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People still play this? :/
I can't remember the last time apple put a price in a commercial. Interesting.
It's not unusual. More than likely it hasn't hit manufacturing yet so they are able to control the secrecy still. Look at macpro. No one knew. Granted we had to wait a several months before it was a purchasable product.
I don't get this. Can someone explain this to me? Is this done to make interest in the long run?
I am still baffled. You can't compare pixelmator to Adobe creative cloud in but about 1 aspect being a small solution to photoshop. I've tried it. I have it. If I tried migrating my team over to that, I would be questioned.And if you compare subscription cost vs. a single license Adobe is still coming in way under their actuals of past software licensing fees.I guess I can't relate. I don't just use 1 app. I use almost every app they make.
My names Joseph, im a creative director, and have been for the last 12 years. My title is recently switched to senior UX designer for a large .com. I run a department of 15 people, and aside from the creative collaboration process (invision) my whole department relies on Adobe creative cloud. Personally I rely on Adobe creative cloud. Prior to creative cloud, I used every single upgraded version of Adobe. I come and read these posts when Adobe does something new here on AI...
What made this controversial?
 That's insane. What a huge waste. Is that because quality control measures renders them unusable? Seems like such a huge waste of money to me if that much is being rendered unusable. I wonder if apple has to pay for the unused chips 
can someone explain to me with a yield rate is? So if factory A is producing a 30% yield opposed to 50%, does that mean that it's producing only 30% of what apple needs? Or that 30% of the product is usable, and the rest is garbage? Thanks
My first Mac was a graphite special edition iMac. Purchased from CompUSA... It's what made me fall in love with Apple. And never looked back.
New Posts  All Forums: