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I hope there's some sarcasm in what you're saying. :/ because I don't think that's the case at all. I fail to understand what aspect has given you such a negative connotation towards what's going on in tech right now. And particularly Apple. Just so odd of a comment.
That's sad. I mean, definitely foreseeable, but just the end of something quite special to me. When I opened up my first Macworld magazine back when I was 9, I knew apple products would be it for me. And when I attended my first Macworld expo... Well... It was overwhelming. Best of luck in all that made it possible over the years.
I'm just curious where this whole defective product portion you keep talking about comes into play? I haven't seen that published anywhere yet.. Can you tell me where you've did discovered gtat's products were defective? That's newsworthy if accurate.
Well. The more you know. I had no fricken clue, thanks for sharing that. :) Lol
With all the deals going around, apparently due to a refresh (I would imagine) I went ahead and took advantage and purchased me a top of the line 15" macbook pro.   Love it. But do you know what bugs me? lol, the hard drive icon on my desktop is an old school hard drive. You would think they would make some slick looking solid state icon.   heh.   :) 
So... Theoretically, Apple could stop with all the SKU's they have of different carrier phones... and essentially provide completely unlocked phones across the board? I mean... Even though you're buying an unlocked phone from AT&T, Verizon, Etc.. You're still locked into a contract... So the carriers have nothing to lose.    Makes Apples inventory much cleaner. Or am I wrong?
So much negative... Never any positive. Listen, I've had to use Adobe products and services since 1994. I've grown with them, and have seen them evolve. Even though uniformity would be great, and some aspects of the "creative cloud" ecosystem aren't for everyone... But look at the whole picture please... it's a very powerful group of applications that I would far from label hideous, greedy or lazy. They almost always give us what we want.   We wanted a suite of tools...
How do I say her last name? Not only do I feel wrong whenever I read it in my head, but I also mistakingly say "adherents" which I realize isn't even what her last name is remotely spelled like... But... It's what my brain does for some reason. lol
The video is welcomed. The big like thing is just plain ole lame to me. Lol. Whenever I send likes through chat it's always by mistake.
500 text messages... I feel like I go through that in a day now... Maybe back in 2002. Hehe.
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