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No, it is more like trying to load 12 different web pages at one time. No matter how fast your connection may be, or your graphics card may be, internet traffic will slow that process down.
The "Top Sites" display on first launch with an iMac G5 2.1 GHz with 2.5 GB of RAM is PAINFULLY SLOW. I can't imagine how painful it would be on a G3 or G4. Will have to turn off that feature. I don't need to see 12 webpages at one time.
I miss the "Put Away" feature from OS 8 & 9. It was very convenient. Put Back does seem to be more appropriately named since the item is put back where it came from. It sure took them long enough to restore that "Classic" feature.
Unfortunately, the Mac Mini is NOT a $500 computer. Where have you been? The Mac Mini is the only Mac that has increased in price since the introduction. Unfortunately, the Mini is a $600 and $800 computer. It is not worth either price, either. If Apple wanted to have the low cost computer for PC switchers, topping the price at $800 isn't the way to do it.
It matches their keyboard and mouse just fine. Apple maintained the PowerBook/MacBook design for 6 years.
Cable companies are not required to include a FireWire port on their boxes. Time Warner, the largest cable provider, does not have FireWire on any of their boxes. The only consumer level AV devices that include FireWire these days are MiniDV cameras, and those are almost phased out. If that was the purpose, they would have stuck with FireWire 400. The Mac Mini was intended for the cheap PC user to get them to switch. In your list of USB devices, you forgot the...
Ha ha ha...I like that...a fine whine.
Did you run out of things to complain about?
Where do they get their stats? I use free apps quite often on my iPhone.
The Mac Pro does not include integrated chipsets for graphics, which is what the article is about.
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