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It does repeat the same songs every hour and suddenly stops, not always after an ad. If I wanted the same songs over and over, I would go back to FM. Pandora is still better in variety and no repeats. But I usually listen to my own library or XM, even in the house.
Why don't you google some reviews and learn that the 2012 was panned by reviewers and the 2013 fixed all the flaws.  Since you think the 2013 is uglier with more chrome, you must have a sedan.  The coupe doesn't have any of the exterior chrome.  The coupe looks far better than the sedan, so I can understand that.  That is probably why you don't like it.  The stupid antenna that you have no clue about, is for XM radio.  I am sure you know that all cars with satellite radio...
There is nothing to demonstrate.  Press and hold the phone button on the car's steering wheel and it activates Siri without having to reach for the phone to press and hold the home button.  If you have a vehicle compatible with the stereo software update ('13 Accord models), then you can trigger Siri using the car's phone button. Dumb article considering it is about Hondas and AI posts a picture of a BMW.  Do they even know the difference?
Siri Eyes Free allows you to hold the phone button down on the steering wheel to activate Siri without having to press the home button on the iPhone.  Has nothing to do with the touchscreen. Now if AppleInsider would code their website correctly so Safari 6 would stop crashing, that would be nice.  Crashes constantly under Mountain Lion (and under Mavericks, when I ran that POS for a few weeks).
But the turn by turn directions on the iPhone cannot be sent to the stereo via bluetooth.  You can hear Siri with Siri commands, but the iPhone's Nav feature will not bluetooth to the stereo.  Your stereo will resume playing and the turn by turn will only be heard from the iPhone.
Really?  Are you sure about that?  You might want to read the 2012 and 2013 reviews and compare.  The 2012 was a disappointment in the industry with poor plastics on the interior and uneven lines.    The flaws with the 2012 model were all fixed with the 2013 model.  I almost bought a 2012 and glad I waited for the 2013.  The 2012 dash looks awful with a large slab of plastic laying in front of it.  The 2013 removed that design with cleaner lines and all flush with the rest...
So you think you know how it works after an hour?  The software is surprisingly slow since it is flash-memory based instead of DVD.  However, it is NOT complicated to use, and it is not error prone.  I have had the 2013 Civic with Nav for 6 months and it is no different than my 2003 Accord Navi system.  Same exact interface for inputting destinations.
WhatsApp is now the largest target for email phishing scams on iOS, Android, PCs and Macs.  I get fake emails all the time alleging I have a "new voice mail" and I have never heard of the app, nor have I ever used it.  So be careful if you use the app, because the notification you receive might be fake.   http://www.hoax-slayer.com/whatsapp-new-voicemail-malware-emails.shtml
I don't need to spend $250 for a thermostat when I already have a far less expensive programmable thermostat that works flawlessly, and saves me money.  When I am out of the house during the summer months, it is set at 80 degrees.  When I come home, it lowers to 76 during the summer.  I don't need to control it with an iPhone, nor do I need it to learn different patterns.  During the Fall, Winter, and Spring when the temps are average and mild, it is set to OFF and the...
US store got screwed.  No discounts.  Lame gift cards, and cheap ones too.  Even Target offered a better deal with a $100 gift card instead of a $75 gift card.  Would have been nice if Apple matched the price of the Target card.  Target had lots of Apple product to sell, and a long line dedicated to only Apple purchases.
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