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No, you are still not supposed to steal other music just because the DRM is removed. If they are your own computers and the same library is on each one, the iPod won't know the difference. But you can't go to your friend's house, plug in, and steal all his music and him take yours.
Good luck with that. You can only upgrade the entire library, not individual songs.
Originally when iTunes Plus arrived, the tracks were $1.29, so you paid the .30 difference to upgrade. Now that they are .99 cents, does kinda suck that you still have to pay the .30. How about this, I just bought two CD's over the weekend, and now have to pay again to upgrade the album. Oh well, I am getting a better quality track, so who cares. Still cheaper than Best Buy.
It is always available, that is how it has been done since the beginning of iTunes Plus. So you have to periodically check back once in awhile to see if new tracks in your library are available for upgrade.It is going to take awhile too. My first batch of songs to be upgraded only total 63 songs, a few albums, and some music video. So I might have to check back once in awhile to see if iTunes have checked my song purchases for more upgrades. But this is AWESOME...
My iMac G5 is three years old, same display used in the original (white) Intel Macs. No problems whatsoever. According to the text above, which may be out of context, but it indicates Apple honored warranty repairs and even honored out of warrany repairs, so what is the problem? The text also said the claims were denied for other reasons, even though they claim it was from the failing LCD. I was recently at the Apple store and saw some of these Macs that people claim...
I still remember making databases on FileMaker Pro 2! Got version 5 for PowerPC, then didn't really need a reason for it anymore.
An iMac and a Mac Pro have completely different optical drives. The iMac using a slot-load drive and the Mac Pro using the standard 5.25" drive. Toast 6 may recognize more full size drives, but not as many slot-loading drives, especially new ones. So count yourself lucky that Toast 6 still recognizes your drive.
Handbrake does decrypt commercial DVD's, most of them anyway, if you want to convert the DVD for the iPod, or other portable device. The latest version still does decryption as long as you have VLC installed. Or you can use Mac The Ripper to decrypt the DVD and then use Toast to make a backup copy or conversion to a portable device or AppleTV. Toast can make copies of non-encrypted DVD's, as well as convert to other formats.
I am annoyed by this as well. I bought Toast 9 specifically for the TiVo editing feature and it didn't even work! The video was edited, but the audio was left intact, ruining the video. Their tech support sucked, and their suggestions applied to Windows XP! Bunch of dorks can't even figure out support for Mac, for a Mac only product! Had to wait until Nov 2008 for them to release 9.0.4 to fix the problem! Now that it is fixed, it is great editing and converting TiVo...
Because many people have external FireWire hard drives and MiniDV cameras.
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