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Processors do not get slower as they age, but your software can get corrupt after years of use. A fresh restore would fix that. Apps get more bloated with new features, and that can affect the speed due to the limited RAM in the 3G.
The 2G refers to the cellular network it operates on, not the generation of the phone. 2G was also referred to as EDGE.
 On my locked iPhone 4S, I asked Siri to "show my photos" and he said, "You need to unlock your iPhone first" and displayed the keypad.
 iOS 6 drained the battery faster than iOS 5.  Sounds like you have too many notifications and you haven't turned off the background app refresh and the auto app update feature.  Apps get updated constantly, so if you have auto app update on, the phone will be constantly updating apps, and draining the battery faster.  Apple should add an extra preference setting to only auto update apps when plugged in, and on wi-fi (to save on limited data plans). 
You need a Micro-USB cable, not a Mini-USB cable to do a restore using the full restore ipsw file. They are two completely different cables. AppleTV 2 only requires the USB cable connected for iTunes. AppleTV 3 requires the power cord, in addition to the USB cable. Connect the USB cable before you plug in the power to the AppleTV3 for iTunes to recognize it.
So don't give your phone the finger.
How to download and install AppleTV 6.0 Software to the AppleTV (2nd Gen) and (3rd Gen) successfully:   You will need a Micro-USB cable.  I had one for my Jabra Bluetooth Speakerphone, so I was ready to go.  If you have an AppleTV (3rd Gen), you will also need the power cord.  The 2nd Gen model does not need the power cord.   Step one: Download the AppleTV 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen 6.0 software from this site: http://www.icj.me/ios/all   This is the full restore software...
Copied straight from the article, "The all-in-one iMac desktops also sport Apple's new hybrid Fusion Drive, which gives customers the performance of flash with the capacity of a hard drive."   Your own writers call it a hybrid drive.  You don't bother to read the articles, do you?  Read the definition of hybrid.  The fusion drive may act differently than a traditional hybrid hard drive, but it still consists of two different elements; therefore, it is a hybrid.     Please...
You are so full of crap.  But you admitted your ignorance because you have only been watching Apple products for four years.  It is not costing them any money because MacBooks and iOS devices drive their profit far more than an iMac.  I like how no one has any proof that iMacs have been out of stock for months.  B and H Photo had the 2011 27" model on clearance just a few weeks ago, and Apple has them available as a refurb, discounted.  Most of the time, product stock...
You have no idea what you are talking about.  The Google Map app in iOS always had Street View.  Sounds like you had no idea how to use it.  Most iOS users got a downgrade in maps when they moved to iOS 6.  Just because you could not figure out how to use Street View, doesn't mean you can assume that everyone out there didn't use it.  Apple didn't need turn by turn navi when there were already third party apps providing the feature, and in a much better method.  Flyover...
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