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I value productivity, not perfection.
I don't know about Dropbox scanning folders as I didn't try to cause any of those operations.
AppleInsider should take a look at the processor load on Mac's when Dropbox is opened in Safari, even though no transfers are happening Dropbox open nearly maxes out all 4 cores in my MacBook Pro on 10.7.5 & temps soar even with the fans all the way up. I don't know about OSX beyond 10.7. Something is wrong though.
lkrupp, and I as a consumer won't be happy either. We have to be able to fix our expensive products as Apple will not do so after a given number of years.
Korean businessmen play by different rules. Always have.
The Internet is increasingly making it difficult to sell crap.
Making a car is one thing many engineers can copy or do from experience w/help from suppliers. BMW is too worried about Selling, Distribution and servicing a care is totally different hornets nest.
I simply don't see any way a secure mobile payments system can be used on Android safely by consumers. It seems like it is destined to be attacked with new malware vectors daily. I simply can't imagine what Eric Schmidt thought was going to work long term with Android being "open" and essentially unresponsive to end user needs.
I would assume the Firmware documentation would state which models and that the software would not run on Macs that the firmware was not supposed to be on.
Well, we are sure going to miss you as you migrate back to your employer, Samsung.
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