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Hey, Apple! I have a local HD antenna. So give us the cable and network streaming on demand channels we need to cut the cable. THEN offer the live local as and add-on later.
I think the C in 5c stands for China and was designed with China Mobile in mind.
Forget Amazon v. Apple for a second. Let's look at it from a publisher's point of view. Before the "agency model" Amazon was offering (the small) eBook publishers 30% royalties and they had the ability to deep-discount titles. The agency model gave publishers (big and small) a 70% royalty (for books over a certain price) and let the publisher set its own price. Of course Amazon wants the biggest piece of pie it can get and prefers the old model. I say the neither model...
Will HBO Go now stream?
Those apps add value to Apple devices. Apple doesn't handle/store/distribute any of the content like they do through iTunes, therefore they have no right to 30% of sales. That's why we developed iPulpFiction.com as a web app instead of an iPad app. We're a publisher of short stories and we want to keep the costs to consumers down. With prices ranging from just 25ยข to $1, we can't afford to give Apple nearly 1/3 of our revenues.
Patent laws really need to be changed. I was doing this with a rich-media training environment almost a decade ago. Only difference is they didn't call it "the cloud." I'm doing stuff now that I came up with independently that I am sure is violating someone's patent. I've developed an HTML5/CSS3 based e-reader that no one else has. Is it patentable? I would think not because it is just clever usage of new browser functions available to any web developer. Someone else will...
My Skype no longer works after I updated the Airport firmware today. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Thanks for nay help, KBS
The real news here is not that Google has opened its own eBook store, but that it is the second CLOUD-BASED READING SERVICE to be offered. This is a big deal for the publishing industry. This is the publishing equivalent of NetFlix or AppleTV vs DVDs and BlueRay. Unfortunately, the newsies and bloggers don't understand the importance of this and ignore releases from small companies who pioneer the concept, like iPulpFiction.com. We recently released our new HTML 5 / CSS...
I'm a digital fiction publisher and have created a cloud-based e-reading service. In short, we don't publish e-books -- we serve short stories to connected readers. So I want to see the entire tablet market grow by leaps and bounds. Our site was designed with the iPad in mind, but we want to be accessible on as many mobile devices as possible. With hight hopes, I made a trip to a local Verizon store to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and my hopes were dashed. I'll have...
I'm a publisher of short stories (iPulpFiction.com) who has submitted several story collections to the iBookstore. It seems like it's taking forever to get approvals. Does anyone know how long it takes to get books approved by the iBookstore?
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