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Korean businessmen play by different rules. Always have.
The Internet is increasingly making it difficult to sell crap.
Making a car is one thing many engineers can copy or do from experience w/help from suppliers. BMW is too worried about Selling, Distribution and servicing a care is totally different hornets nest.
I simply don't see any way a secure mobile payments system can be used on Android safely by consumers. It seems like it is destined to be attacked with new malware vectors daily. I simply can't imagine what Eric Schmidt thought was going to work long term with Android being "open" and essentially unresponsive to end user needs.
I would assume the Firmware documentation would state which models and that the software would not run on Macs that the firmware was not supposed to be on.
Well, we are sure going to miss you as you migrate back to your employer, Samsung.
We started talking about essentially Helvetica Neue and its thin lines.  Just like with car dashboards, a lot of people who use computers do NOT have 20/20 vision.   Cars have another unique user situation that young people don't appreciate.  Many older people have 'night time blindness' as their vision is far less clear in reduced illumination.  There is more than one form of night vision problem.   Asians may have some driving issues, but where I live, the most...
Even with good eyes at distance & reading distance, I have black control knobs with grey lettering and little indistinct marks that are virtually unreadable at night, particularly with oncoming headlights.   Well designed newer cars have backlighted knobs and buttons eliminating part of the problem.   LCD screens with thin or otherwise tough to read type can be a problem at night.
It is easy for young designers not to think of how older people with limited vision deal with difficult type faces. Toyota used to make their designers wear glasses smeared with vaseline to let them see if they could operate controls inside of Toyota vehicle mockups.
I need to verify before I buy. Software and hardware need to work well with OpenGL and Windows 10 for 3D CAD design and animation. That goes for the existing models and the next generation.  The combination of Mac OSX, Video HDwr/Sftwr, Boot Camp, Windows, CAD software & addons, Windows utilities all need to run fast and smooth. When I can verify first hand that everything is smooth, I'll move up.
New Posts  All Forums: