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Since you don't own an iPhone and you had to look for a bad stock photo, the keys are actually light GRAY. The search bar is white for comparison. White keys on the MacBook Pro with the black screen bezel would look retarded. If you really have a need for a white keyboard, buy the white MacBook. Comparing the keyboard on the iPhone is really stupid considering the keyboard is not always visible and rarely used except for email or text. Also, the keyboard on the iPhone...
The iPhone's on screen keyboard is gray. My iPhone is black (when off), so I don't know what you are thinking when you claim they should go white, like the whole iPhone theme. Here is the problem with white keyboards: even if your hands are clean, the white keyboard still gets dirty, and they show all the dirt. So after awhile, your white keyboard looks like crap. My PowerBook G3 and PowerBook G4 have black keyboards and they look brand new. The black keyboards also...
You do know that your Pismo is regarded as one of the best PowerBooks made. My PowerBook G4 (867 MHz) 15" Titanium still looks brand-new and it will be 7 years old this year.
That is exactly my point. Some may be confused as to whether or not their specific PB G4 is obsolete or not. Not many pay attention to Apple's particular revision name for each PB G4 model.
You have 7 years of service support for your PowerBook G4 that was discontinued in 2006. After 7 years after the discontinued date, you won't be able to find service parts for it anymore. What adapters are you referring to with the new MBP? It has all the standard ports so I don't know what you are complaining about. The new MacBooks look so much better than the older models.
No. The PowerBook G4's went from 2001 to 2006. So they should clarify which models of the PowerBook G4 are being classified as Obsolete. Based on the 7 year timeframe, it would appear all the Titanium G4's are now obsolete, and the Aluminum G4's are still supported. Next year, the first generation Aluminum G4 would fall into the obsolete catagory.
"PowerBook G4" is rather vague since there were so many different models of the PowerBook G4. However, the last Titanium PowerBook G4 was in 2002, maybe that is what it refers to.
Yes, you can. I can transfer HD programming between TiVo boxes and to my Mac, edit the video, and either save to DVD, or convert to any portable device using Roxio's Toast Titanium 8 or higher (version 9 added video editing to remove commercials). I could even burn HD to Blu Ray if I had an external Blu Ray burner. The only content that cannot be moved between TiVo boxes or to a PC/Mac is downloaded content (either free, rental, or purchase).
LOL. 42 and 50 inch screens are too small for a Home Theater, and keep dreaming about that HD-DVD drive. LOL.
The best comment so far. Apple won't make a TV or a DVR because they want iTunes sales. Time Warner had my CableCards running in 10 minutes. They have been in my TiVo Series 3 for 2 1/2 years with no problems ever. I have no intention of replacing my new HDTV or giving up my TiVo boxes ever. Apple could never compete with the big screen TV boys. People won't pay a premium for an Apple branded TV.
New Posts  All Forums: