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Dumb analysts as usual. No one ever claimed the keynote would be revolutionary, so why do they seem surprised at the result?
Well said! Some of the people on this board have their head in the clouds. It is funny how they believe all the fake rumors and then get pissed off about it. Apple won't dominate CES, they will just be a part of it.
Well Duh! iPod, iPhone, iMac, and MacBooks are their top product line. They all integrate well with consumer electronics. You don't see Xserves in their Apple Stores either.
This makes sense. Computers today are not like what they were 10 or 20 years ago. Consumer Electronics and Computers have merged together in ways that no ever considered in the past. For example, I have been communicating with Dice Electronics about tech support needed on my iPod Connection Kit in my car (need firmware updated). Anyway, there was a long delay between emails until today. I got a response with an apology stating that most of their staff is at CES! They...
All you do is complain about EVERYTHING Apple does! You are clueless as always. The battery can be replaced for $179. MacBook Air owners are happy with the non-removable battery. iPod and iPhone owners are happy. I have one battery for my PowerBook. I have replaced it once, but I have no need for a spare battery.
Did you count how many time you recharged your last battery before it was considered dead? I would gladly take an 8 hour battery, non-removable option, especially since it only costs $179 to replace it! I paid about $129 for my PowerBook G4 battery that barely lasts beyond 3 hours! Get over yourself.
I guess you guys didn't read the article about the rip off MacTablet by Axiotron? $2,799 is a great price for the top of the line MacBook Pro, especially one that is far more advanced than the previous model. Those dipshits at Axiotron are trying to sell their sad little tablet computer for $5,000!
Woz needs to get off his Segway and start WALKING! What a rip off for a laptop. Apple's top of the line is now only $2,799. No one will spend double for a tablet. They should clean off all the damn fingerprints too if they want it to look desirable.
For the morons that think they can sue Apple because of the battery in the MacBook Pro 17", read the fine print NOW: Testing conducted by Apple in December 2008 using preproduction 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo–based MacBook Pro (17-inch) units with a Better Battery Life setting. Battery life depends on configuration and use. See www.apple.com/batteries for more information. The wireless productivity test measures battery life by wirelessly browsing various websites and...
Just as expected: Before Macworld: "We can't wait, this will be cool! A new Mac Mini, blah blah blah." After Macworld: "This sucks, Macworld sucks, WAAAAAH. Where is my Mac Mini?" Your fault for believing the rumors! Fucking crybabies! A MacBook Pro 17" that is much more advanced and costs the SAME as the previous model. That is a great deal. But because of the recession you expect Apple to sell it for what, $1,000? Get a clue. It was pretty well known that...
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