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Holy Octo-post Batman!
My hope is that they will use the event to introduce their new Desktop lineup and do a "One More Thing" at the end to introduce the iPad Mini. Tim hasn't done a "One More Thing" yet, and the last few keynotes that Steve did, didn't include it either -- I'd say we're due.
Obviously someone at Apple needed some negotiating power with Intel -- hence, the leak. True or not, I imagine there are a few execs at Intel who are not willing to "bet the farm" that the news is outright false.
The Maps database will likely not be updated on the Fly, each and every time they fix a single address. This is the sort of database that will only get updated once a month (or every couple of months), due to the massiveness of it, and the fragility of databases in general. I would look for updates at each Apple event throughout the year -- they will likely even announce them as they are released (particularly while they sort out some of the glaring issues).
"Apple should make their maps better before competing with Google Maps." So... Sort of like they are doing now? maps.apple.com isn't accessible, so they aren't competing with Google Maps yet, and likely waiting until they have a more complete solution before flipping the switch.
The fact that most banking institutions in the US don't have a clue, is the reason that NFC is virtually irrelevant. I mean, seriously... You guys don't even have debit cards, or email money-transfers. NFC seems awfully far away.
  I don't see the Mini being replaced or dropped for a very long time.  It's the entry-level product, and while they don't hype it's release very often, it's the machine that gets low-spending PC users in the door...  Once they are hooked, we up-sell them to an iMac or MacBook.   Additionally, the Mini has become the new XServe for many small businesses...  It's the perfect server-box for anyone looking for basic server functionality, and at a bargain of a price too (I...
Steve Jobs told everyone how to get around this in the early days...  it's not that hard.   Purchase an album, burn to CD, re-rip to iTunes -- poof!  DRM-Free music.   The music industry will never sign-off on people "owning" the tracks they buy, so he'd better start buying blank CD's now.
  I understand the sentiment of this post, but it's completely short-sighted.  It would be great if we all lived in your perfect little city where every road and building has a name or number... Alas, my city is not so perfect.   Welcome to Halifax, NS...  Where half of the streets are not labeled, the street signage is like something out of 1910, not nearly enough commercial building display their numbers in visible locations, and there are more one-way streets than not...
To me, this shows a level of maturity that indicates that level-head prevail when rational conversations are had...  Even between Apple and Samsung.   It takes an awfully big person to sue a parent company for a record breaking amount (because they refused to negotiate or discuss reasonable solutions), only to turn around and order a record breaking number of parts from one of their subsidiaries.   I, for one, applaud Tim Cooks ability to keep business and...
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