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It always has been rumored as a refresh. No one ever claimed it would be a next-generation model. The only rumor is matching the same hardware as the MacBook/Pro, and now maybe updated cooling. Would still be done in the same enclosure.
Those are not clones, those are COUNTERFEIT devices. A clone is an exact duplicate of the original. Those are made to intentionally deceive the buyer into thinking they are buying a real iPhone. Since it doesn't meet the exact dimensions of the iPhone, it should not be considered a clone. Motorola devices are often made by counterfeit vendors, but certain characteristics jump out confirming they are fake. I am sure all the products in the photos are also counterfeit...
There is nothing wrong with buying an iPod, iPhone, or TV at WalMart. They carry top brands and they have the same warranties. As you discovered, groceries are less expensive than supermarkets. Same goes for Target. Another example, Nestle coffee creamer is almost $6 at Vons, but $2 at WalMart! Savings vary by product, but there are some good savings to be had. New Walmarts are very nice inside. Selling the iPhone at Walmart will make newer models more accessible in...
He is full of shit. Apple has a contract with AT&T as the primary provider for at least 5 years. The guy was probably talking about Verizon's half-ass attempt at duplicating the iPhone with their touchscreen blackberry. Also, Verizon phones don't work with SIM cards.
The short fatty Nano didn't work. Here is the real photo of the new iPhone Nano.
What does upgrading a computer have to do with being green? The MacBook/Pro is not upgradable it is one of the greenest computers out there today. The Mac Mini is a crippled computer, and Apple and consumers are not going to rely on that piece of shit as a primary desktop Mac. All-in-one computers are not wasteful in any way. My iMac G5 is far more powerful than my "upgradable" Power Mac G3 and it is extremely quiet too. I still use my all-in-one iMac G4 (2003) and it...
Too bad the guy is not on a Mac, he would be able to access your Public Folder right from the Finder. Since it sounds like he is on Windows, he can access your publc folder with any web browser: MobileMe iDisk Help: Connecting to a MobileMe member’s Public folder If you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can connect to a MobileMe member’s Public iDisk folder using a web browser. If you have a Mac, you can also connect to someone’s Public folder using Mac OS X. After you...
At $1,799+, the MacBook Air is a major failure. Sorry you bought one.
Your MacBook can boot from a USB hard drive.
Well said. There is nothing wrong with the installer or the update. I had a slight hiccup with my iMac G5, but it had nothing to do with the integrity of the update itself. Fixed a disk error with Disk Utility, ran the Combo Update again, and all is good.
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