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 While that's typically true, it wouldn't be the first time a feature was added after the Developer Preview.
 Regardless, it's coming.  You'll see.
I'm surprised no one is talking about Siri on OS X... The last demo of 10.11 showed "natural language search" using text -- this is obviously being done by the Siri engine, they just chose not to show the voice-activated part, in hopes of keeping it a secret until the release.
 Who's to say they didn't?  Until the new hardware is actually released, everything is conjecture.
Dang...  I wasn't sure of the Tidal specs, definitely would have been nice to see them specifically stated in the article.
Again with the "just 256 kilobits per second" nonsense... Apple uses AAC to stream audio, everyone else uses MP3. Apple Music's 256k AAC playback is higher quality than the 320k MP3 format that competitors are using -- and on top of sounding better, AAC also has the added bonus of smaller file sizes.
Not to mention that interfacing the data-collecting computer with the vehicles Odometer is much more technically challenging than slapping a sensor on the tire and running the cable through the window.
Apple Maps data corroboration is my guess.
 Au contraire, it "does" exactly the same thing the app being talked about above does.  It shows you stored data from your embedded motion detection system.  Daily steps, daily distance, stairs climbed, etc...  It can also show data from other "health" and fitness related apps.  Again, I'm not seeing a need to fork over $2 for a shiny blue skin.
So wait... it does all the things that HealthKit currently does -- except it costs $2?
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