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I need to verify before I buy. Software and hardware need to work well with OpenGL and Windows 10 for 3D CAD design and animation. That goes for the existing models and the next generation.  The combination of Mac OSX, Video HDwr/Sftwr, Boot Camp, Windows, CAD software & addons, Windows utilities all need to run fast and smooth. When I can verify first hand that everything is smooth, I'll move up.
Yup, not a great leap here.  Think I'll get an Apple Refurb and look at it as a backup for the next Skylake generation out around Christmas.
The question is not whether the 15" MBPro 2015 model will be better, but just how much better. We know the SSD speeds are up with the prior 13" model released earlier. Now I'ld like to know if graphics hardware & software has been updated as that can become touchy in higher end apps and Windows work. A bunch of fixes to Yosemite would be a welcome upgrade, too. Hoping for the best in a stable workhorse MBPro.
It is known how many watts can be generated per square foot of surface facing the Sun. You can't get more than the theoretical out of leaves facing the sun. Something smells fishy here.
There are always issues to improve speed & quality in the first run of products, but the production has been ongoing for months, so I doubt anything serious has suddenly "popped up" since these issues would be known from the start of trial runs. I call BS.
If you give up your source code to your Internet infrastructure hardware, what else do you have left that is proprietary? Seems like that is the end of Cisco hardware in China.
When you can't cite your own success, try to tear down your competitor.  Worked real well over the last decade, right?   I see absolutely nothing wrong with the speedup and simplification of the new MacBooks.   Looks like Apple has just moved to limit the laptop line to 2 models:  MacBook and MacBook Pro.   MacBook Pros are going to be truly wonderful performers at the top end and no doubt have more ports.  Many people don't realize how powerful existing MacBook Pros...
Apple is already an expert in battery design, construction, testing and manufacturing, since at least back from iPod days with flat pack Lithium Ions. The new tech for Apple will not be "old Lithium Ion designs." My guess is that Apple will use much safer, higher capacity more efficient technology like BASF just announced with their advanced NiMH techniques. Yup it may take 3-5 years to enter with a new battery into the market. That is typical Apple behavior to get in...
Chromebooks are "in" over the buggy BSOD machines as a rebound effect, in my personal opinion. Most every kid I come across either uses a MacBook or wants his parents to get one. Why? Mostly because Apple's laptops are relatively rugged, even in school, and have fewer problems. For more capable students, what other machine lets you run Mac, Windows, Linux native if you want it or in emulation?
Interesting that Samsung & Google appear to be fighting the battle for the low cost devices. Tizen is Samsung's attempt to differentiate. Google's attempt is even tighter contract limitations. Sounds like Samsung has realized you can't deal with Google and must strike out on their own to become vertically integrated like Apple.
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