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Why do you need to download it outside of iTunes? Mine downloaded in just a few minutes.
Simple. It is not a feature update.
Can you read the two bug fixes?
I guess you have never upgraded an iPhone/Touch before? It is not an updater, it is a full install, like they have always been. This has always been the process in case you ever need to Restore your iPhone. A full installer program is required for the restore command.
Symantec has made it public in their discussion of the trojan horse.
Any program that modifies your computer is considered a virus. If you read Symantec's info on the iWork trojan horse, that is exactly what it does to your computer, but only if it has root access.
According to Symantec, here is what the iWork trojan looks for: "Next, the Trojan determines if the session is running with root privileges. If not, the threat exits." How many people are actually running their Mac with root access? If someone really wanted iWork, serial numbers have been posted in torrent forums without needing to download any torrents. I tried the trial version and thought Pages was far too limiting compared to Word. Since Office can be obtained for...
So where is your proof? What is an iPhone light leak? I have seen many first generation iPhones (and I own one) and there is no such thing as an iPhone light leak. The choice of LCD displays in an iMac is a not a "major design problem." It is the choice of LCD panel used. If you claim your MacBook hinge is loose, go to Apple and use your warranty. The use of a chip is primarily concerned with availability. Cooling hasn't been a problem since the liquid cooled G5's in...
Correct, as a Pro user, the Mac Pro works great for your needs. Most consumers are not developers, so a Mac Pro would be useless to them since the majority of software doesn't take advantage of 8 cores. Yet some people claim they need all the cores they can get, just for bragging rights, yet the software they use doesn't run any faster. I can add 1 TB to an iMac and take advantage of SATA as well. Everytime there is a discussion about the iMac, the Mac Pro is dragged...
Apple now markets the Mac Pro strictly for the "Professional." They didn't do that with the Power Mac G series. I went from the Beige G3 to the iMac G5 and I am very happy with the iMac. The Beige G3 was too big on the desk and too noisy. The iMac is much nicer. The external hard drive I added to my iMac is much more versatile. Although not as easy, I can still upgrade the hard drive in my iMac. My next upgrade will be another iMac. And you can connect two...
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