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  They don't use MS Exchange, or any other "off the shelf" email administration service...  As noted in the article, they use a proprietary Samsung-built system called "mySingle".  The importance of this is that they designed, programmed and implemented their own email server.  This negates any suggestion that they weren't competent to change system-wide settings -- as they built the entire thing themselves.   No, this reeks of a constant and ongoing cover-up to me.
  This is the most on-point comment made to date.  If you don't understand functional vs design patents, then you're likely putting your foot in your mouth discussing the matter.
  The bowl is always full...  It's just half full/empty of water -- the other half is full of air.       The other main contention point here is how Samsung phones are displayed in-store.  Surely human-interaction plays into this, but most of the Android phones I've seen in Best Buy have the App Drawer open...  I have to assume this is an instruction from Samsung on how to best display their product (since all other companies typically include this kind of info with their...
  Now that's a good idea.
  Try to think critically about this before posting such ludicrous things.   No, you're right.  Why would a company want to call millions of people, with the ability to show them fancy images and rolling video while trying to sell them something?  For free, I might add.  Have you never heard of Telemarketers?   At least current Telemarketers have to pay for absurdly high phone bills to call half of the country -- imagine if they could call you for free.   Yes, this would...
      Perhaps neither of you actually read the article?  The issue here isn't that Apple has provided a beautiful, open-starndard that everyone else refuses to use.  The issue is that Apple's server implementation doesn't allow for anything but Apple devices, with cryptographically signed keys, to connect.  Allowing Android and MS devices would mean allowing anyone to call anyone - thus introducing the horrendous issue of spam that plagues our "ever so clever" email systems.
I don't need increased connectivity between iDevices.   What I need is for iOS to support the slew of standardized bluetooth profiles that they are currently ignoring (like Serial over Bluetooth and the like).   The whole point of bluetooth was to create OS/Device agnostic connectivity, and then Apple goes and limits it to only their devices and accessories...  So frustrating.
  Key word here, strategically.  No one is saying that Apple doesn't steal or borrow or outright buy up innovation.  I'd say that's par for the technology course.   The difference is that Apple does its best to steal great ideas that are not yet patented.  Samsung is trying to pass off patented ideas that pre-date everyones products as "standards essential".   Is Apple any more "morally" right?  Of course not, but are they more legally right?  You'd better believe it.
  In the infamous words of Henry Ford: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they'd have said 'a faster horse'."
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