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Time for Apple to bribe some Korean officials so they can let them open up Apple Stores in Samsung's home country. Seriously, what's preventing that from happening?
2 sources: this questionable spyshot and Clayton Morris, who claims to have sources that have told him there will be a "silver ring" around the home button.  You're comparing the MacBook display's outer aluminium case edges with this ugly home button ring? They might as well add another tacky ring to the earpiece slit while they're at it. Looks like Apple's marketing dept. didn't just design iOS 7's icons. 
Couldn't agree more. Having an ugly static grey ring kills the elegant look.A better design would've been inspired by the elegant and nicely executed sleep indicator LED in MacBooks.
Who said anything about ownership? It's all about control.   Good enough, but not great.   You're assuming iTV would be just like other televisions.
Gee, I dont know, maybe because they're in the business of selling integrated, end-to-end products?Face it, the current hockey puck stream box is to the real iTV what the Rokr was to the iPhone. The only reason why Apple hasn't opened the App Store floodgates is because they're holding out for a truly revolutionary input method that's natural and works better than anyone else's. You can only do that when you control the whole widget. Now, let's see if Timmy and Eddy can...
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the top reasons why Apple has to ship an actual television set. Can't see Apple taking a modular approach with the motion sensors necessary to drive the "simplest interface" Jobs and Ive have envisioned for iTV to just work out of the box.  
They must've moved to the new triangle-shaped campus in the Cayman Islands.
Gotta love Sir Jony.
Fake. Apple only uses blue logic boards.
Obviously, it doesn't make it thinner, I never said that. What I implied is that Apple will reduce the bezel to market the device as thinner.  Reducing the bezel is a stupid idea that only accomplishes a slimming effect, sacrifices ergonomics, and leads to unintended screen touches. If you look closely, the original iPad is the only one with bezel that is equally spacious on top/bottom. The side bezels on the iPad 2 (along with 3&4) were shaved down a bit to make it...
New Posts  All Forums: