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This two year transition from the PowerPC to Intel is the same timeframe as the transition from the 68040 to the PowerPC. Apple supported the 68040 for about two years after the shift to PowerPC. Slowly the software shifted to PowerPC only, and dropped all 680x0 support. The same thing was said about Mac OS 8.5, but there was no reason for it to support 68040 processors anymore. Snow Leopard is still Leopard. There is no reason for Apple to continue to support the...
No, Apple cannot have their own music business because artists have CONTRACTS with music labels. The music labels control the distribution of their music. Independent artists will not give control to Apple because they are independent for a reason. However, you don't hear much about independent artists, do you? If you want physical CD's, go to Amazon.com or Best Buy. Apple makes very little money with the iTunes Store, but it allowed them to sell many more iPods.
So you used to have Napster. You paid all those monthly fees. Are you still a subscriber? If not, you forgot to mention that once you stop paying, your music stops playing. So you wasted money on monthly fees when you could have purchased music elsewhere. I am sure you can tell you don't own it because you won't be able to play the music when you cancel. No one wants to rent music.
The millions of DVD's sold prove you wrong.
NIce job. Put him in his place. What a moron, finding a PC that is ON SALE! Regular price, $1400. And the other one doesn't even have a monitor. Great comparison. Just proves what a genius he really is. But that is your typical PC shopper. I am sure both those computers run Vista really well too.
Simple. When people want to buy a Mac, they are looking at different Mac models. Period. They aren't browsing the aisles at Best Buy looking at PC's that are not Macs. I have helped many people shop for a Mac, and none of them have any interest in PC boxes, nor do they care how cheap a PC box is when they are only looking for a Mac. If people are shopping for a Windows computer, they aren't shopping in the Apple Store, they are shopping for Dell's, etc. When you are...
When people are shopping for a Mac, and want a Mac, they are not price comparing to piece of shit PC boxes. Pull your head out of your ass.
You forgot to mention that you are also getting a piece of shit PC box running Vista. Stop comparing cheap PC's to Macs. If you don't like the price and quality of a Mac, then go to Costco or Best Buy and get your piece of shit PC Box.
Oh, thank God there is a Wall Street Analyst to tell us the obvious! What a moron. This guy is a retard like the others.
The high price of the Mac Pro and Apple's marketing campaign for "Pro" use led to the stagnation of the Mac Pro. Most consumers don't need a Mac Pro. iPhones didn't steal sales from the Mac Pro. Laptops and iMacs are far more popular, and very powerful too. Things are different now. The Power Mac used to start at $1500 and they were far more powerful than the iMac and Laptops. People don't need or want to spend almost $3,000 for a home computer.
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