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So the phone you created would be about an inch thick in order to pack in the electronics in a smaller space. What a great idea. Guess what part you left out...the ear piece speaker! There is no such thing as a 1mm speaker as you created. Also, a smaller phone means a smaller battery. Do you see the problem in that idea?
You really do live in a dreamworld, don't you? Apple doesn't believe in making cheap shit. A small display with an even higher resolution? What a great idea, make it even harder to read! $500 price point? Netbooks average price is $300. Apple making a netbook for more than $500? Get a clue, that would be a useless product. Then you would be the first to complain about it because it was too expensive. The $99 iPhone rumor was also fake too. I already pay $20 for...
If it was more powerful, with a larger keyboard and larger display, it wouldn't be called a Netbook, now would it? Apple already has what you described, they call it a MacBook. They already have inexpensive MacBook Airs...visit the refurb section of the Apple Store.
Get a clue. Laptops have been more popular for a number of years now. Has nothing to do with updates.
Movies load fast on my iMac G5! Maybe you have some third-party QuickTime plug-in slowing things down.
So what else do you steal in life?
Delete the trial version, then install the retail version. Duh. Not that hard to figure out.
In case you haven't been paying attention, Apple has ALWAYS presented Snow Leopard as optimization only for improved performance. Only the rumor mongers here have speculated that it would have features and be a major overhaul. That's why it is called SNOW LEOPARD...it is still Leopard, but should provide better performance on Intel hardware. Of course the morons will complain when it comes out and be annoyed that it still looks like Leopard and doesn't offer any new...
So true! Two of my friends worked at Sears "Brand Central" in the early 90's and they were commissioned salesmen. Before the Mac Performas arrived, Apple test marketed three Macs in retail, the Mac Classic, LC, and IIsi. The Macs did sell, but not as well as the PC's mainly because the margin was so low on the Macs, they didn't make any money. So they sold more PC's so they could make more money. Eventually the Classic, LC, and IIsi were replaced with the Performa...
Refurbs are not always broken Macs that are repaired by Apple. Some are customer returns, etc. A good stock of refurbs has nothing to do with upcoming releases. If Apple has new stock in inventory when a new model comes out, those are sold at clearance, not refurb.
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