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No it doesn't. I have upgraded plenty of Macs from Tiger to Leopard and Mail imports and works just fine.
Don't know what you are talking about. Mail works great for me and 10.5.6 is extremely stable.
An Apple IIe is far too generous. If government were involved, we would be using the slide rule and an abacus.
You are not quite getting it. The CD is not released yet, that is why they are greyed out. The "Pass" will give you extra content not available with the regular CD purchase price. Once the CD is released in April, you will have the option for the regular CD price without the extra content included with the Pass.
Apple has nothing to do with this. It is the record industry that wants more money.
No. The season pass gives you "exclusive" content for you to download and keep. Nothing disappears. It is an option to get additional content not available with the regular purchase price of a CD. The deadline date is probably to get people to buy the extra content before the offer ends.
The uninstaller doesn't delete Safari 4. It creates a folder called Safari 3 in the Applications folder. After you run the uninstaller, Safari 4 no longer runs. You have to delete Safari 4 manually, then move Safari 3 back to the Applications folder.
Bypass. No guarantee additional content would show up, and most bands take a few years to release new work.
No, it is more like trying to load 12 different web pages at one time. No matter how fast your connection may be, or your graphics card may be, internet traffic will slow that process down.
The "Top Sites" display on first launch with an iMac G5 2.1 GHz with 2.5 GB of RAM is PAINFULLY SLOW. I can't imagine how painful it would be on a G3 or G4. Will have to turn off that feature. I don't need to see 12 webpages at one time.
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