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i've been waiting to buy a new MAC PRO for 9 months. this wait for a new model is ridiculous. Could say the same about the iMac line. Apple isn't giving enough attention to the Mac computer line. its actually pretty sad to see how infrequent updates come. This is making me strongly consider a hackintosh and to give Windows 10 a real shot for some use.
sadly the problem is happening to me intermittently on my 2011 MBP (early w/matte screen) :-( new issue. and my applecare expired like 6 months ago. nuts. Apple, do the right thing!
The sooner consumers are forced to buy a smartphone and know real pricing, the sooner they will realize iPhone's are overpriced. The amount they charge for more memory on them is ridiculous. How can Apple actually justify charging $849 for 64GB 5s? they are really worth allot less than the price. these phones are high margin. Especially the ones with more ram. Pointing to AT&T, it is ridiculous for him to say they can't afford to sell phones bundled with their...
I am much more interested in if asus will offer a comparable windows 8 tablet. Another google tablet is kinda boring and yet another data dump to google (aka the NSA)
If people think that manufacturing in China blindly is good it is sad.  There are countless extra disadvantages to doing so. From macro economic to decisions made on human rights, moving manufacturing to China has lowered costs, but at the same time it has hurt the western world economy, working class and more. Sorry, i love the products, but i do believe that the US and Canada would be better off if a proportional amount of products were manufactured and assembled...
Some background on Robotic Manufacturing to come, which will hurt human job rates.   no joke, its reality. Even articles on Apple moving towards it.   So if you think it is science fiction, it's reality.  and yes bombastic, but it did get your attention.  The human toll on the move towards robotic manufacturing will lead to ethical crisis in many places.  It isn't far fetched to think some more suicides, lower birthrates, call for population control and more could occur...
the last 2  lines were jokes, if you had a sense of humor you would get that.  
non-news,  it's kind of sad. Tim Cook takes over leading Apple and then... No New Mac Pro's Not much news on desktop computers, leading many professionals to backlash and Apple doing damage control.   Rush to "streamline" foreign component procuring.   Yes, the new Apple is akin to global supply chain management.  Hmmm.... you think Apple with squeeze a few extra cents per share a year from this exciting development?  Yes JRagosta, apple can turn over inventory 75 times...
Interesting, Let's also know apple has a patent to disable cameras on signal. Not a good idea to integrate this. Alo if apple cn do this, I have a novel idea, Removable and swapable batteries. Lots of us miss this!
agreed here.  now that they did away with the xserve, it would be great to see the new mac pro to be a little sleeker in the form.   not a mini, still fully expandable with drive bays, but maybe without the big stand and top hoops.
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