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One thing I know for sure is Apple is not going to make crap products.
Comparing the image to the size of trees on the shore, the "Nessie" would have to be 100 feet long. Not possible.
Some people always want to return to the past success. Then others write about it as if it is ordained that past success is ordained to be the religious path to a better future. If anything has been seen in the world of commerce, it is that you can not stand still and fake, fear or fumble change in the face of competitors, as change is inevitable. Tim Cook is a realist and understands this change. You don't follow the past, you lead.
Apple has reached the point in design, shipment volumes and volume buying to where they are obviously more competitive on pricing while still offering all their software extras and device integration. It is going to become hard for competitors to match Apple going forward. I first got a clue about this when my brother's company (hi-tech electro-optics) analyzed all the laptops available for the sales crew and picked the best Windows laptops they could find and settled on...
Microsoft's Board of Directors has no clothes on %u2026 and no one is willing to admit it. A great salesman ought to stay as the sales manager. Microsoft should have found a product visionary to head MS so they could lead rather than follow the industry slowly. MS has lost a dozen years under lackluster leaders.
The iPhone 5S has a near workstation class CPU of a decade ago. It is obvious that more sophisticated apps and interactions between hardware will now be possible from all the iOS and OSX developers in the near future. Glad to see Daniel bringing this all to light with his insight, where the other media mostly doesn't see below the 4 color glossy headlines.
Samsung is not able of "taking some wind out of the next iPhone's sales..." The next new state of the art iPhone is not going to suffer if Samsung does a Korean copy of Authentec's ideas in one piece of a very complex iPhone which I am guessing will set the standard for excellence once again in all areas, hardware, software, integration, ease of single-handed use!
People only tolerate Yugos until they get smart and get a few extra nickels.
Google is guessing. When you try a lot of guesses, you get lucky once-in-awhile.
Consumers vote with purchases & companies react. That is normal evolution.
New Posts  All Forums: