are 258 for single-core and 494 for multi-core.  The A7 Geekbench scores are 1,477 for single-core and 2,677 for multi-core.  Your iPad 2 is NOT imperceptible in many tasks to an iPad Air.  The A7 does everything faster than the A5.  You might want to learn how to spell imperceptible before using the word.  Four of them under your care?  Are you babysitting them?
So full of crap.  It runs iOS 7 horribly on the A5.  Apps will slow down to a snail's pace because the iPad 2 lacks RAM and an appropriate CPU.  Many games will choke on it.  Obviously you haven't seen iOS 7 run on an A6 or A7 CPU.  My original iPad mini ran considerably slower with iOS 7 compared to iOS 6.  My brother wished he never upgraded his iPad 2 with iOS 7 because apps run like crap on it compared to iOS 6.  Even after a few restores, it still runs like crap.  It...
This article is complete dogshit.  With Comcast trying to buy out Time Warner, whatever deals they are trying to make would go straight in the toilet.  They are not going to introduce a product in April and have it ship at Christmas.  Tell your writers to pull their heads out of their fucking asses.
You are ripping them wrong.  AppleTV has supported 5.1 sound since the first generation.  If you are using Handbrake, click the audio tab and make sure 5.1 is selected, as well as 5.1 pass thru on the second option.  Then your receiver will decode the 5.1 sound.
You are not missing anything, unless you enjoy hearing the same songs played every few hours and the service stopping for no reason.  Stick with Pandora.  At least Pandora has variety.
  You are correct.  Steve Jobs said in the 2005 WWDC keynote that OS X set up Apple for the next twenty years.  It is funny when fanbois can't comprehend that 10 follows 9.  The fanbois got their panties in a bundle when OS X Tiger went from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10 and 10.4.11.  They insisted that 10.5 followed 10.4.9.
Apple Mail with gmail works fine in Mountain Lion.  The problems started with Apple Mail in Mavericks, and it is ridiculous that it continues to be a problem after two software updates.  One of the main reasons why I will not run Mavericks.  I work for a small company and we use gmail for all of our work…so unreliable email is a deal breaker and the web version is crap.  Maybe Apple will fix it one of these days with the many soon to be released point updates.
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