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Almost all stories on AI are complete bullshit because AI is a RUMOR site.  You are right though, the morons believe everything posted here as gospel.  They all believed there would be an Apple-branded TV and could not wait to buy one...AI continued to run bullshit stories about that.  Now they write stories about fake iPad Pros with 12" displays and fake iPhone 6S Minis.  It is funny to read how people eat that shit up and believe it. Back on topic...my friend paid $6 to...
North Korea won't allow that movie either.
The RIAA required the DRM, not Apple.  At the time, Apple never said "we have to make these changes to iTunes to comply with the contract we have with the RIAA and their DRM requirement."  They made it sound like they did not want anyone else to sell music that could play on an iPod, taking away from their royalties in the iTunes Store.  That is when things got ugly.  Remember, Microsoft was also investigated/sued for their monopoly with Internet Explorer and blocking...
You can sue the RIAA since they required the DRM.
Under your twisted mentality, the only music allowed on an Apple device should only be purchased from Apple's iTunes Store.  Is that what you are trying to say?  So I guess you would have a hissy-fit if someone purchased music from Amazon, digital or CD, and put it on their iPod?  Or the millions that steal music off the internet and put it on their iPod?  If that is your belief, you should delete all of your music in iTunes that was not purchased directly from Apple.  The...
I am pretty sure the canceled check proves that Steve Jobs' personally sold the Apple I for $600 out of his garage to Charles Ricketts.  Other Apple I's may have been sold for $666.66, but the one Jobs sold out of the garage was $600. http://www.macgeek.org/museum/appleone/apple_1_checks.jpg
It is troubled because they lose directors, studios, and can't get anyone to commit to acting in it.  The article says nothing about Jeff Daniels committing to the project.  It actually confirms he is not even attached to the project.  It only says he is at the top of a list, which means nothing.
Next time, read the first sentence in the article.
Give me a break...enough of this bullshit "wouldn't happen under Steve".  Steve Jobs thought the hockey-puck mouse from the original iMac was the best mouse in the world....said no one else ever!  Jobs himself has come up with some great Apple blunders, so people should stop assuming he was perfect.
It is obvious you are not an attorney.  Lawsuits are filed against DOES 1-100, or more.  They can also be amended.  This allows parties to be added once identified, or dismissed.  Motions can be filed by either side at any time, even during trial, and they are heard before the jury enters a courtroom, if they occur during a trial.  The motions can add or dismiss a plaintiff, or raise issue towards an expert witness or evidence.  Since the one plaintiff could not prove she...
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