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I think there needs to be a distinction between what is high-level app development, and what is real computing science. Universities should refrain from teaching anything vendor specific, but many times lack of funding causes them to sell out, which is unfortunately understandable. At a high school level, we do not teach science as a single subject, it is meaningless without a focus on biology, physics, chemistry. If CS isn't a requirement to get into post-secondary...
TS, Amazon will make money. Big money is already spent on couriers delivering letters through the busy downtown core because speed critical and money is no object. Fast food by definition is supposed to be relatively cheap. No one's going to pay 3 times the price for a burger they can get in seconds at a drive-thru down the street. However I'm guessing the sweet spot to be a UAV that can hold multiple shipments that might land on a building rooftop to deliver...
Why doesn't Taco Bell just TELL me how many steps it will take to get there when I pick up my order? Actually, why doesn't Apple just tell them I'm nearby, with room for a beef burrito themselves?
Can the touch technology in the latest iPad handle more than 5 fingers? If it was 42" like my TV, how would it stop 2 people trying to interact with it at the same time?
Cool. Now after I'm through with my $500 million dollar heist, I can use my app to determine the best possible exit strategy out of the bank safes, without any pre-planning. Is there a security guard detector add-on?
Sounds like they hired some Chinese to do the filtering. Bad word -> Filter! Good word -> Pass! Not sure? -> Filter!
Who's going to do Tae Kwon Do with bandaids on? Headline should read "Apple not-so-secretly making new iDevice running iOS with new sensors, mostly not useful. Apple no longer can WOW users so they are designing no-cohesive parts."
I'll say it first, Apple can't reinvent the TV. They do know about adding a CPU into a monitor to control everything, all embedded into one device. Hmm, sound familiar? I don't own a TV, but $2000 for an LED tv seems quite a hefty early adopter entrance fee, even for those who say "shut up and take my money!". Merging an appleTV in a TV isn't innovation either and with that price point, what could you possibly get? An embedded tunein app, large screen weather app,...
"Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n; 802.11n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz) " How on earth can they claim it's twice as fast as before?? It's exactly the same.
New Posts  All Forums: