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It's about time.
Hear, hear. To expand on this, all sorts of things can be retarded - not just developmentally. Engine Retarder Brakes, A music suspension that resolves upward instead of downward (a retardation), Retarded potential in electrodynamics - etc... It always grinds my gears when people freak out at me for using the most scientifically correct term available.
Obvious press-seeker is obvious. Also, by 2089, computers will fly.
Thankfully, it looks like Apple sat down before designing iOS 5 and said... "Let's look at all the reasons why people currently Jailbrake their devices and then offer those features in iOS 5." And for the most part, I think they're well on their way. Obviously there will always be those users and developers that desire features which Apple is just not down with - and for them, Jailbraking will be around for many years to come - but with iOS 5, I've finally run out of...
Wow, if that is actually the new 'Spartan' UI... You can count me out. Talk about crappy design.
I personally requested this functionally (using the official feedback channels and dev forums) over a year before his app was created - so I'm pretty sure Apple has been working on Wireless Sync much longer than that. So yes, he stomped and whined and got all the attention a little cry baby typically does. He'll be forgotten tomorrow though, like most cry babies are.
Um... Don't you mean 10 Gbps?It'd also be great to see more outlets talking about the bidirectional capability... 10Gbps is pretty great all on its own but 10Gbps full-blast, both directions is just plain awesome - like FireWire on super-roids.
You'll notice that, at no point in history has Apple offered more than one consumer version of an OS. There is simply Mac OS (versions 1-X)... Granted, since OS X came aboard they have had a "Server" version of their OS, but since Lion will implement all consumer/server functionality back into a single OS release, I think it's fair to say that Apple's strategy doesn't involve selling one piece of software in several different packages, anytime soon.I hope they never get...
My suggestion is start with the free Stanford courses on iTunes U (http://itunes.apple.com/ca/instituti...rd/id384228265). You can take everything from Intro to Programming, all the way up to Developing Apps for the iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: