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I just hope that OS X 10.7 (with it's built-in server software) and iOS 4.4 will be capable of wirelessly syncing my contacts and iCal events whenever my iPhone connects to my local WiFi network... Having to manually do this each time I make a new entry ensures I'll never use iCal for my day-to-day calendar.
I think you've nailed it on the head here... Likely, Apple is selling more 3G models than WiFi, since the majority of people looking for this kind of a device want an 'all-in-one' solution. The 3G model, with it's built-in aGPS and the possibility of using cellular data without a contract, offers just that.
The major downside here is that there is much more than Apps on the Downloads page. I often check out the Desktop Images and designer Icons available - it's really nice to have them all under one roof, instead of searching hap-hazardly all over the web. Perhaps the Mac App Store will continue to offer these categories, but it seems highly unlikely - and I've yet to hear tell of it so far.
But... Wouldn't it make it harder to change SIM's? I mean, with an integrated SIM, wouldn't I need to sync my phone or hookup to some software to make the change? Currently, I can just take the SIM card out and put another one in... how much easier does it get? Not to mention, wouldn't it be smarter to stop throwing away all those plastic cards that SIM cards come punched into and start using some sort of reusable option? F'n, money grubbing whiners didn't stop...
A quick google search will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the difference between 720p and 1080p is really only tangible on displays larger than 48". Since there are no 50" iMacs, I'd say Apple made the right choice and stayed clear of the "bag of hurt" that is blu-ray. The minority that chooses to buy 60" TV's can buy themselves a blu-ray player and spend retarded amounts on media. For the rest of us, we'll continue to enjoy our content the convenient way... ...
Indeed, I think it goes to show how concerned they were about the Newton mishap coming back to bite them in the ass... This time around they were obviously dead-set on controlling exactly who said what, and where.
what he said.
70,000 Apps and the highest piracy rate of any mobile platform to date. You know developers just love switching over to platforms that require thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in development only to have 70% of their earning raped by online pirates. To say nothing of the fact that it requires maintaining 2 separate code-bases and likely 2 separate teams of developers. Tack on Market Fragmentation amongst 50+ different form factors (and the...
No, but if you're going to insist on keep a building as a historical site then simply don't sell the land it sits on. If you plan to make it a historical site after the land has been purchased - pay full price for that land to re-acquire it and deem it "historical" - never to be sold again. Don't go around annexing property that isn't your, wasn't yours and never should be yours - that breaks just about every civil liberty that used to make America great.
"...and I can do it all in a software package I am familiar with." Except, the UI has completely changed since Office 2008 - making it overly not-familiar.
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