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Maybe you should read this.  Apple is PAYING this serious athlete to market and advertise the watch for them, to claim it is for serious athletes. http://www.apple.com/watch/christy-turlington-burns/
 There are valid complaints about the Apple Watch, you just refuse to believe them.  Here is a list of them from a valid, in-depth review from another site.  Watch OS is tricky to learn and the Apple Watch app can be flaky. Several actions, including pulling up Glances, opening apps, or scrolling through emoji, are consistently slow. Drawing, tapping, and heartbeat-sending features are gimmicky. Pricing is reasonable by luxury watch standards but high by consumer...
 Unfortunately, Apple is advertising the product as bluetooth audio from the watch, heart-rate monitoring from the watch, and everything else from the watch.  Apple doesn't want to advertise using other products because they don't want people to do that.  They expect the watch to do it all, but unfortunately it has a tiny battery.  You made good points, but Apple will never tell anyone to do that.  Apple wants that type of athlete to expect the watch to replace all those...
Because it is constantly sending data to the watch during activity, draining the watch battery, and the iPhone's battery.
You are correct.  No one needs a duplicate device to carry around, or wear, especially one that cannot even last one day on its battery.  No one wants to recharge their watch every day.  The general public already nixed the other smart watches too.  I see many with Android phones, but none of them have the matching watch for that product.  And those have been available for quite some time.  My favorite was the tech reporter who bought the Xbox One by mistake when trying to...
AppleInsider does the same thing by posting this story.  So what is your problem?  This is a confirmed fact about the Apple Watch and its defective production of the taptic engine.  Best comment here is the guy returning two of them because he realized they were not worth the money.
Don't worry.  When the Apple Watch battery dies halfway through the day, they'll go back to doing Facebook on their iPhone.  All these apps can be done better on the iPhone anyway.  Let the nerds buy the watch.  The smart ones know they do not need a device that duplicates another one.  They'll look funny shaking their wrists trying to wake it up just to see the time.
Three years too late.  Apple Maps is still inaccurate.  So many streets are incorrect in Los Angeles.  Remember, Scott Forstall got his ass fired because of this mistake.  The desktop version does not even allow you to select an alternate route, something so basic, but omitted by Apple.
According to the article, 2.3M watches have NOT been pre-ordered.  That was the crazy analyst's ESTIMATE of what he thinks might sell.  Big difference.  The 957K figure is reported everywhere but here.  Go figure. https://screen.yahoo.com/957k-apple-watches-sold-over-181924635.html
The demo watches are not paired to an iPhone.  They are special watches that only work in a demo mode.  That is why there was no lag when you played with it.  I played with one too.  The screen is pretty small for navigating the tiny icons.  Reading text on the small screen for any notification was not really a good experience.  Who knows what it would look like in bright sun light, something an iPhone and iPad have never been good at.  They all look nice in the store...
New Posts  All Forums: