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Too bad the guy is not on a Mac, he would be able to access your Public Folder right from the Finder. Since it sounds like he is on Windows, he can access your publc folder with any web browser: MobileMe iDisk Help: Connecting to a MobileMe member’s Public folder If you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can connect to a MobileMe member’s Public iDisk folder using a web browser. If you have a Mac, you can also connect to someone’s Public folder using Mac OS X. After you...
At $1,799+, the MacBook Air is a major failure. Sorry you bought one.
Your MacBook can boot from a USB hard drive.
Well said. There is nothing wrong with the installer or the update. I had a slight hiccup with my iMac G5, but it had nothing to do with the integrity of the update itself. Fixed a disk error with Disk Utility, ran the Combo Update again, and all is good.
My iMac G4 1 GHz 17" installed flawlessly using the Combo Update. My iMac G5 2.1 GHz iSight froze when it tried to restart after the installation completed. I did not receive the "Updating Boot Cache" dialog box that appeared on the iMac G4. I did a backup, just to be safe, ran Disk Utility which repaired minor errors, then restarted the iMac. Ran the Combo Update again and the installation completed as expected. So my iMac G5 with the minor disk error may have caused...
Why should they be worried? The AppleTV has been a failure from the start, even Steve Jobs said it was only a hobby. Apple isn't making any money off AppleTV. I have never heard of EZMedia. If they have such patents, where is their product? Why sue someone else for something they never created, expect for filing a patent. Also, the AirPort Express (and wireless technology) was released before their patents were ever filed.
Thank you! Someone that is actually smart figured out Apple's plan for increased sales! Put your product with a store that is EVERYWHERE! Duh! That's why they have been selling iPods for years!
Wow are you dumb. The iPhone doesn't have a Premium Service Contract. It has the same AT&T contract that is featured on ALL phones supporting AT&T! I have the same 450 min plan that is offered with any AT&T plan, all I had to do was add data for $20 when I got my iPhone. That's not a premium service contract, I added a data feature. You think very highly of yourself to assume if a person has not seen the iPhone, they would be too stupid to understand it. Get over...
Feel free to waste your money at those "other" stores on any product you buy, including various grocery items. WalMart isn't for the poor, it is for those that are SMART in how to save money. In case you didn't know, WalMart and Target both sell Apple products. They also sell other name brands too, like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, etc. Maybe the WalMarts near you are not the best quality, but the ones in my city are very nice. To make my...
Thank you! Someone who actually had been to good Macworlds and bad, and realized they aren't worth spending money on anymore. I would never spend $500 for ANY trade show. Apple does just fine without them. Since they have nothing new to announce, there is no reason for them to be there.
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