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I would assume that you assume correctly.
I wouldn't call a $3 downturn a "Dive", by any stretch of the imagination.
Well, Canadian Content Distributors have claimed as much, yes...  Bell says it's stealing, but the RCMP have a completely different perspective, I assure you.
Wow.  Everyone seems to be completely missing the point here...   This isn't about Censorship, or Terrorists or "Those people".   This is about a Developer who spent countless hours/days/weeks/months building an App -- an App that Apple could have rejected but instead APPROVED FOR SALE, only to reverse course sometime later citing completely ambiguous rules.  This is about the inability to create an App that Apple can't remove, because the rules are so incredibly...
"Elsewhere, new wording about encryption emphasizes the **impotance** of the technology in protecting things like financial transactions." I assume that should read "impoRtance"? Unless you meant that they're using really crappy encryption.
 While that's typically true, it wouldn't be the first time a feature was added after the Developer Preview.
 Regardless, it's coming.  You'll see.
I'm surprised no one is talking about Siri on OS X... The last demo of 10.11 showed "natural language search" using text -- this is obviously being done by the Siri engine, they just chose not to show the voice-activated part, in hopes of keeping it a secret until the release.
 Who's to say they didn't?  Until the new hardware is actually released, everything is conjecture.
Dang...  I wasn't sure of the Tidal specs, definitely would have been nice to see them specifically stated in the article.
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