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Pretty much :P
Zdziarski is a Joke.  Don't even get me started.
 Exactly.  They patent docs show it protruding so that Scamscum doesn't rip the idea before it gets to market.  The actual implementation will have the bayonet inset in the phone, to keep the smooth back face.
"...and find it interesting that the company is giving the downloads away for free. This is likely because they know they can't sell the applications themselves while Apple is including iWork for free with all new iOS device purchases" No. It's the only way to avoid giving Apple 30% of their cut.
Adaptive security profiles would be a treat.
lol, no.
 I would guess that the HUD is able to withstand lower temps than the GPS chip -- that and the HUD is actually inside the Goggles...  It looks like the GPS chip and other computing hardware is mounted on the outside edge, exposed to the elements (see image from another post above).
 At rest this would likely be true, but once you start moving 20+ miles/hour, any warmth provided by your face would be whisked away pretty readily.  For most days at the hill it would likely be fine but it's been unusually cold in Banff this year, -22° F on the regular.
 If we're going to split unnecessary hairs, Leopard was the first version of OS X (built on the darwin kernel architecture) to receive full SUS 3.0 UNIX Certification... Which lends a sort of "ipso facto" factor to the situation (considering iOS runs the exactly same kernel, just ported to ARM).  But it honestly couldn't matter less.  UNIX is not an operating system anymore, it's not even a particular set of programming or API's.  It's simply a set of guidelines to...
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