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Red herring to keep the competitors making that useless 7" form factor.
There must be something to the lawsuit then, cause I thought it would be a cold day in Hell before MS and Apple agreed on something again.
Indeed, this has always been against the developers TOG -- Path either didn't care or just didn't RTFM and has now ruined it for the rest of us.
Until the BETA is over, no one knows what Apple is going to do with Siri. They have not confirmed that the 4S is the only device that will get it once they exit beta. It is more than likely it will officially show up on the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2... other devices aren't as sure-fire. Give them a few weeks/months to develop and test drivers for the other devices and scale up the back-end.
If I had to guess which clip it was, I'd say it was the cut at 47 seconds... it plays for about a second.
To all those who believe that the iPad's form factor is synonymous with Tablet form factors in general, the following image says it all.
Keep in mind that Al was also hand picked... One of only 7 people in the world that Steve trusted enough to put on the Board. Regardless of how you feel about his politics, this has to speak for something.
Perhaps the worst idea I've heard yet. Zuckerberg understands nothing about Apple culture.There is a reason Steve and him had one meeting, and one meeting only. He's a prick, and Steve knew it.
Have indeed... but not for several years. I, too, am not sure why people expected that to change. I doubt Apple will ever push anything live again - having a delay to edit footage before sending it to the masses is likely all too alluring.
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