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I didn't really notice I suppose.
Question - I've been following all this ebook fixing accusations from Apple, and being an average consumer that spends a good amount on digital media including ebooks, I just don't get what set this judge off on due course to call what apple did as a monopoly or price fixing scheme. I didn't extensively read into the court documentation that was public. But was the key to it all the favored nations clause? I mean really, all these "damages" and dollar amounts being...
I wish this trial was on TV. I'm sick of seeing murders and rapists.. This would actually get my attention. 
I really want to see the Friday night concert - featuring ZEDD. Residing in Austin, I hope I still have a chance for an email stating I won. But who knows... Nothing as of yet. I signed up for them all.
Cool. Originally, I just thought I was holding the phone wrong, so I let it slide. But you know... It's happened to me a few times randomly. Not really a huge issue, as it doesn't happen enough to affect my day to day activities. Thanks for fixing it though, Apple.
Does Wang have a credible background for making predictions like this? I mean, i'm not doubting the guys ability to read the palm of my hand but... Most of this sounds like hashed rumors, picked and sorted from 14 other stories out there. I don't trade or own any stock with the exception of some pension and 401k stuff... But I would not for the life of me trust someone with predictions... Especially for apple related stuff. I dunno. These analysts really have me bored...
I think they should stop worrying about hardware at this point and become blackberry software. And create a whole suite of secure apps for iOS. They could make a ton of money doing this. Turn into a small software company.
They deserve this. It will be fun tracking the progress.
So what does gazelle do with the product after they purchase it from customers like us? Is this the stuff that fulfills warranty orders for various companies? Or perhaps gets resold on ebay? Just curious how they make a profit back...
Guest accounts still create accounts. Even on big ecommerce platforms like magento. Unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: