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Perhaps the worst idea I've heard yet. Zuckerberg understands nothing about Apple culture.There is a reason Steve and him had one meeting, and one meeting only. He's a prick, and Steve knew it.
Have indeed... but not for several years. I, too, am not sure why people expected that to change. I doubt Apple will ever push anything live again - having a delay to edit footage before sending it to the masses is likely all too alluring.
I somewhat agree, but we've also seen how good Heuristics-Based AV has been working on Windows over the last couple decades... so obviously the magic bullet has yet to be found. I think Apple is in a favourable position, in regards to black-lists, simply because they have the opportunity to start from the beginning. By the time MS realized they were vulnerable to viri, they were a long way behind the 8-ball. Obviously, as nearly all Heuristic scanners will attest to, the...
It's about time.
Hear, hear. To expand on this, all sorts of things can be retarded - not just developmentally. Engine Retarder Brakes, A music suspension that resolves upward instead of downward (a retardation), Retarded potential in electrodynamics - etc... It always grinds my gears when people freak out at me for using the most scientifically correct term available.
Obvious press-seeker is obvious. Also, by 2089, computers will fly.
Thankfully, it looks like Apple sat down before designing iOS 5 and said... "Let's look at all the reasons why people currently Jailbrake their devices and then offer those features in iOS 5." And for the most part, I think they're well on their way. Obviously there will always be those users and developers that desire features which Apple is just not down with - and for them, Jailbraking will be around for many years to come - but with iOS 5, I've finally run out of...
Wow, if that is actually the new 'Spartan' UI... You can count me out. Talk about crappy design.
I personally requested this functionally (using the official feedback channels and dev forums) over a year before his app was created - so I'm pretty sure Apple has been working on Wireless Sync much longer than that. So yes, he stomped and whined and got all the attention a little cry baby typically does. He'll be forgotten tomorrow though, like most cry babies are.
New Posts  All Forums: