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I hate to stir the waters but given all the facts of late, I'm almost a believer of the January Verizon iPhone. Here's why: AT&T doesn't get 'inspired', nor does it offer freebies for no good reason - for this, I'm convinced that the move to allow newer subscribers to upgrade to the iPhone 4 is a last ditch effort to sign as many 2 year contracts as possible. Apple tries to stay on a release schedule, but has been known to update products on a whim if the market pushes...
Does the name Kevin Mitnick ring a bell?? I'd imagine the FBI is going to throw the book at this guy - if only cause they can't charge him with hacking. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for throwing the book at psychotic, racial cleansing, freak-tards.
If you had access to iTunes Connect (the developer web app from Apple), you'd know how laughable that statement really is. Also, it would be nice to have this data on my phone, even if I don't have internet or cell coverage - I still have the data.
Actually, it couldn't have been more on point. Apple sells Hardware that runs great software... not the other way around. Giving windows users the ability to code for the iPhone removes all incentive for a developer to own a Mac (and understand the UI and the user expectations and the HID and the... well you get the point). Unfortunately, not realizing that, makes you the ignorant one.
As an accomplished designer, I disagree with this statement whole-heartedly... While there are similarities in the new design to the iPad and current iMac lineup, there are major cosmetic differences in the new iPhone design that make it look unfinished and below the Apple standard. Admittedly, the outer shell will likely change somewhat between now and release - especially now that it's been leaked, but frankly, unless there are some significant upgrades in hardware, the...
People are really playing up the possibility of a leak - keep in mind: If you so much as send a txt msg to a friend about an unreleased product while working at Apple - you're fired. If you leave your work station without covering up the secret hardware you're working on, with the secret black blanket - you're fired (some projects are to be worked on, only while under the blanket, never to be exposed to the eyes of another employee). If you go through a secured door...
I think it's humorous that one person mentioned censorship and now it's an all argument about whether or not Apple should be allowed to censor apps. They are cracking down on apps that blatantly disregard the terms of the contract that each developer has to sign with Apple (I know, I'm one of them). If you choose to cheat, don't complain when you get caught. Do it right, write your own API's, or be more creative and use the ones you have access to. If you have a...
As Steve Jobs so eloquently put it - "I wasn't alive then, but from what I've heard, Babe Ruth only had one home run... He just kept hitting it over and over again."
Actually what they said was "The company not only buzzed everyone with the charming walkthough video -- a floating hand paging through SI on a sleek, black tablet (embedded after the break) -- but also had a live, functioning variation of the product up and running on a touchscreen HP laptop" The tablet is a fictional illustration that could very well be based on something that Apple is putting together.
Anyone else notice that the icons on the tablet are identical to those in the iPhone OS? The search, home and bookmarks icons are exactly replicas. I wonder if they had a little help with this demo from their friends at Apple.
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