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People only tolerate Yugos until they get smart and get a few extra nickels.
Google is guessing. When you try a lot of guesses, you get lucky once-in-awhile.
Consumers vote with purchases & companies react. That is normal evolution.
We already have a hint with Cook talking about a locally built Mac with more locally sourced components.   Robotics and "Design for Manufacturing" has advanced to a stage with the compact highly integrated electronics (Haswell has power management, cache, CPU & video on one die) to where the size of basic high performance "computer" mother boards are indeed tiny.  Look at the Mac Mini.  Look at the actual space for the main board in your Mac Book Pro (only takes...
If people want an emotional experience why do they sit in front of TVs with 5-6 commercials every break?
Well, MS didn't want to set up a bad situation, so they shipped their only pickup truck load of Surfaces to the Redmond campus and ...
Indeed Samsung would have been billions and billions of dollars ahead with a larger market lead had it licensed Apple on the terms discussed in their legal tussle.
The future will be owned by products that are often complex, but simple to understand and use. Jobs recognized it as a large number of leading designers, not the least of which is Ives. What Ives has as a background may give him an edge in coming from the last of the age of simple typewriters and dial phones to the 21st century. The need for "simple" is apparent to anyone who is forced to drive a rental car where you simply don't know what buttons and knobs...
How about roll out voice prints for an additional layer of security.  It is NOT that difficult.
MS stores are Ballmer's WAG dream...& will presage his exit from MS...damn it.
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