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It is even better when the self-important jackasses think they are so important that they continue their conversations in the BATHROOM and then FLUSH during their phone call! Just proves how stupid these earpiece idiots are! I am sure the people on the other end lose all respect when they are forced to listen to them do a number 1 or a number 2 and then flush!
Or using a bluetooth speakerphone in the car instead of an earpiece. Earpieces are not the only option. Of course the safest driving is done when you don't even use the phone. A hands-free phone call is still a major distraction while driving.
I believe you are correct. I think Apple's decision to drop it will most likely be due to poor performance. There are already many other alternatives for those that really want the earpiece. Apple doesn't need one.
The original iPhone was sold with the same AT&T two year contract. When you purchased the iPhone, you had to activate a two year requirement with AT&T. This was done at home with iTunes. Of course people figured out how to unlock it to bypass that requirement, but the original was still sold for use with a contract. A bluetooth speakerphone is much nicer to use in the car instead of the earpiece. Back in the day before cellphones, people would leave a message and wait...
I would rather listen to the stereo than to have a bluetooth ear piece interfere with my music enjoyment while driving. That's why I use a SuperTooth 3 portable speakerphone by BluAnt. Fully compatible with the iPhone, it downloads the address book and the caller ID info is announced by name (or number if not in the address book). The best part, it automatically turns off when out of range, and turns back on by the vibration of the car door closing when you return. It...
Maybe Apple realized people look like fools with devices in their ear walking around talking to themselves, trying to look important.
Apple doesn't ask for confirmation because you can be a parent buying a computer for a child that is in school. They have the limitation that you can only buy one computer per year at discount.
People complain about the 3G network now? Wait until people start clogging it up trying to transfer video files. That's a brilliant idea.
A controlled environment and open source code used on all systems. Doesn't that seem to add bias to the "contest?" And apparently he was already aware of a known exploit and was prepared for it. Going against Windows 7 Beta isn't a fair test either since it is unfinished software.
Adding the components to the Psystar to equally match the Mini makes the Psystar more expensive than the Mini. You never bothered to go to their site to do it yourself. You just claimed their $599 stripped version was a better deal, when it is lacking features. So go buy one if you think it is so great and let us know how you feel about it. Just don't talk BS like you have been doing.
New Posts  All Forums: