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 At rest this would likely be true, but once you start moving 20+ miles/hour, any warmth provided by your face would be whisked away pretty readily.  For most days at the hill it would likely be fine but it's been unusually cold in Banff this year, -22° F on the regular.
 If we're going to split unnecessary hairs, Leopard was the first version of OS X (built on the darwin kernel architecture) to receive full SUS 3.0 UNIX Certification... Which lends a sort of "ipso facto" factor to the situation (considering iOS runs the exactly same kernel, just ported to ARM).  But it honestly couldn't matter less.  UNIX is not an operating system anymore, it's not even a particular set of programming or API's.  It's simply a set of guidelines to...
Bullsh!t. Absolute Bullsh!t. He simply saw the writing on the wall; Nintendo was going to sue the frigging pants off him for outright stealing the entire premise and artwork of his "game" (particularly as they reorganize their mobile department and say goodbye to the Wii U). I wouldn't even be surprised if he has a Cease and Desist order on his desk right now that he's conveniently not talking about.
It's about time they put those accelerometers to some real work.
Apparently these guys have some pretty hopeful investors... I could be wrong, but this just doesn't seem like a product that flies off the shelves.
I doubt it... Samsung could be the first to put a completely useless, easily by-passable fingerprint scanner in a mobile device - sure. I sincerely doubt that they have mastered secure fingerprint scanning, as Apple likely has. If anyone remembers, Mythbusters beat a plethora of scanners with simply a photocopy of a fingerprint... Just any fingerprint scanner won't do, I'm afraid.
Can't remember the last time any other manufacturer admitted to anything negative without being outed first. Just one more reason to by Apple products.
This would be incredible frustrating as a developer... Screen density fragmentation is already making for ridiculously large Apps (with most devs including 4 different version of their imagery to accommodate the various screen sizes/densities -- instead of using code-generated vector elements). "Let's add 2-3mb/file graphics to the mix as well -- just to shake to things up"... No, let's not.
  From the sounds of the article, Apple already had an ARM chip design in mind and were simply looking for a fab...  Intel definitely didn't have an x86 chip that could compete with ARM on battery life at that time.
  Hear, hear!  Apple never was, nor will it likely ever be a dividend cash-cow.  If you're looking for that kind of instant return, AAPL is not for you.  It's exactly these types of attitudes that have sent the stock "tanking" this quarter.
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