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I am annoyed by this as well. I bought Toast 9 specifically for the TiVo editing feature and it didn't even work! The video was edited, but the audio was left intact, ruining the video. Their tech support sucked, and their suggestions applied to Windows XP! Bunch of dorks can't even figure out support for Mac, for a Mac only product! Had to wait until Nov 2008 for them to release 9.0.4 to fix the problem! Now that it is fixed, it is great editing and converting TiVo...
Because many people have external FireWire hard drives and MiniDV cameras.
1) "TiVo-Like" are the existing cable box DVR's that all suck. If it is not the real TiVo, it will never be TiVo-Like. 2) 30" iMac...that might be too large, and too expensive for iMac standards 3) They just released new displays 4) Why stop at 32GB? Cram in 128 GB for the iPhone. 5) Quad Core Dual display Mac? The Mac Pro already does that 6) MacMini, boring and the obvious rumor 7) Mac Pro, the software doesn't do anything with 8 cores, so what would be the point of...
How many of you people actually own a Mac mini? Why get excited over a Mac that you wouldn't even consider buying?
"Who is this?" Hey AppleInsider...those are called ROADIES! Get out and go to a concert once in awhile! The banners read, "Thanks for spending money on Macworld. All we have is a boring update to the Mac Mini and we are still working on Snow Leopard." Or, the banners are from other vendors that say, "Thank God we finally get attention now." Macworld is more for the independent vendors, not Apple.
Doesn't have to be northern areas. Los Angeles recently had a storm pass through which dropped evening temperatures into the low 30's, which was cold enough for gloves. My wife discovered that she could not access the phone even with a fabric-based glove. Her response, "This sucks, I have to take my gloves off to use the phone."
That's your opinion, but people in cold climates would buy them so they don't have to take off their gloves every time they wanted to use the phone, or their iPod Touch, or any of the other cell phones that now use a touchscreen for access.
In freezing weather, your fingertips would freeze. The body extremities (fingers and toes) freeze first. You would subject yourself to frostbite.
What a load of BS. If Verizon had the iPhone they would make Apple disable all the features so they can charge you extra to use them. Just like how they disabled Bluetooth and charged customers to unlock the feature that was already part of the phone. Verizon can suck it.
Of course AppleInsider is also to blame for spreading this bullshit rumor beyond Gizmodo.
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