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Never heard of that, and my Mac does not have hdiutil as a running process. Must be something that you installed. Don't know what the two unknown applets are that you mention. Do you know if they are processes included with 10.5.7? Sounds like you have access to the developer build, if so, report it to Apple.
Of course. CBS is hoping that all the basketball fans will pay for it so they can make more money. I am sure most diehard fans will pay for it.
With the Shuffle, there is an option to convert any song to AAC 128 on the fly to fit more music on the Shuffle. The music in your library remains at the higher bitrate, but the transferred music can be at 128 for more songs. So they can continue the same advertising.
Why would anyone need this? If you are streaming music to your stereo, you would not be in the same room as the Mac to even see Front Row. The best thing Apple did for controlling music through the Airport Express was creating the Remote app for the iPhone/iTouch. Far better to control your music in the palm of your hand than to get up, go to another room, and change the song. Another great feature of the AirPort Express is using Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil to stream any...
[QUOTE=JeffDM;1389077]What is special about the iTunes Plus encoding that iTunes couldn't encode before? I thought it was 256kbps encoded constant bit rate, and the program already had that for a long time. The only thing I can think of is that it's now a pre-made setting that's in the drop-down list instead of something that you manually enter as a custom setting. iTunes 8.0.x offered 256 encoding as a option called "Higher Quality 256K" but the user had to manually...
It has been VBR for awhile now, you just see the easy settings. I think version 8 made the default as VBR.
[QUOTE=teckstud;1388692]This reminds of back in the day when Sony Walkman started adding radios, clocks and other BS at the end of its life. The original Walkman was robust and it lasted forever on its 4 AA batteries! Then the WM-F1 was even better with FM only added. Then after that, they got cheaper in quality with more useless features, and cut the batteries to 2 AA's. However, the Sports Walkman series was nice for use at the beach with its sealed enclosure.
Yes, the tape hiss, even with Dolby B NR was wonderful to listen to on a Walkman. If you love the 1G Shuffle so much, you have no reason to replace it. Using the shuffle at the gym or bike riding already presents enough background noise from gym equipment or outside noise. You are not going to get significant bass from a pair of headphones, nor appreciate it with the background noise in the environment where the Shuffle is mainly used. It is a $79 music player. If you...
The best deal right now is the previous iMac 24" 2.8 GHz for $1,399 at the Apple Store Clearance, $1,299 for education discount, or at Amazon for $1,394.
I don't think anyone needs "audiophile" quality at the GYM, especially when most were happy when all you had was a Sony Walkman playing tapes at the gym in the past. It is a $79 player, use it for what it is, and then enjoy your high end stereo at home.
New Posts  All Forums: