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Agreed on that Black. Shows are ok, if I didn't have to turn on the bloody TV and could just watch some shows on my Mac while doing my other work I'd be a happy camper. I dont WANT to buy most of the television shows that the networks throws down our face. A subscription model would be amazing here. You could have it all under a month subscription service. There could be catagories to check what you want to watch. New, Comedy, Animated, Drama, etc etc all for...
So much for all the "analyst" who predicted a lower than expected gain from apple this quarter. Grats to Apple and all the consumers who made this possible. But... "and are also hard at work on some other amazing new products in our pipeline." I REALLY hope that profit gets put into getting more programmers and such then. We don’t need MORE OS delays here. *Pokes apple*
Does anyone else not realize what could potentially happen here? Think of when the new generation game consoles came out. Remember the ruckus that caused? People in lines days before the product placement, fights, shootings, etc. I do believe to my knowledge this might very well be the first time AT&T/Cingular will have EVER had people camping outside their stores waiting for a product. Will be humorous to see how this pans out. *Gets the mental image of a...
*Sighs* if only I wasn't in the military. Good luck to whoever goes up for this. A solid job placement. All I ask is to keep in mind all that crappy phone service you have gotten over the years and try to do a better job.
*Points Melgross to the sign* I swear it was etched upon forum's TOS somewhere... Anywho, as someone else said, its a standard lawyer tactic to shift blame and cast their client in a more positive light. However, at this point it may be a little to late. Best of luck to him on this legal battle. Hope it is not more costly than the just paying the damages.
1. Market "Analyst" predicting a move into "whatever" market is bad. Check.2. Calling the crap that currently exists on the markets as well done pieces of engineering... Check.3. Shows his mental short comings and lack of knowledge of the consumer-end activities. (Wireless headset and voice activated numbers. Welcome to the 20th century) Check.4. Cause getting an external battery isn't something hundreds of people have done... Check. Let’s see now... we have all the...
New Posts  All Forums: