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I don't get this. Can someone explain this to me? Is this done to make interest in the long run?
I am still baffled. You can't compare pixelmator to Adobe creative cloud in but about 1 aspect being a small solution to photoshop. I've tried it. I have it. If I tried migrating my team over to that, I would be questioned.And if you compare subscription cost vs. a single license Adobe is still coming in way under their actuals of past software licensing fees.I guess I can't relate. I don't just use 1 app. I use almost every app they make.
My names Joseph, im a creative director, and have been for the last 12 years. My title is recently switched to senior UX designer for a large .com. I run a department of 15 people, and aside from the creative collaboration process (invision) my whole department relies on Adobe creative cloud. Personally I rely on Adobe creative cloud. Prior to creative cloud, I used every single upgraded version of Adobe. I come and read these posts when Adobe does something new here on AI...
What made this controversial?
 That's insane. What a huge waste. Is that because quality control measures renders them unusable? Seems like such a huge waste of money to me if that much is being rendered unusable. I wonder if apple has to pay for the unused chips 
can someone explain to me with a yield rate is? So if factory A is producing a 30% yield opposed to 50%, does that mean that it's producing only 30% of what apple needs? Or that 30% of the product is usable, and the rest is garbage? Thanks
My first Mac was a graphite special edition iMac. Purchased from CompUSA... It's what made me fall in love with Apple. And never looked back.
You know... I've been reading appleinsider since it was first birthed. I barely post in the forums due to a lot of the back and forth that just makes it unappealing. But I do like to see others opinions. And read it daily. I must say, sir, you are something else. I've paid attention to you and your posts. While some contradict others, or are slightly hypocritical when compared to others, I've paid attention. Trying to better understand you. But... You make my visit here...
Yeah. I can't wait to read this. I really hope there is more within this book that stays until I get the chance to open it up.
Yeah, I'm hoping the same thing too. I notice a lot of bugs in terms of texting and photos - and how they are accessed or the camera is displayed. It's something that happens to several of us in the household. I would like to see a major "polishing" release like snow leopard as well.
New Posts  All Forums: