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This would be incredible frustrating as a developer... Screen density fragmentation is already making for ridiculously large Apps (with most devs including 4 different version of their imagery to accommodate the various screen sizes/densities -- instead of using code-generated vector elements). "Let's add 2-3mb/file graphics to the mix as well -- just to shake to things up"... No, let's not.
  From the sounds of the article, Apple already had an ARM chip design in mind and were simply looking for a fab...  Intel definitely didn't have an x86 chip that could compete with ARM on battery life at that time.
  Hear, hear!  Apple never was, nor will it likely ever be a dividend cash-cow.  If you're looking for that kind of instant return, AAPL is not for you.  It's exactly these types of attitudes that have sent the stock "tanking" this quarter.
I recently read a quote that said: "In the beginning Digital was said to be killing music, it turns out that Digital actually saved music." I think it's much more accurate to say that Steve Jobs and then subsequently the iTunes Music Store saved music.
Of the plethora of free VoIP applications available, why would anyone choose Facebook?
Give me table-numbers and customer-tabs and I'm fully and totally sold.
Horrible implementation, horrible idea, horrible everything.
  Curious if you purchased a standard configuration or did you get a Build-to-Order machine?
  It's half working...  Any songs that were already setup will still do their Gapless thing, but anything you add from here on out will not have the option to use Gapless playback, and you may not change the Gapless settings on already setup content.   Let's hope they are still working on it.
  Wow...  So, because you have a DVD player in your living room, and you continue to want to put DVD's into that machine .........  This suddenly makes using Optical Drives in an iMac less obsolete (because apparently the two are somehow related)?   If what you're really whining about is that you can no longer download pirated DVD content and burn it off to watch in your living room, then you need to either get more creative or start paying for your stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: