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We miss you Steve!
We need USB3 now. Large file transfers and backups are painfully slow over USB2. Ubiquitous, cheap Thunderbolt storage devices are unlikely in the forseeable future.
If that WWDC2011 graphic is anything to go by, it looks like there might be new styles of app icons.
I have some friends who needed smartphones and would have preferred an iPhone, but they ended up getting Android phones instead. Going on a waiting list was not an option. This same story must be happening countless times every day. No wonder Android's market share is skyrocketing.
I think the new design looks great, and I'm guessing it will feel like a nice solid slab in the hand. One thing that bothers me is the front-facing camera which is off to the side. Although I've seen it done this way elsewhere, I can't help but think that it spoils such a well-designed device. I realise there are probably technical reasons for this, but it would have been nicer if the camera were centered between the speaker and screen, for example.
It doesn't make sense to me that Apple would include FW800 on the mini. My guess is that it will be a USB-only machine. Also, I doubt there will ever be a desktop HDD in the mini. Although performance would increase, so would heat, noise, and power requirements. In fact there's a good chance that the whole mini case would vibrate. I think that an iMac without the chin is a certainty at some point, but maybe not this time round. I think the "chin look" will appear very...
Because I've got a lot of CDs to import, I tend to take the slow approach and gradually build up my iTunes library by importing each CD as I get around to listening to it. As such, I've ticked the "play songs while importing or converting" box in the preferences. The trouble is, once the CD has been imported, iTunes plays this really loud 3-note tone and I nearly jump out of my chair every time. I can't find an option anywhere to switch the stupid thing off. This is...
Mel, the US government has always done that which suits its strategic interests. To think otherwise is naive. You don't need to get on your high-horse and tell the rest of the world how grateful it should be. That is offensive. For better or worse, without US intervention the world would surely be a different place, but it is not useful to fantasise over what might have been. I don't agree that the comments made by others were hateful. It seems that your reaction was...
We got our MB at DG in Windsor House in Causeway Bay. My girlfriend's parents live in North Point, so it was reasonably convenient. Unfortunately the upgraded RAM they sold us has been giving us grief. It could be worth taking tonton's advice and go to Ultimate, considering s/he's had good service from them. It shouldn't be too far from the Central pier, just a short ferry ride from Kowloon.
Indeed, there could be a hint of citrus tang here. Fortunately I was able to get a refund for the Corsair RAM today, and I found a Mac parts dealer who sold me 2x2GB sticks of "Apple spec" Kingston RAM for a reasonable price. I haven't tested the MB extensively yet, but so far so good.
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