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And lo, another requirement for armeggedon was struck. And the world did weep. For the great battle was soon to be fought. With flaming DRM'ed Zunes in the diabolical hands of the hordes, and the iPhones glowing with a technological LED radiant light in the hands of the chosen few. Balmer at one hand, Ive's at the other. And with a gloating confidence did the Gates attack, and the doors of digital distribution were never the same. So saith the words of...
Amen to that
Well, as you said, there are the reasons that are obvious. Lack of Viruses, Solid and Reliable, Solid Suite of Applications, etc. What you may not understand yet it how it can enhance your life. A new love of music cause you imported in your music, a desire to shoot photos more cause you can show them off to friends through easy e-mail. Always wanted to direct your own film? Make one yourself with iMovie. If any of that sounds daunting, apple now has a...
I wish someone there had said that.
Was just curious as to who you all think will become the next CEO after Jobs leaves? (naturally someday far off we all can hope) Be fun to gather together a top 10 list of who it could be. My bet would be Jonathan Ive's just for his public face time and fame. Good company image. And in a Parallel universe I think Stephen Colbert would make it. Just imagine the products that Apple would come out with. Colbert Apple Pod! StephenMac. Aww the possibilities...
Thanks for the clarifcation. ^^
I really hope they are designing the games with the screen view of the iPhone. We all know the iPod is heading that way. A backwards compatability as such for a greater customer base would be wise as well.
*Chuckles* We like to toot our own horn dont we. :PI though the "N" was already in our comps? Is this a hardware update or a new version of the product? I dont claim to be an expert on the hardware side, so any clarification would be appricated. ^^
*Boggles at the price of the tickets* I hope they are giving those damn developers a free iPhone. Jikes. Hopefully their work centers are paying the way.
I had lots I was going to say about this article. Then they showed a picture of "That Steve". Why does every picture that surfaces of this man just make me want to punch him in the face? WHY!? *Plans on a trip to CostCo*
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