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Yes, with Aperature. Why do people forget that it was priced high initially too, was priced dropped and a rebate was given to early adopters then too.
*Cries* I sure as hell hope so. Cause it SUCKS right now.
My ears are already hurting.
*Nods* Couldn't someone make a quick online Safari app for this even now? *Not that familar with webdesign*
Just curious to see who else out there has an idea how to implement copy paste and cut in the word docs and such for the iPhone. To me it seems like it would be really easy to use multi-touch as the key trick to this. Imagine you were writing an SMS message and wanted to change the location of some of your text. So you cut the text out by squeezing two fingers together over the chosen text from one end to the other, both fingers meeting at the center of the chosen...
Safari is the my main, Firefox as my alternative. Sometimes things just dont load right in Safari so I am forced to use Firefox. Not sure why, but firefox is very slow on my machine and I prefer the speed to the rare none page conversion.
Welcome to the community. Where is Melgross? He knows the secret handshake better than I. Seriously though, I hope you enjoy your apple experience once you get all your gear and such. Like jroller said, there will be a learning curve going from PC to mac. After a bit you will start developing a workflow for both OS'es. Though I still bring the cursor down on my windows machine (work *gags*) and wonder where my apps are. Again, welcome and enjoy your time...
Does anyone know if these plans include long distance calling (in the US)? Nowadays most cells let you call outside your zipcode without issue, but I want to be damn certain of it. Small print and all you know.
Am I the only one who thinks that graphic is freaking hilarious?
If this really is true and you could get a pay as you go service, then the iPhone would go from a "do I really want to do this?" purchase to a "Heres my $600, what do I sign?" purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: